The FAW B30 Can Be A Good Addition In 1600cc Segment In Pakistan

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The B30 is the entry-level sedan in FAW’s lineup. Placed under the ‘Besturn’ sub-brand umbrella, it first appeared at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show as “Besturn A-Class”; the name was later changed to B30 prior to its launch in November 2015. In the year 2012, FAW launched the Oley sedan in the entry-level sedan segment in China. However, the Oley was never able to become a success. FAW then launched the B30 in the Chinese market in November 2015, and the results were outstanding.

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In a couple of months, the B30 became one of FAW’s best-selling cars in China. In January, its sales surpassed the likes of Honda Civic, Nissan Sunny, and Honda City, which too within just two months of its launch. B30 is derived from Volkswagen’s PQ32 platform and considered as a derivative of the VW Bora. Keep in mind that FAW is a joint venture partner of Volkswagen in China.


The B30 is powered by Volkswagen-developed 1.6 liter (1598cc) four-cylinder petrol engine with 109hp and 155nm torque. The engine which is Euro V compliant is mated to either a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. FAW was successfully able to acquire the rights from VW to develop this engine. Salient features include Electric Power Steering (EPS), Sunroof, Cruise Control, Multi-function Steering Wheel, Power Windows, Radio/USB/AUX/MP3, Blue-tooth Connectivity, Central Color LCD Screen, Driver, Passenger and Curtain Airbags, ABS+EBD, Parking Sensors, Reverse Camera, Central Locking and Engine Immobilizer, etc.

FAW booth at Lahore Auto Show
FAW booth at Lahore Auto Show – White B30 can be seen

Al-Haj FAW had displayed the B30 sedan during the Lahore Expo in March 2016, which does give us a hint that FAW is working to bring this car to Pakistani market. In China, the base version B30 starts from RMB 69,800 (PKR 11.15 lac) while the top of the line version goes up to RMB 92,800 (PKR 14.83 lac). We will have to wait and see when exactly the vehicle does get launched and what will be its price.

FAW has already launched the B30 sedan in Russia and is planning to introduce the car in various markets across the globe. The Auto Policy 2016-21 will surely encourage new players, and Pakistani auto buyers will get more options to choose from. B30 can be one of those, and should be a good contender to Altis 1.6 and Aspire 1.5. If FAW is able to price it competitively, it’s surely going to be a good buying option. Looking at its rapid success in China, we can safely say B30 surely has something to prove.



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  1. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    If it falls b/w the same price bracket as Altis or Grande I think ppl will still go for Toyota.

  2. Zulqarnain says

    Mein tay Honda eee leesan……. Mein Tay Faw lay vi laaae……;-)

  3. M Salman Tariq says

    It seems better than all of the 1600 cc contendors in our market, i hope the price lies around 14 lacs then it’ll be a very good competition.
    Nowadays i get to see faw v2 often too. Seems like faw are slowly gaining a foothold here

  4. Muhammad Yasir says

    looks good enough !

  5. Muhammad Yasir says

    imbeciles … this is loads better than toyota !

  6. Muhammad Yasir says

    its heartening to see FAW gaining ground here… it acts as encouragement for other players

  7. Usman Ansari says

    Looking at the features offered, its way more than what an Altis Grande can offer us at 2.5m
    Even if it comes under 1.8m I think it will be a bargain. What’s important for FAW is to ensure proper after sales support. Kia Spectra became an instant hit when launched back in 2001, its after sales service was among the main reasons of its downfall.

  8. MySchizoBuddy says

    doesn’t matter this has zero resale value

  9. Guest says

    As the B30 is based on Bora, here are some details about Bora:

    VW Bora is a unique styling among the similar Lavida, Sagitar and Santana. The other three look the same while Bora looks smaller and sportier with bigger wheels (the specification of wheel size is similar across the vehicles, but the body shape makes them look bigger). Passat is in a different class so I have not discussed.

    Bora is cheaper than the others (base model only). Bora and Lavida come with a beam axle while the others have independent rear suspension. It is comparable to Corolla as Corolla also abandoned the independent rear suspension after E110.

    Bora has a higher seating position and gives the driver a commanding position in which he/she is able to see farther down the road.

