An 80s Honda Accord With Cruise Control – Owner’s Review

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Today, we’re back with another episode of the owner’s review of the Honda Accord 1985. This particular car is a facelifted version of the 2nd generation Honda Accord. It came with two engine options, a 1.6 liter and a 1.8 liter, which this car has, and it produces 86 horsepower and 134 nm of torque; this engine also came in the Honda Prelude. The 2nd gen Accord came with 2 transmission options, a 4speed automatic and a 5-speed manual as in this car. This particular car is a UK spec model and has a green interior.

Purchase Decision

The buying decision of this car was very spontaneous, the owner’s father had the same car back when it was new, so when the vehicle was in the sale, they bought it instantly without considering other cars. “It was not a planned purchase,” the owner added.

Salient Features of the Honda Accord

As per the owner, this has some additional features from the standard Accord, including cruise control, a digital instrument cluster, courtesy lights, electrically adjustable side mirrors, a digital clock, and all those features modern cars have.

Drive Performance

Although the 1.8 liter only pumps out 86 hp, the car’s drive is very smooth, the gear ratios are very balanced, and the drive takes you back to the 80s. Honda introduced its electronic power steering in this car, and it’s like butter. “I prefer driving this car over new cars,” the owner added.

Comfort and Handling

Comfort is where this car scores all the points; it has sofa seats which are very comfortable even on long journeys. According to the owner, headroom is good, but legroom for the back seats is compromised. Handling is also impressive as there is no vibration or body roll during overtakes; the car is pretty stable at high speeds. “However, maneuverability is difficult due to the huge turning radius of the car'” the owner stated.

AC Performance

AC performance is good; both cooling and throw are satisfactory even on hot days of Karachi. There are Ac vents under the front seats as well, so rear passengers can enjoy the air conditioning too.

Storage Spaces

As per the owner, the interior lacks storage spaces as there are no cup holders, door compartments are narrow, and only enough for files. Boot space is good, the opening of the boot is small, but the actual space is substantial and can fit two large bags.

Fuel average

The 2nd gen Honda Accord is not known for its fuel average; the owner gets 7 km/l within the city even with a very light foot. The owner has not tested it on long but assumed an additional kilometer or two on a long stretch.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

The average maintenance cost is very nominal, oil change with filters costs the owner around Rs. 4,500, but the spare parts are near impossible to get hands on. Although the Honda Accord is known for its durability and lasting several years, parts are tough to find, and the owner has to import them from abroad. Prices are also high as the supply is very limited.


These cars are scarce on the roads of Pakistan, especially in good shape as this one. “Resale is purely dependent on condition; if your car is well maintained, it will sell instantly,” said the owner. The owner gets many offers for this particular car, and resale won’t be an issue as true Honda lovers still hunt these cars.

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