Comparing 2014 Corolla vs Civic on paper

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It seems that the Corolla vs Civic war will never end, and how can it possibly end? The fan-boys of each side, though are missing everything good and are actually fans of cars which the world has called the most boring, did seem a bit undermined when the Civic came against the mighty Corolla.

Regardless, as both companies are offering their best to the Pakistani market. The new Civic has seen the limelight of the Pakistani market a couple of months ago and the new Civic didn’t sell as well as the previous one did. Just a few weeks ago though, Toyota launched its best selling sedan into the Pakistani market and the response is already good if not great. I have personally experienced that people mostly prefer Corolla over any other car due to its and choose it even if its not their first choice.

But the scenario of the Pakistani auto market has changed over the past few years, imported vehicles played a major part in that change despite the falling imports and the resale value of Civic has become better despite the price being ridiculously high.

Now, on paper, we can compare the two vehicles and I have chosen top of the line models which are equipped with the best that companies have to offer. My sources to gather data on the cars were limited so I MUST have skipped few details on the cars, so help me compare the two cars, atleast on paper since we can’t get actual ones.


Civic Vti Oriel Prosmatec                                        

  • Price : PKR 2,374,000/-
  • Water cooled, in-line 4 cylinder
  • 16 valve SOHC i-vtec
  • MPFI (Multi point fuel injection)
  • EPS (Electronic power steering)
  • 4 wheels disc brakes
  • EBD (Electronic brake distribution)
  • 50 litre fuel tank
  • Electrically adjustable and retractable door mirrors
  • Sunroof
  • Tilt adjustable steering wheel
  • Keyless entry
  • E-CON
  • Cruise control
  • In dash CD changer
  • Auto airconditioning
  • Driver seat height adjuster
  • Driver and front passenger air bags
  • Euro 4


Corolla Altis Grande 1.8L

  • Price: PKR 2,299,000/-
  • Water cooled, inline 4 cylinder
  • Cvt-i 7 speed sport sequential transmission
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • EBD
  • BA ( Brake assist)
  • EPS
  • 55 litre fuel tank
  • Steering audio controls
  • Driver seat height adjuster
  • Eco lamp and zone
  • 6 speakers


Although the two cars are almost the same on paper but I am sure that they are miles apart from each other when it comes to driving experience. When the new Civic came out, I didn’t like it that much but after the launch of Corolla 2014, my vote goes to the Civic. Corolla 2014 looks real cheap with all those chrome plating here and there and I think the placement of the rear lamps is not balanced. Rear lamps are placed too high which doesn’t give a balanced look to the car.

So personally, my pick would be the Civic here, what would be your choice?


Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

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  1. Irfan Nadeem Akhtar says


  2. Ahmad Saeed says


  3. Waqar Ali Shah says

    bt for typical pakistanis only Tota will be choice and for resale as well..

  4. Yassir Choudhry says


  5. Sardar Hamza Tangwani Baloch says


  6. Ameer Faisal Wassan says

    civic great driving pleasure

  7. Saad Silk says


  8. Abdul Saboor Khan Babar says

    civic no match

  9. Obaid Iqbal says

    Why have you used a US Spec Civic in the comparison pics?
    Also u missed out Immobilizer in Civic as this is the most talked abt feature which is missing in Corolla 2014.

  10. Ali Sher says

    every 1 like civic but majority will go for corolla y

  11. Abdul Akbar says

    reasons = drive , interior, excitement
    corrolla would be nice if i have to go to pind every weekend.

  12. Faheem Hassan says

    i have just one problem with both models . . . CVT transmission . . . feels like ur driving a God damned rickshaw . . . both of you please put some real gears so we can actually feel them shift !!!

  13. Saeed Malik says

    go for manual gears

  14. Faheem Hassan says

    I suggest a better automatic transmission 🙂

  15. Qaiser Aziz Janjua says

    Cvt-i 7 speed sport sequential transmission

  16. Faisal Afzal says

    Pak wheel is so much mad. They didn't know the difference btw corolla and Honda . I have personally experience that corolla is bestest car than Honda. I have drive Honda civic 1.8 just like u drive cultus. Plz open ur eyes and than write difference of both cars. I salute toyota.

