MTMIS – All you need to know about vehicle verification

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There are many factors which buyers consider while purchasing a used car such as its price, and overall condition, etc. However, there is another factor, which has the potential of making or breaking a deal and that is – car’s papers. It is imperative that you verify the car’s papers before making a purchase. In the past, people have been defrauded, ending up buying stolen cars, etc.

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How to prevent yourself from buying an unverified car?

There are many simple ways through which a buyer can verify a used vehicle in Pakistan. One of the easiest ways is to send an SMS to a specific number, depending upon the registration city of the car. After you have submitted the SMS, wait and you would receive a confirmation message.

Or you can enter the registration number of the car on the authority’s website, which will give you the details of the car, including the owner’s name, car’s registration number, and vehicle details, etc. However, these methods might not work properly because the authorities do not update the data on a regular basis.


If the vehicle is registered in Punjab then you can SMS the vehicle’s registration number to 9966. You will receive an SMS from Punjab’s Excise,  Taxation & Narcotics Control Department. The charges for using this service is only PKR 1.50. So, it is better to use the service than getting some awareness. For any more information about this service, one can call on the number – 08009966.

For online verification: Punjab Excise & Taxation Department


For online verification (MTMIS): KPK Excise & Taxation Department


People in Sindh can get the information regarding the used vehicle whether it has a criminal record or not by dialling the number given by Anti Car Lifting Cell as per Sindh Police website. The numbers are as follow:

  • 021-99205000
  • 021-99205683
  • 0322-2707213

Moreover, for the online verification (MTMIS): Sindh Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Department

Islamabad (Found non-functional):

To check one just needs to type CNO (CNO means chassis number) in the text box then give a single space and type full chassis number without any – or space. For example, CNO xyz445588 and send to 8521. At the moment the online verification system (MTMIS) is not working.

Azad Kashmir:

At the moment there is no online portal to verify a used car vehicle while purchasing in Azad Kashmir. However, one might get the history and overall condition of the car by contacting the below-mentioned officials or authorities.

  • Minister Transport Authorities Office # 05822 921117
  • Secretary Transport Authorities Office # 05822 920174, 920127

For Punjab, KPK and Sindh the easiest link to remember would be to visit PakWheels and click on the vehicle verification link:

Pakwheels Online Vehicle Verification – MTMIS

After you are done with the initial process, the next thing is to visit the concerned offices to get a verification certificate or card, mentioning that the vehicle is cleared as per their record and data.

  • Criminal record: Visit the CIA or ACLC offices depending on the region and get a verification card that the vehicle is not involved in any criminal activity. This is the essential procedure which one should always follow;  if doesn’t want any awareness in the future after buying the car. Furthermore, a chemical test on the car can be performed in concerned offices to check and verify the originality of vehicle’s chassis and engine numbers.
  • Ownership: Secondly, check the file of the car; sometimes it is placed at the Excise office. It will give you detail about the actual owner of the vehicle and other details such as token payment. Additionally, a copy of FIR against the vehicle might be placed in the file in such a case where complainant made an effort to reach the office.
  • Post office: If the token of the vehicles is paid, one can easily get it checked from Post office where it has been paid.

With all these verifications there remains danger as the data maintained by the authorities is not up-to-date and the authorities also not take responsibility for ensuring that it was cleared around a specific time and period. To give you guys overview of the situation here is an example for you gives. Let’s assume you have bought a used car and have verified it with concerned dept., but it is quite possible that it was involved in some criminal activity and case has been lodged against it in remote areas the possibility that it is not updated in the system is very high. And you might land a trouble out of the blue.

The authorities always add a disclaimer on legal documents that only the purchaser is responsible for any inconvenience. So the question arises, then why would some verify the car. The answer is straightforward and that is if somewhere in future you land in a problem due to the car, you can claim with these verifications documents in the court that while purchasing the car “due diligence was performed”.

Moving onwards, always take legal protection with a stamp paper mentioning the day you purchased the car. It will be useful to you if some mischief happens. Moreover, it will also protect the previous owner because his name will appear in every record of the car if the vehicle is not transferred on time.

Moreover, always re-recheck car’s chassis or engine number as often the thugs tamper it. Additionally, it is reported many times that when checked the registration number of car it was allotted to some bike, so be careful about it.

We recommend you to buy a used car from the people you trust the most and always get stamp papers signed and all verification done thoroughly so that you have the proper paperwork available against all odds.

That is it from our side, share your views in the comments section below.

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