    Because of its smaller looks, Bora is more popular with women who prefer smaller cars for easy maneuverability. Given the congested roads, a car seemingly smaller than the current Corolla and somewhat comparable to Baleno/E100 Corolla in size would be most welcome in the Pakistani market. (The official figures on size are similar, just talking about the look.)

    The B30 has big windows offering good visibility to the driver in Pakistan’s complex traffic. The tail light is still sweeping over to the sides, making it an easy target for motorcyclists who ever so often damage them.

    Bora has a higher ground clearance than its other cousins. This is perhaps the most important feature for any buyer in Pakistan. If the car keeps scraping on speed bumps and potholes, people go ahead and fit it with gatis (spacers) etc. and the handling and comfort of an otherwise brand new car is totally spoilt.

  10. M Salman Tariq says


  11. alfa_whsky says

    According to FAW Laylpur Motors (one of the most active dealership of Al-Haj FAW in Pakistan) B30 shall be launched at around 2017 or 2018 and shall be priced between PKR 1.7 to 2.0 million.

  12. Abdullah says

    Its very expensive……it should not be more then 1.6 million with all the features….if they remove the airbags and certain other features like ABS etc …then the price can be brought down to 1.4 Million even……waisay i would never buy a car without ABS MYSELF (Air Bags can be a exceptionl lol) …… and FAW should build Service Centres in places like Quetta, Peshawar, Abbottabad , mardan, sukkur , muzaffarabad etc too….

  13. nasir says

    FAW has a wide dealer range with 3S dealers in many cities

  14. alfa_whsky says

    according to recent grapevine Al-Haj moving its head office to Islamabad. dont know the head office would be for Al-Haj Group or for Al-Haj FAW motors. rumors are they are venturing in Oil & Gas E&P/Services sector and procuring rig(s).

  15. Wasiq Khalid says

    Why are you here if in the end all you f’ing care about is resale value. If all you care about is the resale value then go buy a mehran.
    Why do you think mehran has one of the best resale values in the country? 1)Its the only fucking option in its segment so people have to buy this kind of shit if thats their budget.
    2) Cheap parts so making it easy to maintain.

    Faw V2 is is doing good here in pakistan, and even if Faw decides to launch the B30 here it will do good because of its features and if priced reasonably. Faw also has a wide dealer range which should allow them to bring the maintainence cost low for the car also if the car is selling good that will means the dealers should bring more parts into the country.

    IF the B30 is doing better then Honda City and Civic then surely it has some chance.

    Sorry for the swear words, but pakistan peoples mind set about resale value is gona bring this country down to the shit……oh wait its already here.

  16. Usman Ansari says

    According to the specs: B30 standard tyres are 205/60 R16
    Altis 1.6 has 195/65 R15
    Aspire 1.5 has 175/65 R15
    B30 claimed fuel consumption is 7 liter/100km which is around 14.2 km/liter

  17. srmklive says

    Its really great to see other vendors doing well. Gives us consumers the choice.

  18. srmklive says

    Buddy the main thing is value for money not resale value. If something is good, then we should appreciate it. FAW is gaining real momentum, and their sales services is really good as far as i know from people who are using FAW vehicles. Does investing in this car makes it worthwhile rather than investing the usual junk cars we get for far bigger amount. Most of us buyers want value for money not resale.

  19. Muhammad Yasir says

    oh , they have arrived !
    you see … THIS is why no respected brand has established base in Pak yet. this shitty pakistani mindset holds us all back , even the progressive and liberal people who are trapped in this shambolic country with horrible psychology and stupid , petty concepts !

    SCREW THE DAMN RESALES ! you do NOT buy a car to sell it on the NEXT FREAKING YEAR ! you buy a car to keep it for a good generation or two before it starts begging to be mercy-killed !

  20. MySchizoBuddy says

    I don’t know which world you live in. In the real world which includes USA people care a lot about resale value. by the usual junk you mean mehran, correct? I can always buy a Honda city/civic those are by no means junk cars. Lot more good cars in the imported market.

  21. MySchizoBuddy says

    FAW is a respected brand? when did that happen?
    I’ll buy a Nissan, Hyundia, Kia etc. not a FAW.
    You guys seems to be under the impression that Pakistanis don’t want quality cars hence the immense hatred towards your own people. Pakistanis want good cars with good resale.