  17. Muhammad Jamshaid Ali says

    hahahahahahahaha civic like cultus hahaha after this i think u will say accord like mehran hahahahahahahaha

  18. Faisal Afzal says

    Accord like suzuki fx

  19. Faheem Hassan says

    Mehran we make out of tradition . . . . i wonder if you know the price of a camry in pakistan . . . for your info it costs 100k plus US dollars in Pakistan . . . . and i reckon u gareeb log can buy a house for that price in Australia :p

  20. Qadeer Ahmed says

    I love civic manual however friends suggest automatic

  21. Qadeer Ahmed says

    Shape wise Toyota performance wise civic

  22. Usman Khalid Randhawa says

    Lol civic like cultus. Hahaha
    Civic gots the smoothest drive and best road grip.

  23. Tuaseen Akhtar says

    Civic (y)

  24. Hasan Afaq says

    Is there even a comparison ??? Come on … just look at the sporty corolla.

  25. Syed Ahmed Zain Zia says


  26. Muhammad Ali Rashid says

    Corolla has disgusting looks especially the tail lights placement is so bad.Ride height is too high which would result in no road grip and a bumpy uncomfortable ride.CHROME looks cheap.Interior has a very sleek mid 80 's look which is spectacular .Cvt is the next big thing if we talk about economy saves fuel .But overall no match for civic.Honda has a class but Toyota has its sales.People over here aint classy enough.To bas Corolla Corolla ha jaisay Lahore Lahore ha.

  27. Afeef Janjua says

    Too many typos

  28. Ahsan Rehman says

    I m owner of civic 14 since 6 months, feature wise i must say there is no match of corolla with civic as climate control, projected head lamps and immobiliser is not present in altis 14. if we compare shape, then i must say altis is way way better than civic.

  29. Bassal Malick says

    The conparisoon is not fair enough. You guys havent mentiones the multipoint display in civic. The navigation and browser options in civic. The wifi support in civic and skypin etc. other than that despite being a sohc engine civic produces 140 hp at the engine which is almost 15 to 20 hp more than corolla which puts a mighty difference in performance. Otherthan that civic has a stiffer suspension supported with double wishbones which makes it immensely stable than the old cheap torsion beam which corolla uses and rolls every time around corner. I do accept the styling and exterior of civic is not very pleasig as it was in 8th gen but still it is way better than corolla esp its interior. If you want to compare corolla with civic you simplycant on the drive. Corolla is built for the rough terrains where as civic is a metro car. So base them on that and it also depends on ones own usage. Although in every way civic is way better

  30. Fakhar Abbas says

    you never mention the engine HP here , corolla 1.8 l has 103 hp engine , while civic 1.8 l has 141 hp engine , that is the major difference in pick and driving experience U know ,

  31. Majid Lohani says

    Civic drive is like Cultus :O Please say it was a joke 🙂

  32. Muhammad Abdullah says

    bro its 102kw which is equal to 136 hp. think before u speak

  33. Muhammad Abdullah says

    its 5 hp more

  34. Muhammad Abdullah says

    bro CVT is made for economy. if u look on previous blogs about test drive of the new CR-Z they said the same about the CVT. And civic does not have a CVT. If u want a more sportyness in corolla buy it with paddle shift. otherwise cvt is a dull transmission. its made for eco not sports.

  35. Faheem Hassan says

    Muhammad Abdullah yeah bro we were discussing driving pleasure here 🙁 . . . and as far as economy is concerned . . . try doing some badtameezi with a cvt transmission and it becomes a real fuel guzzler :/

  36. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Faheem Hassan I will agree with you on this.

  37. Akhter Rasool says

    Saad Mahmood Malik well said

  38. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Muhammad Abdullah and corolla also has lots of torque(thats just a number though) power of a car in real world can be seen through a torque, hp curve, neither one can drive nor a tranny can support peak power rpm all da time in real world.

  39. Immad Ashraf says

    I'm just amazed at the audacity (or should one say shamelessness) which prompted IMC to omit mud flaps! These aren't an accessory item, rather an integral part of a vehicle which shields the body from mud and water splashes that in turn averts rust and wear.

  40. Maqsood Ahmad Jan says

    their is no comparison…..Cruise control is an important feature that is missing in corrolla

  41. Nadeem Khan says

    I own Civic and vote for it.

