4 Tyre Care Tips for Winter

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We all love our cars a lot, but we forget to take care about the four most important objects on our cars – the tyres. Tyres need extra care especially if you live in areas where it snows. Here are 4 tyre care tips you should keep in mind before the winter arrive:

general tyre

1. Install new tyres a month before the winters: This tip in particular is for those living in areas that experience snowfall. If you’ve got worn out tyres, changing them before winter arrives is recommended. This is because old tyres harden and lose grip on the road in cold temperatures.

New tyres vs old tyre

2. Check the tyre pressure regularly: Tyres tend to get underinflated in winter. This is because the air molecules contract and get closer in low temperatures. The contraction of air molecules results in the reduction of volume and thus, the loss in air pressure causes the tyres to deflate. Tyres with low air pressure can affect the braking, handling and mileage of your car. It’s recommended to check the air pressure of tyres every 30 days or every 10 degrees change in temperature.

Winter tyre and summer tyre

3. Replace tyres with worn out treads: For snowy area, tyres need more tread in order to be able to dig into ice and snow. Worn out tyre causes reduction in traction, which can cause accidents on roads. It’s recommended to use the coin test to check thread depth of your tyre.

tyre thread check

4. Watch out for unusual wear and tear: It’s a good practice to inspect your tyres regularly. It’s recommended to check them once a month at least. If you notice any wear on any side of the tyre, take action immediately.

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    Winter, not winters.

  2. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    copy paste article, how can we perform coin test with Pakistani coins??? you didn’t explain.

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