Carrera Car XP 1000 OIL – All you need to Know

Once in a while, you get stuck in a difficult situation and use help to solve it or completely filter it out. Same goes for maintaining your car. There are many products, which have been developed to help you in bad situations. One such product is XP 1000 oil.

So, first off, what is XP 1000 oil?

It is basically a non-volatile viscous oil or liquid which is used to provide lubrication to any surface it is applied on i.e. ignition switch of any vehicle, door locks etc. It also is known as water displacement as well. It can be used in any metal and iron.


Uses of Carrera Car XP 1000 Oil are as follow:

  • Rust free and smooth car key locks: After an equal interval of time, the car’s door lock, where you put your key to open the door, becomes rusty causing the door to jam. The XP 1000 will help you clean the rust and lubricate the car door lock and then you can easily open the doors without any problem. It can also be used in the ignition switch of car and bike for lubricating purposes. After washing the bikes for so long the ignition switch becomes rusty, so use this product and lubricate it, so it can easily move to left and right and turn on when needed without using force to move the ignition switch.

ignition switch


  • Remove rust from bolts and tires: We all have faced that scenario when we are going on a long journey and the tire of our car gets flat. And when we try to change, the bolts won’t move due to rust. Just use XP 1000 around the bolts and wait for few minutes and then again try to move the bolts this time they will easily rotate and you can change the tire. Moreover, it’s rare to see a tire get stuck and won’t move at all for some reason, no need to worry just apply the products in the lug hole. The tire with just a little sudden jerk can pop out and you then can easily drive your car.

tire nurts

  • Battery terminals: Everyone is familiar with corrosion of battery terminals. They can be caused by many factors such as electrolyte leakage, overfull battery, a reaction in copper clamps, overcharging and old battery. Whatever the case may be it can be dangerous for your car’s engine as due to this factor your vehicle’s engine breaks down frequently. Always remember to apply XP 1000 oil on battery terminals, it will clean the corrosion and rust from the terminals. This will also help you to remove the battery terminals easily if any day you want to remove or change your battery.


Other uses of XP-1000 are as follow:

  • Remove carbon rust of alloy rim
  • Clean and polish chrome parts of cars
  • Remove stickers and sticky tapes from everywhere
  • Secure car electric wires from water
  • Remove petrol tank rust
  • Make smooth car power windows
  • Smooth bicycle chain
  • Headlight cleaning etc.

Have you tried this XP-1000, let us know in the comments section below.

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