  42. Asdbsdk Iwlefk says

    phir ap ne corolla fx ki tarah chalai hogi 😀

  43. Nabeel Shk says

    Comparing an Old Honda Civic with the latest launched Corolla is not right… Lets all hold our Horses and wait for a new Honda Civic. It is a world wide fact that Civic is considered as a better car as compared to a Corolla. I am sure that new Civic When launched will again take on the challenge , however in the world of today where we have JDM cars available with a much more packed luxury and features the competition is tough.

  44. Agha Hussain says

    but civic looking is so very nice

  45. M. Hameed Ahmed Sumbal says

    These pictures are not from the Pakistan spec Civic. In fact they make Civic look much better
    In case you are doing a comparison you should have loaded the Pakistan spec Civic's pics

  46. Muhammad Bilal says

    First of all, highest spec Civic is far more expensive than Corolla and for that price, Civic does not have navigation or leather interior. They come as extra options which cost more than 50k each. For the 200k I save by buying Corolla Grande CVT, I can use that money to get bigger wheels, have the speedometer adjusted and have an immobilizer installed and it would still come cheaper than Civic.
    Not to mention that Corolla has only 9 or so hp less than Civic which it makes up for by having quicker gearing ratios as compared to Civic.
    Furthermore, I save on registration costs as well since Civic is higher in retail price.

  47. Muhammad Bilal says

    Corolla Grande has cruise control if had just read the specs instead of moaning. Beside cruise control is only usable on motorway (not even national roads).

  48. Fakhar Abbas says

    Muhammad Abdullah corolla 1.8L Max Out put (SAE-NET) = 103/6400 (HP/rpm )[hp shows horse power and rpm means running per minuet] , this is what mention on corolla broucher . ( output , Kw ,hp , are same thing ) , second (Nm , torque, are same thing )it has Max Torque(nm)(Sae-Net)=173/4000(nm/rpm)
    EURO 2 Exhaust emission standard . On the other hand honda Civic 1.8L has MAX Output(net)=141/6300(HP/rpm) and torque (nm) =174 . and has Euro 4 Exhaust emission standard . When this is shown on graphically HP mention as( Kw )and torque is mentioned as (Nm) . Kindly improve your technical information before criticized others . I think i should explain it briefly for ur information

  49. Khadija Hanif says

    kafi bisti ho gayi corolla ki ap k hathon 😛

  50. Muhamad Twaha says

    Why ppl go after civic? because of its brand positioning. status ,imagery otherwise. civic is no better then corolla not in Pakistan comfort,drive nothing yes. shashka hay which they market heavily.

  51. Maqsood Ahmad Jan says

    sorry was comparing Altis with Civic:-)

  52. Atif Khan says

    perfect explanation … corolla is for pind 🙂

  53. Immo Shah says

    Civic is much much better.

  54. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    It all boils down to how you are using the cars. If you belong to small cities/rural areas there is no doubt Corolla is the king. Broken and hostile environment is better suited to Corollas or v.v. I have seen many rural people transport their goats and chickens in Corollas and big wheat and rice sacks in the trunk. However, the urban driver will any time say Civic provide b better driver comfort, multimedia experience, interior quality, features etc. I have both cars (Altis and 9th gen) and know what I am taking about < Corolla is king when driving away from Lahore to the rural areas, while Civic is far superior in terms of overall driving pleasure and expeoerience! Enjoy!

  55. Saad Butt says

    I dont think so buddy tail lights r gud…nd ride height of corolla has always been higher than civic..not a new thing.

  56. Kamal Javed says

    oye meri gari bikwa day 😛

  57. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    I drive both cars and the Civic is 100% better than Corolla Altis/fully loaded in terms of seat comfort, driving experience, multimedia display, superior used material … In the Corolla I will drive 1-2 hours and feel pain in the back, Civic seats are more comfortable with the arm-rester and I can easily drive 2-3 hrs without feeling any back tension. But Corolla is a better vehicle for use in rural areas/small cities with more broken roads etc.

  58. Muhammad Ali Rashid says

    Any other sedan name it that has that hight tail lights.

