Comparing 2014 Corolla vs Civic on paper

It seems that the Corolla vs Civic war will never end, and how can it possibly end? The fan-boys of each side, though are missing everything good and are actually fans of cars which the world has called the most boring, did seem a bit undermined when the Civic came against the mighty Corolla.

Regardless, as both companies are offering their best to the Pakistani market. The new Civic has seen the limelight of the Pakistani market a couple of months ago and the new Civic didn’t sell as well as the previous one did. Just a few weeks ago though, Toyota launched its best selling sedan into the Pakistani market and the response is already good if not great. I have personally experienced that people mostly prefer Corolla over any other car due to its and choose it even if its not their first choice.

But the scenario of the Pakistani auto market has changed over the past few years, imported vehicles played a major part in that change despite the falling imports and the resale value of Civic has become better despite the price being ridiculously high.

Now, on paper, we can compare the two vehicles and I have chosen top of the line models which are equipped with the best that companies have to offer. My sources to gather data on the cars were limited so I MUST have skipped few details on the cars, so help me compare the two cars, atleast on paper since we can’t get actual ones.


Civic Vti Oriel Prosmatec                                        

  • Price : PKR 2,374,000/-
  • Water cooled, in-line 4 cylinder
  • 16 valve SOHC i-vtec
  • MPFI (Multi point fuel injection)
  • EPS (Electronic power steering)
  • 4 wheels disc brakes
  • EBD (Electronic brake distribution)
  • 50 litre fuel tank
  • Electrically adjustable and retractable door mirrors
  • Sunroof
  • Tilt adjustable steering wheel
  • Keyless entry
  • E-CON
  • Cruise control
  • In dash CD changer
  • Auto airconditioning
  • Driver seat height adjuster
  • Driver and front passenger air bags
  • Euro 4


Corolla Altis Grande 1.8L

  • Price: PKR 2,299,000/-
  • Water cooled, inline 4 cylinder
  • Cvt-i 7 speed sport sequential transmission
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • EBD
  • BA ( Brake assist)
  • EPS
  • 55 litre fuel tank
  • Steering audio controls
  • Driver seat height adjuster
  • Eco lamp and zone
  • 6 speakers


Although the two cars are almost the same on paper but I am sure that they are miles apart from each other when it comes to driving experience. When the new Civic came out, I didn’t like it that much but after the launch of Corolla 2014, my vote goes to the Civic. Corolla 2014 looks real cheap with all those chrome plating here and there and I think the placement of the rear lamps is not balanced. Rear lamps are placed too high which doesn’t give a balanced look to the car.

So personally, my pick would be the Civic here, what would be your choice?


Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

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A car enthusiast plus Mechanical Engineer.Like to keep my ride in pristine condition and bllngy.

  • Ahmad Huzaifa Minhas

    Features which are missed by admin
    Led front headlamps
    2 airbags
    Paddle shifters
    Trip tronic gear
    Built in navigation (Android ) leather seats
    Rain sensors
    Rear map lights ( which were provided in reborn)
    Sunshade with light
    Rear led lights
    Led stop lamp light
    So if look both aspects then corolla comes up in lead with better n great features which no other Pakistani car comes.
    We own both so have better idea.
    Secondly the pickup of corolla is far better than new civic.

  • Shark

    So mr Tariq Arshad has given his judgement without taking into consideration a lot of things as Kamran Ahmed mentioned in his comment. I don’t know what and how are these mechanical engineers are posting their opinions.. True insight can be given by those who are professional and who drive regularly local assembled civic and corolla. Pakwheels loosing authenticity…

  • shahzad

    dear I thing ur rolla is more than totota rolla lol

  • Danyal Jamali

    Poorly written article. 70% features of Corolla are missing in the article while Civic’s features are complete. I’m sure you are a Civic owner.



  • OJ

    I would prefer the corolla.
    1) The transmission is more advanced
    2) it seems better looking

    More or less they are very similar but I have to concede the civic has the better interior

  • Tash

    Can you also give a comparison on aftersales costs of both these cars.

  • Naveed

    and definitely you looks Corolla owner

  • Danyal Jamali

    Nope, I don’t own anything yet nor I hate Civic. So you can say the comment is coming from a neutral.