  22. srmklive says

    @MySchizoBuddy:disqus buddy i am talking in the context of what we get in the price point.

    By junk i meant Mehran :D. Is that in any way worth spending upto 850k (including WHT, Registration cost). Look at features of vehicles in similar price points in other countries.

    Honda city/civic are not by any means junk cars. But look at the features of Civic in other countries and what we get here. I mean its really bad. What i mean by value for money is the amount of features you give in a car vs they amount of money you charge, which sadly in our country is not right.

    The import market is really competitive, but that is a whole other thing we can talk about.

    The main point is what vehicles are marketed locally by vendors. Resale value of a commodity only increases due to its adaptation and that requires a clear mindset without bias. Nothing will gain traction without good after sales support. Putting a brand down without giving them a due chance is plain wrong in my opinion.

  23. Kashif Akbar says

    If new CIVIC is offered at 2.5 million, we make our mind that its 2.5million worth for any new model 1.8L car. the topic is we need to change our minds about it. if FAW offer B30 for 1.5 million, we must understand that its no possible that features we pay 2.5million are impossible in 1.5million sedan. its been our contribution also that big3 have sucessfully been able to suck us for 3 dacades. we must change our behaviours. i see many people going for mehran and ignore FAW just for resale. no one thinks that if mehran hit a crash at speed of 100 kms, we are sure to lose our several body parts in that accident. air bag and disc brakes are more important word then resale. LET’S WAKE UP.

  24. Muhammad Yasir says

    im not saying its the top of the shelf … BUT atleast its gonna be MUCH better then the big 3 producing horrible CRAP !
    and also … i do NOT hate anyone … but like my like minded brethren here , we are tired of seeing the same crap ! and all because of this resale crap and petty issues we keep seeing the big 3 COMPLETELY NEGLECTING the budget sector. why the hell would people keep buying a 0.7 mil Mehran , which is absolutely CRAP ! this is why we can’t have nice things like cars costing below 3 lacs , because we keep feeding their bottomless pits with hard-earned cash !
    Good resale can come later , AT LEAST let the good brands come and establish their roots. FAW can be testament to that and allow EVEN MORE brands to follow the already confirmed newcomers.
    Think big for once !

  25. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Lets not draw conclusions before any of us has actually driven one i.e. Faw
    But with features on the table and price bracket somewhere b/w City and Corolla, I think we’re guna see more of them on the streets when its launched. Hopefully.

  26. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    You are right. I was just presenting the mentality of our countrymen. Even some of my friends who are well-off have this opinion. Resale over anything. Damn?

  27. gaatif says

    Let’s wait and see what they offer at what price. Meanwhile, the buyers should realize the value of money and importance of safety features over the “resale”.

  28. Fahad says

    Really ?? it doesn’t worth 1.6? Kis duniya main rehtay ho bhaya?

    770K is the price of Suzuki Mehran VXR CNG and this car is at least 20 times better then mehran crap.

  29. Muhammad Yasir says


  30. Muhammad Yasir says

    ” Why do you think mehran has one of the best resale values in the
    country? 1)Its the only fucking option in its segment so people have to
    buy this kind of shit if thats their budget. ”

    THIS. is just epic ! this is what i have been saying all the time. WE NEED CARS IN THE FREAKING BUDGET CATEGORY TO KILL MEHRAN BUT NO ONE LISTENS !

    “Sorry for the swear words, but pakistan peoples mind set about resale
    value is gona bring this country down to the shit……oh wait its
    already here.”

    yep. shameless !

  31. Aaqib says

    I would surely buy this beauty…

  32. Auntie Shola says

    very well said bro……safety is of paramount importance….

  33. Manuhar says

    Attention Please…………….. FAW Pakistan has high shares of SHAHBAZ SHAREEF…………. FAW V2 is a famous TAXI in China…… Those who hate PML-N must buy Suzuki Mehran….

  34. Ammar says

    This is sarfraz… He has shown Trust and bought FAW V2… I am buying this beauty on Monday….

  35. Saghir says

    FAW V2 has is in production in many countries like Russia, China, Chile, South Africa etc

  36. Usman Ansari says

    was it a special event or something? i can see a lot of DSNG vans of various tv channels too

  37. Kashif says

    These are taken from Sarfraz Facebook , 5 DSNG’s are shown ….