  59. Waqar Ahmed says

    Honda is a maim modern. Corolla is juti

  60. Imtasal Liaqat says

    Civic is a class and way better than Corolla no comparison

  61. Saadat Sheikh says

    I am a Civic reborn owner and my friend has a corolla Altis. So as far as driving/road grip and interior is concerned, Civic is Superior. However I believe that new Corolla 2014 has better shape (Exterior only) than Civic 2014. Civic 2014 still better in interior.

  62. Shahab Nasir says

    There are a few facts wrong here. Civic auto does not come with CVT. its a proper 5 gear transmission. Sales of Civic's previous model aka reborn were never good. Honda atlas posted record increase in their sales since launch of new civic since 2012. Here is some data that will put things into perspective.

    06-07 – 6513 units
    07-08 – 5762 units
    08-09 – 4662 units
    09-10 – 5908 units
    10-11 – 6365 units
    11-12 – 4977 units
    12-13 – 9950 units
    13-14 – 9933 units

  63. Kamran Ahmed says

    There are lot of comparison between civic n corolla
    1) Shape……..corolla
    2) Drive………..civic
    3) Interior……..civic
    4) Fuel avg…..corolla
    5) Price………..corolla

  64. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Faheem Hassan CVt is a real sensitive transmission. Cuz it is trying to find the most appropriate gear ratio to increase fuel eco. But still looking at current condition of pk its a good approach thn a 5 speed auto of civic. But i think paddle shift shuld hav been given in both Altis auto too (+ and most importantly and immoblizer to protect an expensive car. Although I think an auto AC does not make much of a Difference. If it was a dual zone climate control. thn it would hav been worth it.

  65. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Fakhar Abbas on broucher its also written that tyre size is 205/55 R16 but we are still getting that old one. There many mistakes. See at website. And 1 kw is equal to 1.31 hp. google it if u want to.

  66. Faheem Hassan says

    Muhammad Abdullah i think both have a CVT transmission . . . correct me if em wrong :/ . . . and paddle shifters in any automatic transmission is quite horrible including german machines becuase of their lag issues, however if you get your hands on an SMG gearbox that's a party 😀 . . . like the M5 or the GTR-35 . . .

  67. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Fakhar Abbas your euro standards are correct but power output is wrong. its 102 kw at 6400 rpm. try converting it into hp and see the result for your self.

  68. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Faheem Hassan No international models now do have CVT in it. But we are getting that 5 speed. check it yourself ove here.

  69. Muhammad Abdullah says

    It depends upon how you maintain the car. We have to care the CVT otherwise you are going to toyota's maintenance shop or somewhere else. But i test drove it and I found no lags. Cvt did made some noises though that frightened me.

  70. Faheem Hassan says

    Muhammad Abdullah well i drove the new one here and it felt like CVT in Pakistan . . . . but if they have changed the transmission, that's a very wise decision indeed . . .

  71. Umair Usman says

    Muhammad Ali Rashid Atleast its tail light is better than civic….Like seriously

  72. Umair Usman says

    Civic does not have a cvt-i, Reclining rear seats,tiptronic transmission…..Climate control aint a big thing plus u can also order an on screen display for altis…..which is rare….Plus the looks …Put on 16 inch rims with a 55-205 tyre and u wont even face the ride height problem…N the suspension of civic is way too bumpy….Fuel economy of corolla is amazing for 1800cc…..Whats left?

  73. Umair Usman says

    CVT drives like a rickshaw??….dude u need to sell ur MIRA and get a CAR 😛

  74. Faheem Hassan says

    Umair Usman fortunately i drive an M3 with a spectacular SMG transmission :p . . . yaar cvt does make horrible sounds over 4k rpm . . . you should agree with me on this one

  75. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Faheem Hassan Yea still better than that old 4 speed.

  76. Muhammad Abdullah says

    in road of pakistan there has to be high ride. you dont want to bump your car bottom at high jumps like in rural areas. i knw wht hapened wid me

  77. Syed Muhammad Arif says

    The pictures you showed of Civic is not of Pakistan model. the price you mentioned of Civic is not true as if you are comparing it with Grande Corolla it comes as standard option of Leather, Navigation, Sunroof for Rs. 2302000 (ex Karachi price) and Civic with Leather and Navigation option Rs. 2504000 (ex Karachi price). I owned both car. Civic due to its low fuel economy has introduced this year CVT transmission worldwide but not in Pakistan. Corolla Grande comes with CVT Transmission with Tiptronic plus paddle shifter 7 gears with Auto option. New corolla looks like C200 with its instrument dials, the sound engine and effort less unnoticeable transmission. Do remember Toyota is like Mercedes ( as it is rock solid) and Honda is like BMW (as it is delicate n sporty in nature).