  • Hassan sardar khan

    Civic is launched before corola so toyota gets time to copy few things…
    Socondly dont forget new corola’s head lights side mirors and interior is more than 70% of new vitz so this is not a change or improvement… Toyota disapoints always

  • mamour hassan

    2000 vti beats my corolla 2014 in grip and acceleration also .. :-/ tou 2014 civic kya halat karay gi corolla ka i know that … corolla is a shit seriously.. just drive achi hai nothing else

  • Nizam Ud Din

    Civic Prosmatec comes with 5-speed, New Corolla with 7-speed automatic; what is the difference? pros and cons? fuel efficiency? Pick? Experts’ opinions please.

  • Nazar Zaidi

    There is no comparison between Civic and Corolla coz Civic is for carpet roads like Lahore canal road….Gulberg, DHA etc.while Corolla is for out of city traveling (Villages and northern areas) so one should have both cars as per their suitable tracks 🙂

  • mohid noor

    corolla is very cheap car i have no words to say it cheap but honda is very outstanding car because it is beautiful just because of its finishing on bumper many companys car have not finishing but honda have finishing and its engine is awsome but if we talk about corolla it have nothing its rear light is very cheap it is not suitable for car back if we talk about front of car so its light is tooo big for its fornt so corolla is cheap car every car hit for its shape so meant to say honda is 100% car

  • Usman Bukhari

    u missed many features in grand.. and in urban driving or on good roads driving civic is better then corolla, but if u go on the rural areas or on rough roads, and mostly pakistani roads are in rough condition then corolla is far better then civic.. corolla is not comfortable as civic, it has hard suspension but in rough driving no other car beat corolla…

  • Rana Addrish Nazim

    would u prefer a pakwheel member to buy civic 2014 or corolla ? i personally like civic by the way !
    what u prefer as u owned both vehicles ?

  • Nazar Zaidi

    Hey All, I have seen all comments of respected individuals. I have both
    cars….Civic Reborn 2010 and new Altis Grande 1.8L. As I have already
    mentioned in my previous comment that there is no comparison between
    both cars i.e Civic and Corolla.But I am sure after collecting data from
    show rooms/Bank leasing officials, it is hard fact that Civic has lose
    his current market value after launching New Altis Grande 1.8L. Corolla
    is making a new history of sale coz of its advanced features i.e latest
    CVTi techonlogy, with rain sensor, manual and auto transmissions,
    Driver’s seat adjustment, rear seat adjustment, huge trunk, Climate
    control system etc.etc which are missing in Civic while civic is more
    expensive than Corolla with same capacity. Honda has given targets to
    their sales staff to convince people through door to door visit coz they
    have admitted that their survival is very difficult in current market.
    If you visit corolla show rooms for booking purpose then you will know
    that they will deliver your car in 4-5 months due to booking pressure
    coz of record sale of Corolla. Civic users have to realize this thing
    that Corolla has advanced technology now. You can expect better Civic in
    coming model as Civic sale has been reduced against New Altis Grande.
    New Corolla drive is much better than previous models. Its size has also
    increased. Honda Civic is now need to improve its quality and features
    otherwise their slogan will definitely counter by their users.

  • Shehryar Riaz

    nazar u r ryt but u compare civic 2010 and altis 2015 it’s not the sense of comparing u must necessary compare civic 2015 and altis 15 then me and also check specification of civic 15 it is also cvt auto and manual technology 2015 civic is making racer car and the engine prts of civicr u say specification is high to compare altis
    saw this altis front is too much down and increase u r ryt civic is expensive then altis bcoz civic has it’s own quality shape dash personality etc.

  • Shehryar Riaz


  • Shehryar Riaz

    hi and nzar civic suspension is too much good too compare altis grande 2015 in speed and pick up civic is best rather altis is 7 speed but civic is best grande interior is annoying and distaste ful

  • Muhammad Zeeshan

    well i am civic fan but wanna say that civic is compact and have a touch like racecar meanwhile corolla is like a luxurious car, both have their specs. according to their basic structure so may be in some features civic is better that rolla and vice versa.

  • Hashir Faiz

    Technology wise civic and comfortable wise rolla