  38. Zakir says

    When is this car launching in Pakistan?????

  39. Harris Gardezi says

    any one know when it will be coming to pak? … and how v2 sales going so far can someone tell how many units they are able to sell so far

  40. Wasiq Khalid says

    Ok. You want to talk about why import cars have good resale value?
    Because they have all the features a car should have. Please show me any car that is locally made in pakistan which has half of the features in the price range of the small japanease import cars?
    This is why they have good resale value also people instantly liked these japanes imports, making dealerships to import spare parts thus increasing resale value.

    If we get the Faw B30. Even if that car is priced 2 Mill. It will sell better than any car that has sold in pakistan if faw provides the same features as the international model. Honda and toyota will need to up their game if new players join with good and reaonably priced products.

    And you talk about daddys money.
    Why the hell would any one give a shit about commentig about the fucking resale value on this website then.
    Oh I know why because people here care about money. Not every one is burger and not every one has daddys money. You keep changing the topic, you went from resale value to USA to imported cars.

    Also going to what Srmklive said in his previous post. You need to change you mind set about resale value. Without giving something a chance its never gona work. Cars like the import japanese models are selling because people here are fed up with what pakistan has to offers for what they call cars. People are ready to give new cars a chance.

    And if this is the case im damn sure resale value cant do shit.

    You turn. ☺

  41. Wasiq Khalid says

    Also like Kashif Akbar and gaatif said. Surely you must care about your life more than the resale value. Money can be earned again but you only have one life.

  42. Muhammad Yasir says


  43. Badar Shehzad says

    If it comes to Pakistan for a mid range model around 1.5 million. I would definitely buy this over an Aspire or an Altis 1.6

  44. Must says

    big pro investing in panama and india, small bro in faw

  45. Sadruddin Bohyo says

    Agreed with Kashif Akbar. The big three have been fucking to their customers against their so called name. Lets suppose.Mehran car 1989 and till 2014 was almost the same. Recently they have modified the engine from carburetor to efi else it’s bullshit. The remaining two blood suckors have never delivered international standards but only cost. The safety rules have been ignored at one hand and on the other national policy has ever been promulgated to secure its citizen from such looting and shooting. New competitors must be encouraged. As long as resale is concerned it will enhance and increase with the public demand and dependency.

  46. Ahsan says

    I believe B30 would definitely break the hegemony of Toyota and Honda and would give them a tough time…. I wonder if Toyota and Honda would give the new entrant a fair playing field???

  47. Assad Mahmud says

    the price 1.5 million is in China for the top model. People here forget to add the taxes when it comes to Pakistan, and still discussing the price of 1.5 million.

  48. Aqeeq Ansari says

    So it’s basically a Subaru Impreza knockoff with 800cc less displacement. Got it!

  49. Aqeeq Ansari says

    Correcting myself, that looks more like a Jetta

  50. Ali Khan says

    It has an engine of Jetta actually

  51. munib says

    Least bothered by who owns what. If FAW is worth it, one should buy it.
    People should avoid advocating personal prejudices.

  52. Syed Abdullah Hayat says

    I agree with Both of the PoVs , Cars like Mehran mustn’t cost more than 300K but its us who raised it price to thi level, keeping poor people unable to afford a car and have bike only (which also is touching prive hike of 150K 😀 )

    there is another problem. Let say I buy a Car like V2. God forbidden I face some serious issues at home or life and I need money instantly. All I have is a good feature car with all nice perks in it, but i need money more than anything at this time. what will happen then?

    so both , Value, price , and resale, they all are important. but People like us need competition here between auto manufacturers. This is the only way of price reduction.
    for example: before Ufone, Telenor and Zong, we were being looted by Mobi… so is the case of Big three (selling cars 3-4 times of its actual cost, because of Oligopoly and P-Power :p )

  53. A.A. Warraich says

    You look like a firm believer of “SARFRAZ DHOKA NAHI DE GA” :p

  54. Rizwan says

    Cannot agree more…

  55. Rizwan says

    Then why can you ignore the fact that Nissan, Hyundai, Kia etc. already left Pakistan due to similar issues?

  56. Aqeeq Ansari says

    Yeah , guess it’s one of those Saab Aeros and Pontiac Vibes , just rebadged versions of another company.