  78. Fakhar Abbas says

    Muhammad Abdullah phele baat to ye ky toyota website per bhe 103/6400 (Hp/rpm) he likha howa hy na ky (Kw/rpm) , hp represent horse power not kilowaat , 2nd i personally drive corolla 1.8 , car ke pick wo nahain hy jo civic ke hy and top speed bhe 180 km/h tak jate hy mushkil sy , jab ky civic 215 tak chali jate hy and pick bhe zayada hy corolla sy, if u see the top speed of altis cheak my Facebook account , main ny video upload kr de hy, car got speed between 160 km to 180 km , video main end sy zara phaly 180 ko touch kiya

  79. Fakhar Abbas says

    3rd ye ky ap ny joo google ka aha hy to , wahan electric Killo watts to hp converters hoty hain . their is difference between electric Kw and engine produced Kw , 4th ye ky ager ap ke baat maan bhe le jaye ky web site and brochuer dono pr 103 kw ke jaga galati sy 103 hp likh diya hy to ap ny kaha 1kw =1.31 hp then 103*1.31= 134.9 hp , to janab ye phir bhe civic sy to kam banta hy civic has 141 hp , hahahahh , so phir bhe civic he battle jaet rahe hy ,

  80. Muhammad Imran Chatha says

    Khadija Hanif bisti to ho gai ha..but still corolla preferred because of its bit off road capability and reliable one

  81. Haider Ali says

    civic civic de

  82. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Fakhar Abbas When i said k its more thn civic. i knw that its less thn civic but so much less. And do correct me how these two are different. Give me source. I shall be thankful cuz ur increasing my knowledge

  83. Farhan Hashmi says

    infact corolla is designed for thsoe ppl who live in the villages or they have to visit thier villages whihc do not have very good road infrastructure, basically it is kept high to match the road conditions of pakistan.
    and about chrome, it is made shinny and cheap looking as it matches the taste of most pakistanis who have money but no aesthetic sense
    and abt limited features, they dont bother much coz they dont know much
    its an expensive car which in my openion does not give value for money

    Civic is good but the previous model was more beautiful, its was rather the most beautiful car on pakistani roads ……..

  84. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Fakhar Abbas The horsepower used for electrical machines is defined as exactly 746 W.[citation needed] The nameplates on electrical motors show their power output, not their power input. Outside the United States watts are generally used for electrical power applications. This is what i got from wikipedia. 1 hp is equal to 746 W electrical. if you change it into kw, thn youll get 0.746 kw. now 1 hp is equal 0.746 km electrical ( there is no engine kw as it itself produces electricity.) if we take 1 kw electrical thn youll get 1.31 hp. if there is any engine kw that is different from this electrical kw thn prove me wrong and correct me. cuz a car engine can be used to generate electricity for a home

  85. Rana Wajahat says

    hey dont disgrace civic by comparing it with rolla…. better compare corolla with tractor…. try to prefer class over resale…

  86. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Fakhar Abbas Ok jxt frget it and tell me hw was the drive? I hv seen ur video. Can u tell me how it feels? If u hav friven civic thn can u tell the comparison

  87. Rana Wajahat says

    And dont say that 1.8 corolla will have resale… what has happened with previous Altis? its resale is v bad as compared to civic 1.8… you can say that 1.3 corolla that too XLI ( with manual windows) is having resale.. 1.8 of corolla is already flop..

  88. Syed Alay Raza Zaidi says

    new Hyundai Elantra 2014 knocks them both in looks

  89. Umair Usman says

    Muhammad Ali Rashid Santro 😛

  90. Zeeshan Jaffari says

    I had a very high hope for the upcoming new corolla as civic 2014 dashed my expectations to ground. But same happened to me again as the looks of new corolla lack grace and elegance, which had been it's insignia. The dashboard is pathetically cheap which spoil the interior ambiance.

