Vehicle Amnesty Scheme Declared Illegal – 50,000 Cars to be Seized

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The previous government had announced a ‘Vehicle Amnesty Scheme’ through which FBR had planned to curb illegal smuggling of vehicle and generate 20 billion rupees in revenue for the government.

The scheme was met with mixed responses as many believed that the scheme was launched for the influential who had illegal vehicles, and through the scheme, legalize those vehicles. But there were those as well who were due to lack options and unable to import the cars of their choice such as vintage and classic cars moved in to import through this scheme.

However, declaring the scheme illegal, the Islamabad High Court has ordered the Federal Board of Revenue to impound 50,000 cars that were legalized through the scheme and put them up for auction after impounding them.

FBR has reiterated that the scheme was of national interest.

This decision may also have an impact on Hybrid cars as government has announced a scheme where in people can import Hybrids on discounted duty terms.

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  1. Mani Iftikhar says


  2. Talal Shaikh says

    absofuckinglutely rip off by ex govt- welcome to Pakistan.

  3. Nabeel Shk says

    I don't think anything will happen to these car owners as the policy applies to cars like Landcruisers, BMW's Mercs Audis and most top end brands which are under the ownership of people who are already in government. A decision was given however the collection agency will end up with a BRIBE and the matter will be settled on paper. Its Pakistan and lot happens on PAPER.

  4. Wizard Jks says

    fuck this country.

  5. Errol Lishman says

    Can I assume you have an 'amnesty' vehicle…?

  6. Wizard Jks says

    bought a fuckin SUV

  7. Danish Ajaz says


  8. Muhammad Jibran Mehmood says


  9. ÜMåïr Sheikh says

    L laga diay logo k 😀

  10. Habib Ur Rehman Rehman says

    every govt want to colect money.this govt also need big cashhhhhhhhhhh gandooooos

  11. Mian Shan Mian says

    I was going to buy. What to do now

  12. Fasih Afridi says

    If this happen, im not gonna live anymore there,…. What the fuck mr. Justice? Why are you making more and more problems. Islamabad high court this is not your business. These all are legal cars, and duties are dully paid.

  13. Zahoor Zaib says

    ragre gae 6 garian le the ab kia ho ga.

  14. Syed Hamza Banoori says

    good now legal cars will gain there market again….and I am selling my car….in NCPs ki wajja say humari legal garyoun ki value gir gye the…..thank God mera cousin balochistan main tha usnay mujhay kaha k lay lo but kuch problems ki wajja say main nai lay saka.

  15. Muhammad Fahad Akhter says

    Fuck U Ass Hole……!

  16. The Gardeners says

    well, u fucked up urself by benefiting from a morally and ethically wrong scheme, and now ur abusing your own country, SHAME!!!

  17. Talha Nasir says

    better not have smuggled it pal !
    that aint the country's fault 🙂

  18. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Fuck you ISB HIGH Court… Take our car if you can we paid high taxes and bought these cars its not theft card assholes.. MUST CUT HAND OF PEOPLE WHO SIGNED THIS BILL NOT PUBLIC MONEY.

  19. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    FUCK High court… take our paid car if you can.. cut hand of those who Signed this bill.. Why to punish public in this game. All are assholes! I m not going to give away my car till I m alive. I paid for it and paid duty taxes for it too and on top of that RISHWAT to haram khoor same as you who passed this order no way I m gona give it now.

  20. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Mother fucker wake up from his sleep.. put me behind bar in contempt of court 😀

  21. Usman Roy says

    Baqwaas Karta hai

  22. Sajid Noor says

    talal good word absofuckinglutely

  23. FaiZan Ahmad Ghilji says

    they are asking people to leave this country as soon as possible.. HIGH court must think about those people who have spent so much money to buy cars for their use… apnay matlab kay ghareeb awam ki maar daitay hain.. sab ney cars lee kay bussiness nae hai atleast sasti cars mil jayegi… kahin sey tau faida hoga…

  24. Muhammad Saad says

    ab maza ayega

  25. Akshaf Lohani says

    fucking hillarous!
    now we will have more non custom paid cars on road than before and people driving crazy running from police!

  26. Anonymous says

    smuggler tau paisa bana gaya na… jinho ne cars buy ki hain unho ne tau duty pay ki hai… taxes pay kiye hain… unka kia kasoor hai… I bought a small car… 4 lak ki car hai… yes tau main jaanta hoon na k main ne yes 4 lak bhi kahan se generate kia hai… aur duty pay ki hai.. aur koi khaas faida bhi nahi uthaya… main kia karoon mera kia kasoor hai.. hum ne koi chori ki car tau buy nahi ki… gvt. ne legalize kia tau buy ki na…

  27. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Govt. key sath sath yeh Judge bhi kutey howey wey hain… Cheap justice not taking action against rigging… no body care for public every one is fucking public.. No body should let them take our Legal car to any one even if we need to fight back.

