Pak-Suzuki’s Profit Margins Fall By 53 Percent in 2016

In the recent development, Pak-Suzuki Motors posted a net profit of 2.77 billion rupees for the year 2016, down 53pc from its profit 5.84 billion on YoY (Year-on-Year) basis, it announced on Tuesday 21 March, 2017.

Market analysts have remarked that this result was perfectly aligned with the expectations and predictions. Company’ sales dropped 10pc to 76.5 billion rupees.

Analysts from JS Global remarked that this decline in company’ earnings came mainly due to the 18pc depreciation in overall sale volume. The company saw a 44pc drop in both, Bolan and Ravi units back in 2016, which has impacted the overall profits and earnings.

The absence of Apna Rozgar Scheme, once again led the overall decline in 2016.


Notable Replies

  1. That's why now they are releasing new cars

  2. I wish ALLAH suzuki pakistan ko aur bura waqt dikhaey coz they are damaging & stealing people money by selling them crap, while making oligopoly with toyota, bribing the govt to stop imports and all and enjoying Extreme profits.

  3. This is not a fall of profit and they deserve even more but they are earning their actual profit due to the end of Taxi Scheme in Punjab or otherwise they should offer some kickbacks again to initiate such stupid schemes again if they realy call it a loss.

  4. You forgot to mention Honda :blush:

  5. takko says:

    10% drop in sales = over 50% drop in net profit... i guess if people stop buying crap pickup, vans, and mehran, Pak Suzuki would be forced to shutdown...

    with poor quality ancient technology vehicles, Pak Suzuki will carry the blood of victims that lost their live solely because of vehicle quality,

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