  91. Fakhar Abbas says

    Muhammad Abdullah i read ur link thoroughly , engine can produce electricity through denbo , hence engine runs the denboo through belts or shafts , individually engine can not produced electric current , Electric energy , and mechanical energy are two different things , engine produce mechanical energy , so that's why we not consider their power units equally , I am also not even a diploma in that field , so i appreciate Ur comments ,

  92. Fakhar Abbas says

    Drive of Pakistan assembled corolla is not good , I feel vibration on 150 km and its starts bubbling on 160 km and on wards , Engine pick up of 1.8L likes corolla Altis 1.6L engine not a feeling of 1.8 L , That is the major factor , jiss ke waja sy main iss ke specification ko detail sy study krny laga tb pata chala hy engine ke to HP hi km hy jiss ke waja sy sara Issue Hoo raha hy

  93. Kamran Ahmed says

    Syed Alay Raza Zaidi
    i m talking about local manufacturer………..imported mein to phir bouhat hain in se achi

  94. Anonymous says

    Honda Ride Great … But Corolla Maintenance & after sale Great…

  95. Jawad Kiyani says

    toyota is better than all vehicle in pakistan. becoz toyota cars is friendly user and have strong body.

  96. Habib Gohar says

    But Corolla cant beat the quality of Honda. Honda is the best car.

  97. Asad Arif Siddiqui says

    Corolla and Civic are Two different things in past years, corolla are known for its durability ,economical fuel consumption and strong suspension where as Civic is all about driving pleasure which obviously did not hit the large market but still has enough market share to compete with Corolla Civic always have better technology as compare to Corolla ,always have higher price then corolla but now Corolla does a mistake for capturing Civic market share by trying to copying Civic model and installed strong suspension as Civic has soft , By using cheap technical changes Lots of Chromes used but forgot this class which Civic maintains . Simple by giving this model the lost their Market share which they maintain over the years.New Civic is really outstanding.

  98. Anonymous says

    Umair Usman ..what's left is an immobilizer. i would like to have it in corolla, or for that matter, any toyota sedan…which reminds me that there's only one toyota sedan with different tags signifying availability / non-availability of essentials like power windows / steering, ABS etc.

  99. Muhammad Sohaib says

    When there is Reliability, Parts Availability, Handling, Suspension and Resale…Corolla always wins over Civic…….After All Corolla made by Toyota…which is even giving tough time to Mercedes, BMW with its Lexus brand…

  100. Muhammad Sohaib says

    For your information…People purchase Corolla in every 75 seconds in all over the world…Best Selling car in the world for some time…But Best selling car nowadays is Camry…

  101. Ahmad Huzaifa Minhas says

    Features which are missed by admin
    Led front headlamps
    2 airbags
    Paddle shifters
    Trip tronic gear
    Built in navigation (Android ) leather seats
    Rain sensors
    Rear map lights ( which were provided in reborn)
    Sunshade with light
    Rear led lights
    Led stop lamp light
    So if look both aspects then corolla comes up in lead with better n great features which no other Pakistani car comes.
    We own both so have better idea.
    Secondly the pickup of corolla is far better than new civic.

  102. Shark says

    So mr Tariq Arshad has given his judgement without taking into consideration a lot of things as Kamran Ahmed mentioned in his comment. I don’t know what and how are these mechanical engineers are posting their opinions.. True insight can be given by those who are professional and who drive regularly local assembled civic and corolla. Pakwheels loosing authenticity…

  103. shahzad says

    dear I thing ur rolla is more than totota rolla lol

  104. Danyal Jamali says

    Poorly written article. 70% features of Corolla are missing in the article while Civic’s features are complete. I’m sure you are a Civic owner.

  105. UMAIRICA says


  106. OJ says

    I would prefer the corolla.
    1) The transmission is more advanced
    2) it seems better looking

    More or less they are very similar but I have to concede the civic has the better interior

  107. Tash says

    Can you also give a comparison on aftersales costs of both these cars.

  108. Naveed says

    and definitely you looks Corolla owner

  109. Danyal Jamali says

    Nope, I don’t own anything yet nor I hate Civic. So you can say the comment is coming from a neutral.