  28. Anonymous says

    yahan log baat ker rahe hain meri car value kum ho gai.. o bhai mehran me yes log aap ko kia de rahe hain kabhi yes socha hai… Tata nano 1 lak ki car jo hamare 2 lak bante hain… hamari mehran se achi hai jo k 6.5 lak ki car hai… price ko chaatna hai.. yes dekho yahan aap paise kharch ker k lete kia ho.. aur kahan hain itni mehngi cars?

  29. Khurram Baig says

    bhai yah car auction kaha or kidher hogi ?

  30. Jamal Khan Kakar says

    assholes… what about the stay taken by Suzuki supreme court cancel the stay now high court is saying scheme is illegal haha such a fucking administration we have in our country..

  31. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Kuch nahi hoga bhai sab mil kar jang karo ab High court sey i also bought 3 😀

  32. Aimal Durrani says

    Guys this is going to be some thing serious … And govt will pressurise the innocent public …this time we have to do something …

  33. Sheikh Mir Ahmed says

    lagta hai tum nay bhi koi car lee hai iss scheme k tehat 😉

  34. Aimal Durrani says

    Haan … Mai bhi zardari ki baatto me a gaya

  35. Umair Nazir says

    ek pehli mehngi gariyan lo! oper se unke tax bharo

  36. Usama Khattak says

    Biggest BULLSHIT Ever! If PAK need's to be taken seriously they need to stop doing this to their residents and ATLEAST give them a refund for the funds collected!

  37. Behroz Khan says

    Government nahi High court bolo laalay. :p

  38. Tauseef Aslam says

    I am planning to buy a Japanese car, how can I avoid buying car affected by this scheme/order.

  39. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Haram ka paisa hai kya bas tax diyeh jaoo…. ?

  40. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    check paper amnesty scheme pater are SRO normal car paper are not from port

  41. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Aajj bhi registration ho rahee hai idher tou 😀 they saying we will stop registration (no. plate) until we get notification..

  42. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Zardari bhai please pass an executive order to bypass this High court stupid decision.

  43. Abd El Hadi says

    Kya karna chahtay hain aap Aimal Durrani? Or hum awaam kar bhi kya saktee hai, Ma siwaey UllU bannay k?

  44. Anonymous says

    I jst went to freedcourt house lahore… they say everything is stopped! nothings going to happen until next order.. meri car ko abhi no. lagna tha… papers mere quetta verification k liye gaye huye hain.. unn saalon ne bhi verify kerne se inkaar ker dia hai…. kia ajeeb bakwas hai yaarr..

  45. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    I m with you if any help needed.

  46. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Welcome to the Jungle !!! —> Pakistan… (lawless country)

  47. Zain Ahmed says

    ave tensn na loo yara… inshaallah supeme court main stay hoo jayee gaa… main ny khud ak li ha ave number lagwana hai….
    ave tu halai bh nahi sehi tarhan aor wapas kr doo awein kr deinn har cheez pay ki ha joo demand thi… !!!

  48. Hussan Riaz Gondal says

    Ok, but they would not be able to sell these cars!!!

  49. Usman Khan says

    yai harame pahle so rahe thai gaando kai bache , jab logon nai apna paissa phsa lia jab in harameyon ko hosh aya hai , is harame sai pocho kai jin logon nain 52 hazar cars ke custom paid ke hai in ka paisai is bahrwai ka baap refund kare ga, dil to chah raha hai kai chai ke chai is kai sar main utar do.

  50. Abdul Khaliq says

    sharm kar sharm apny ap ko dikta hai mgr 50hzr logo ko ni

  51. Aftab Mahesar says

    bas zor ka ghatka dheeray say ,

  52. Essa Khan says

    my dear fellows don't get tensed by this decision, cause this is done by high court judges just for the favour of domestic companies who had given them bribe.
    the main focus was to threaten the people of these cars and they get afraid. so that the demand of the domestic cars get regained again.
    they cant stop it cause at first supreme court had given the decision at its opening, FBR, customs and prime minister and president was even involved in its approval so on which base they are saying that these cars are illegal,
    don't take tension it will get solved in a few days.
    but pray to ALLAH to give us the power to clean this country from this land sellers who sell even their mothers for money.

