China Interested to Build Automobile City in Gwadar

In the recent development, Chinese investors are planning to construct an automobile and chemical city in Gwadar under the umbrella of CPEC. According to a private news channel, Chinese investors along with concerned government authorities have started their homework for initiating an automobile city in Gwadar. In this context, local automobile companies have been advised to join hands with Chinese companies as this would be beneficial for the sales of local industry and would also help in the transfer of technology. It is yet to be seen that when will Chinese authorities turn their paperwork into reality. Considering the uprise in Chinese firms and contractors coming in to Pakistan to reap the benefits from the development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, an accelerated move should not come off as a surprise. Add the overwhelming presence of Chinese automobile firms, both for commercial and passenger vehicles at this year’s Pakistan Auto Parts Show 2017, the intention is quite clear. The only decisive matter is when?

Industry experts are claiming that this step will accelerate Pakistan’s automobile industry to push the boundaries of progress after a long period of stagnancy. Currently the local automobile manufacturer are working at their full capacity to meet the increasing demand but considering the backlog of 2-3 months on a majority of cars, it is clear that the big-3 can’t simply keep up with the orders, which has lead to an unprecedented increase in premium of these cars.



Notable Replies

  1. Even Chinese don't buy Chinese junk cars

  2. China ko kaho apna hi mulk samjhein .... Ganja League nay taw baich diya hay already...
    jo jee mein ata hay karein

  3. This will definitely be a great news for Pakistan. Japanese big 3 are doing nothing but promoting corruption and that help them sale their garbage at double price. Beyond that they partner with dealers and help them make "OWN" money. So they are not only promoting corruption at bureaucratic and political level they are spreading it in society also.
    Competition has forced all of them to be realistic in thailand and india and same will happen here.
    On Quality concerns; believe me Chinese cars and Mehran producers &Co are not much different.... Competition will force everyone to improve.

  4. لشکر گنجوی نے جتنی "Tax exemptions" چائنہ کو دی ہیں وہ آگر پاکستانیوں کو دی جاتی تو اج ہماری انڈسٹری کی یہ حالت نہ ہوتی اور اج پاکستان اپنی گاڑیاں بنا کر دنیا میں درآمد کرکے معیشت میں بہتری لا چکا ہوتا نہ کے گھٹیا چائنہ مال درآمد کر کے پاکستانی معیشت تباہ ہو رہی ہوتی ۔

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