Faisal Movers to Launch Premium Executive Bus Service

Faisal Movers, a private bus service, operating from the heart of Punjab – Lahore; is about to launch a premium executive bus on Lahore to Islamabad Route. The aim is provide a much needed premium bus service to enhance company’ profile, as well as taking a new initiative towards enriching customers’ experience of traveling.

Faisal Movers is a private bus service owned by Khawaja Group of Companies and has been operating in Pakistan for several years. Reportedly, this (new) premium executive bus service will be equipped with sofa seats, high speed internet, video on demand system, lavish refreshments and on-board mobile charging facility for every passenger. However, despite company’s growing presence and network, Faisal Movers has been on the receiving end of its fare share of criticism regarding it’s staffs’ attitude, but let’s hope that the company’s management provides better personality staff for the upcoming premium bus service.



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  • Hamid Ullah Khan (ACCA & CPA)

    Good to see another competition with Daewoo. It will be good addition and facilitate mass level of customers.

  • Haris Shahid

    what will be the fare?

  • Imran Sikandar

    sorry this is off topic here ! is there a premium {on} 2017 honda civic and what is the waiting time if normal booking is done.

  • Wasif Bhatti

    what made you think this is the right place to ask that question ???