  110. Hassan sardar khan says

    Civic is launched before corola so toyota gets time to copy few things…
    Socondly dont forget new corola’s head lights side mirors and interior is more than 70% of new vitz so this is not a change or improvement… Toyota disapoints always

  111. mamour hassan says

    2000 vti beats my corolla 2014 in grip and acceleration also .. :-/ tou 2014 civic kya halat karay gi corolla ka i know that … corolla is a shit seriously.. just drive achi hai nothing else

  112. Nizam Ud Din says

    Civic Prosmatec comes with 5-speed, New Corolla with 7-speed automatic; what is the difference? pros and cons? fuel efficiency? Pick? Experts’ opinions please.

  113. Nazar Zaidi says

    There is no comparison between Civic and Corolla coz Civic is for carpet roads like Lahore canal road….Gulberg, DHA etc.while Corolla is for out of city traveling (Villages and northern areas) so one should have both cars as per their suitable tracks 🙂

  114. mohid noor says

    corolla is very cheap car i have no words to say it cheap but honda is very outstanding car because it is beautiful just because of its finishing on bumper many companys car have not finishing but honda have finishing and its engine is awsome but if we talk about corolla it have nothing its rear light is very cheap it is not suitable for car back if we talk about front of car so its light is tooo big for its fornt so corolla is cheap car every car hit for its shape so meant to say honda is 100% car

  115. Usman Bukhari says

    u missed many features in grand.. and in urban driving or on good roads driving civic is better then corolla, but if u go on the rural areas or on rough roads, and mostly pakistani roads are in rough condition then corolla is far better then civic.. corolla is not comfortable as civic, it has hard suspension but in rough driving no other car beat corolla…

  116. Rana Addrish Nazim says

    would u prefer a pakwheel member to buy civic 2014 or corolla ? i personally like civic by the way !
    what u prefer as u owned both vehicles ?

  117. Nazar Zaidi says

    Hey All, I have seen all comments of respected individuals. I have both
    cars….Civic Reborn 2010 and new Altis Grande 1.8L. As I have already
    mentioned in my previous comment that there is no comparison between
    both cars i.e Civic and Corolla.But I am sure after collecting data from
    show rooms/Bank leasing officials, it is hard fact that Civic has lose
    his current market value after launching New Altis Grande 1.8L. Corolla
    is making a new history of sale coz of its advanced features i.e latest
    CVTi techonlogy, with rain sensor, manual and auto transmissions,
    Driver’s seat adjustment, rear seat adjustment, huge trunk, Climate
    control system etc.etc which are missing in Civic while civic is more
    expensive than Corolla with same capacity. Honda has given targets to
    their sales staff to convince people through door to door visit coz they
    have admitted that their survival is very difficult in current market.
    If you visit corolla show rooms for booking purpose then you will know
    that they will deliver your car in 4-5 months due to booking pressure
    coz of record sale of Corolla. Civic users have to realize this thing
    that Corolla has advanced technology now. You can expect better Civic in
    coming model as Civic sale has been reduced against New Altis Grande.
    New Corolla drive is much better than previous models. Its size has also
    increased. Honda Civic is now need to improve its quality and features
    otherwise their slogan will definitely counter by their users.

  118. Shehryar Riaz says

    nazar u r ryt but u compare civic 2010 and altis 2015 it’s not the sense of comparing u must necessary compare civic 2015 and altis 15 then me and also check specification of civic 15 it is also cvt auto and manual technology 2015 civic is making racer car and the engine prts of civicr u say specification is high to compare altis
    saw this altis front is too much down and increase u r ryt civic is expensive then altis bcoz civic has it’s own quality shape dash personality etc.

  119. Shehryar Riaz says


  120. Shehryar Riaz says

    hi and nzar civic suspension is too much good too compare altis grande 2015 in speed and pick up civic is best rather altis is 7 speed but civic is best grande interior is annoying and distaste ful

  121. Muhammad Zeeshan says

    well i am civic fan but wanna say that civic is compact and have a touch like racecar meanwhile corolla is like a luxurious car, both have their specs. according to their basic structure so may be in some features civic is better that rolla and vice versa.

  122. Hashir Faiz says

    Technology wise civic and comfortable wise rolla

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