  57. Hassan Mansoor says

    makes a sound argument

  58. Hassan Mansoor says

    The big three have been feeding crap to the Pakistani Auto market with the connivance of the then Governments (all included). This Auto Policy seems to be a break from that policy. While the imported Japanese vehicles had given much needed breather to a market savvy of great cars. The imported vehicles also enabled awareness of masses of quality cars: the educated lot was already aware and was FIRST to shift to the Japanese vehicles. The RESALE market for these cars inevitably came into being. I remember the entry 99 vitz being sold as cheap as 3.5 lacs and you now get the same in 7 lacs. I think we should SHIFT our FOCUS to quality cars first and then consider resale as a criteria on say e.g. a ten point weighted criteria. I have come to believe that resale should not be the SOLE criteria for a vehicle buying decision.

    For those who have doubts about our Governments colluding with the THREE |DIOTs (Suzuki being biggest of ’em all) may just see that TATA TIAGO in our neighbor is selling in INR 5.54 lacs (Top diesel variant) equivalent of roughly PKR 8.31 lacs while the top petrol model 1.2 is priced at INR 4.88 lacs roughly equivalent of PKR 7.32 lacs. You barely get a CRAPPY Mehran in that price range. These prices mentioned above are that of Top Variants the starting range is much lower in price. Just compare the features in the same price range and you ll get to know what I am talking about.

  59. Fahad says

    The FAW b50 in Saudi is a lot cheaper than the civic and this is the B30 so it MUST be cheaper than the CIVIC. Pakistanis have to grow a brain and literally stop buying the crap being dished out by Atlas and Indus. ITS HIGH TIME that we rally the government to allow the Korean brands in with Hyunda’s accent and Kia’s rio which are 20,000 UAE dirham cheaper then the Corolla or Civic in Dubai, and also the accent and the cerato variant which again will be above par in terms of drive quality and handling then the current corolla/civic yet much cheaper. If the people simply refuse to buy the cars from the showrooms , hell atlas and indus themselves will ask the gov to call in the competition. every person who buys a Citycivic or corolla is being SWINDLED of his hard earned money. unless saray hee H(*&^^ Khor hain.

  60. Shahid Mehmood says

    bhai XLI mein ap ko kia milta hai , is hisab se to xli 9 lac ki honi chahiye

  61. Shahid Mehmood says

    offering at 14 lacs is very good but doesnt seem realistic, as other players in the market are offering these specs around 2.0 M

  62. Shahid Mehmood says

    good car with good resale, thats why you are buying Mehran from 3 decades? just because it has good resale nothing else

  63. وجاہت علی says

    just change mindset of pakistani market n it will b a success!!

  64. Aman says

    Never ever buy any such new car they fail in market and then whole dealership is gone I had bad experience when I bought proton gen2 in 2008 now it has become a headache as aim not getting any parts for its become junk no ones buying it even total waste pls buy Toyota or Honda or even Suzuki

  65. Umar says

    Well i dont thing so its going any where because they are already running 2 assemblies since 2006 and they are not using the bank loans…

  66. Muhammad Qasim Zahoor says

    A 1.6L sedan with an engine that develops just 109hp? Thtz quite questionable engineering i guess.. n with all the gadgets inside, i seriously doubt its gonna b underpowered.. n underpowered will consequently b high on fuel consumption.. Plus for a brand tht has no significant name in the aftersales.. n it has been put up straight head to head with brands like Aspire & Altis? I mean frm whr does the inspiration come for writing such articles??

  67. Awais Yousaf says

    I think after taxes the base model will roughly start from 14.50 lacks all the way upto 18 Lacks in Pakistan after taxes. Well lets just hope it makes to Pakistan!

  68. Guest says

    It has got better torque than altis 1.6 and its hp have been measured at 5500 instead of 6000+. Its engine has been designed by VW. unquestionable tech this German company has got

  69. SAQ HUS (Brothers) says

    When is this car launching in Pakistan?

  70. Asad Mehboob says

    Bro 1.5 million wont even get you aspire or altis. Aspire is 1.7+ millions and altis is 2.2+ millions. So I guess you should think about give it a try even if its 1.7+ as it will be better than aspire as it has a VW engine which will be a lot powerful and much more reliable.

  71. CarSpiritPK says

    written in April 2016 🙂

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