Will the US Diplomat, involved in Islamabad accident undergo the trial?

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A US defence and air attaché, holder of a diplomatic immunity defied traffic signal and killed a motorcyclist in the capital.

According to the details, Col Joseph Emanuel a US diplomat didn’t abide by the traffic law and hit a motorcycle at the intersection of Margalla Road and 7th Avenue. It is to be noted here that one rider named Ateeq died on the spot, while the other whose name has been reported as Raheel received harsh injuries and was transferred immediately to the hospital.

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As per Vienna Convention, diplomats cannot be detained, arrested and prosecuted by the host country for whatever crime they do. Furthermore, law enforcement officers cannot enter their residence and also they cannot be summed into the court as a witness. Additionally, the immediate family of the diplomat also enjoys the same privileges as the diplomat.


The only way a host country can convict a diplomat and give him punishment according to the law of the land is when his own country repels the diplomatic immunity from him. Moreover, the only punishment a host country can give to the diplomat is to extradite him from the country. And when he returns to his homeland, he can then be trialled by his government according to his own’s country laws for the crimes he has committed in the host nation.

Right after the incident, local police authorities detained the vehicle which the diplomat was driving; however, due to diplomatic immunity the diplomat was not apprehended and was released. It has been reported by media outlets that the attache misbehaved with the police.

First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged against the diplomat on request of victim’s father. Moreover, the Foreign office has also summoned US ambassador David Hale on the issue and raised concerns. To which the American ambassador assured to cooperate with the local authorities fully.

Islamabad accident involving US defence attaché (1)

Islamabad accident involving US defence attaché (2)

It’s not the first time that an American diplomat has killed Pakistanis, back in 2011, Raymond Davis killed two with gunshots. At that time much fuss was created following the deaths of two Pakistanis.

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  1. Fazal Wahab says

    So US diplomats had an immunity and we all are confused , what’s the update on that Baluchistan MPA who ran over a cop on camera and then a BMW X5 ran over a kid in Long march.. ? In both cases there is no diplomatic immunity but both culprits enjoying free air and we all know that law favors power and money or how culprits in these cases forces the families of deceased to sign a deal, although legal by law and religion but we know how it’s done , families are put under pressure and they don’t make a decision on free will.

    . so question is if someone has no immunity and they are not hammered by law then how come we can charge an individual who has cover by law as in this case of diplomat

  2. ABC says

    Immunity does not mean that diplomats won’t get tried & punished & are free to do anything. It simply means that they will be tried & punished in their home country & as per the law of their home country.

    This is not something new rather it is in practice for thousands of years & there are very good reasons for this law to be there. For example, in case of wars, the belligerent nations may start executing diplomats after fake trails on bogus cases

    My heart goes out for the family of deceased & may the injured person get well soon. But the diplomat has immunity so there is nothing we can or we should do about it. Let’s hope he gets punishment as per the law of his homeland.

  3. zulqarnin says

    around 2 years i stay in America even i hold American driving licence after two years i move to Canada if any Pakistani visit and drive in America and Canada he will know people follow the traffic.not like Pakistan people never follow the traffic law they don’t care one way traffic line they don’t care traffic signals they don’t care school zone any where they make U turn the man who born in America who is working on responsible post i don’t think so he is guilty he do the traffic offence in any part of the world just go and investigate who is guilty

  4. JUTT says

    We Pakistanis are worthless people on earth. Our lives don’t matter much.

    Because our leaders are POS Arseholess who let us down on each and every occasion.

    Had this happened in US by a Pakistani diplomat, they would had forced Pakistan to withdraw his immunity so they can send him to jail.

    I personally think this man was drunk, therefore he ran the red-light.

  5. JUTT says

    Diplomatic immunity can be revoked, just like Latvian diplomat’s immunity was revoked in United States after he was arrested for a crime inside US.

  6. ABC says

    Yes, that is possible but only in extremely rare cases when the culprit is found guilty of very serious crimes & those too committed intentionally. For example, murdering a person due to personal grudges.

    In this case, this was not an intentional crime but an accident or mishap happened due to carelessness.

  7. umaid sheikh says

    yah motorcycle walay b baray harami hutay hain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,jahan new gari daikhi wahan agay sa guzar jaty hain due to jealousy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bhut harami qaum hy yah motorcycle wali

  8. AK says

    anni de aa, usne red light per gaari roki kyun nahin itna hi responsible tha. agar uski Land cruiser ko koi truck kuchal deta tau tab bhi Pakistani ki hi ghalti hoti?

  9. JUTT says

    It’s a manslaughter as driver was probably drunk. We’ll never know because security chief of US Embassy helped him fled the scene which itself is a major crime (felony in USA).

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