Are all-weather tires a good choice considering the weather condition of Pakistan?

As we all know that tires are the most important part of any vehicle, and most importantly only part of vehicle biting the road surface while facing a lot of air and road friction and resistance in the process. And due to that phenomena, it can wears out quicker than other car parts. Nonetheless, people also choose wrong tires considering the weather condition of the country which is another cause and reason why tires wear out quickly. So in this article, I will tell you what type of tire you should choose for your car considering the weather condition of Pakistan.

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There are four different types of tires available in the market namely Summer tire, Winter tire, All-Season tire and All-Weather tire. In my personal opinion, go for the all-weather tires as the temperature or climate of Pakistan has all four seasons, which is why the best option is the all-weather tires. People in Pakistan, even in winters, use summer tire which is quite dangerous.

Why one should choose all-weather tire:

  • All-Weather tire is made up of using both the techniques of winter and all-season tire, which means that the tire will work fine in all seasons, winter, summer, autumn, spring and monsoon as well.
  • One doesn’t need to swap tires when entering or existing areas with different climates.
  • Work perfectly well at 0-degree centigrade temperature—meaning no need to change tires in winter.
  • They have increased sipe density on the inside of treads for improved traction on ice.
  • On the other hand, they have low sipe density on the outside treads, which increases the traction on the dry or wet road.
  • Maintain high resistance to wear and tear all year round.
  • All-Weather tires are embedded with multi-wave sipes offering great braking on rainy, hot and icy weather and road.
  • Made up of special rubber compound, which resists premature wear in summer and winter weather alike.

All in all In my opinion All-Weather tire is the best option, keeping in view the weather condition of the country.

That is it from our side; however, do drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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