Hey Everyone,

There is Suzuki Mehran Plus 99 Model. Comparatively it is well maintained than other old models, no major accident yet Alhumdulillah. Bumper to bumper in original condition, in its own colour. About mileage, hmmm I dont remember but 2 bar atleast sab figures went to zero lol and I am the first owner of the car mash ALLAH. Its 17 years this car is on road for long journeys and fr within the city. The best thing is this car never give trouble or ask to take it to mechanic every week Alhumdulillah. I know Suzuki is manufacturing Mehran with least quality now a days but I love my Mehran.

I have changed rings 4 years back (no major engine work is done yet), and now finding its getting a bit weaker. on flat road its not bad just ok but with 3 people sitting its really really hard to get on CHARHAI not even on PETROL. its CNG+PETROL. What I am thinking now is to engine old engine to EFI engine or to go for overhaul of old engine. A bit CONFUSING isnt it ?

I would really need for your expert opinions and will be appreciable in helping to take a wise step.

Should I go for new EFI mehran engine? efficient and effective on petrol or cng with performance?
or just do overhaul and run it with the cng only. will it effect the performance comparatively new EFI engine?
I have LANDI CNG kit in the car. is there any CNG kits better than LANDI?

I do not know about the cost if I go for any of the option. If anyone knows the close approx cost. Please feel free to write it below in comments.

So, EFI engine or overhaul its own engine?
Petrol or CNG with EFI engine or CNG+petrol with overhaul engine?
Any new CNG kit with overhaul engine?

Do I need to get new gear box with EFI engine in case I have got more voted for EFI engine?

Advance Thanks. I hope everyone is doing great in their lives IN sha ALLAH.