  53. Zain Ahmed says

    but yara itz wrong na….
    phelay bade mushkil sy li hai gari ave monday ko tu aos ky poray documents milay hein.. ave tu sehi tarhan chalai bh nahi na hee number laga hai…. har cheez pay ki ha joo demanded thi duty taxes fines….
    aor ya kya bakwas ha ky ak group ko sirf faida danay ky lye thi scheme wtf ! 50000 ak group ha kya ??? adhi jeeps to middle class ny purchase ki hen fir aon ka tax alaida dia ha….. its wrong !!!

  54. Shahid Mehmood Malik says

    What the fuck peopls will do who already bought the cars and paid the taxes. duties ?????? fuck this shit hole PML-N govt and shit hole country ……i have bouty 2 cars worth 13 Laks each – but now will have to face big Frustration ..

  55. Nabeel Shk says

    2 cars for 13 lacks i dont think you are screwed its for those with SUV's

  56. Waqas Karim says

    These all Judges are Mother Fuckers who destroy this country. Impound them who issued this SRO.
    But judges decisions are failure for this country…

  57. Sana Ghassan says

    what still happen to those who Already cars n Paid taxes.

  58. Syed Mohammad Immad says

    Good News guys! FBR announces that its impossible to reverse this process and they prepared petition to submit in Supreme court that this whole process was legal and its not reversible now. HURREY!

  59. Mansoor Ahmed says

    only for those with SUV's seriously??

  60. Tanveer Farhad says

    the judge of Lahore high court has its own show room of cars therefore he orders to cancel the amnesty scheme for poor people.

  61. Zain Ahmed says

    but aisa order koi news main tu nahi aya.. no. lagna bh bamd ho gaye hen. 🙁

  62. Abdur Rehman Mehsood says

    Syed Mohammad Immad ..i also bought 1…but balochistan assembly take action against the apeal of IHC

  63. Rana Ahsan Wasim Raza says

    Decision reversed by Lahore High Court…(Y).

  64. Muhammad Arshad says

    محترم جسٹس صاحب السلام علیکم!
    آج میں یہ سوچ کر رمضان بازار نہیں جا رہا ہوں کے کہیں سستی چیزیں دینے کا یہ فیصلا کالعدم نہ ہو جائے کے ملک آئی ایم ایف سے قرضے لے رہا ہے اور ان حالات میں ملک سستی چیزیں دینے کا متحمل نہیں ہو سکتا آئینی خلاف ورزی ہوئی ہے لہٰذا ایف آئی اے لوگوں کے پیٹ سے سستی چینی اور آٹا نکال لے تاکے اسے نیلام کر کے شوگر مل مالکان اور آٹا فیکٹری مالکان کو پہنچنے والے نقصان کا ازالہ کیا جا سکے۔.

    اپ کا فیصلا تاریخی ہے جسے محنت کش سفید پوش لوگوں کی نسلییں یاد رکھیں گی۔ ویسے بھی یہ لوگ مار کھانے کیلیے دنیا میں آتے ہیں، کیڑے مکوڑوں کی طرح روز مرتے ہیں، کوئی نہیں پوچھتا اچھی چیز ان کیلئے نہیں ہوتی یہ صرف غاصب بھائیوں کا حق ہے۔.

    اب ہم آپکے فیصلے کی روشنی میں ملکی اسیمبل تھرڈ کلاس کاریں فرسٹ کلاس گاڑیوں کے ریٹ پر خریدیں گے تاکے ملکی لٹیروں کو لوٹ مار میں زیادہ تکلیف نہ ہو۔.
    اب ہم اچھی گاڑی کے بارے میں ہرگز نہیں سوچیں گے یہ صرف حاکم کا حق ہے۔ جو کمپنی، غاصب سے مک مکا کر چکی ہے اسے اب عوام کو لوٹنے کا پورا حق ہے۔.
    صرف ایک بات کہوں گا۔.
    میں غریب آدمی ہوں اور میری یہ گاڑی میری محنت کی کمائی تھی جسےجائز حکومت وقت نےجائز مارکیٹ سے جائز طور پر خریدنے اور جائز طور پر رجسٹر کرانے کو کہا اور اب آپ اس تمام کاروائی کو غیرقانونی قرار دے چکے ہیں۔.
    مہربانی کر کےعوام سے مذاق نہ کریں اور یہ رمضان بازار بند کئے جائیں۔.

  65. FaiZan Ahmad Ghilji says

    any news about amnesty??

  66. Abuzar Fawad says

    fazzy 🙁

  67. Khurram Javed says

    Teenga ka warta :p

  68. Inayat Shah says

    Ap bilkul hi ache nahi lagti in sab pic mi

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