First pictures of the 2014 Toyota Corolla’s front and interior leaked

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Toyota Corolla is although the most boring car in the world, but it is also the most selling car in the world as well and why shouldn’t it be so. It is designed to be a functional car, a car whose aim is to work as a tool with reliability, good reliability and fuel economy.

The current design of the Corolla is almost at the end of its product life-cycle with few facelifts gone by, 2014 is the year when we can expect and all new look for the world’s best selling and most boring car.

A Brazillian website Noticias Automotivas, have released these scans which they claim to be from a Japanese magazine.

The front of the car is actually like what you can find on the Australian hatchback Toyota Corolla. The sedan version is same in Australia like the rest of the world has.

2014 Toyota Corolla Pictures2014 Toyota Corolla Pictures - B

Right: Leaked image of the 2014 Corolla and left; Australian Corolla hatchback.

The interior is as well pretty much what the Australian hatchback Corolla has however the rear end is covered with a yellow sheet so no guesses for that but Toyota has used entirely new architecture for all its upcoming front-wheel-drive cars. That new architecture was first released to the public eye on the Toyota Auris, which has a bit of resemblance with these leaked images.

2014 Toyota Corolla Pictures - C2014 Toyota Corolla Pictures - Interior

Right: Leaked image of the 2014 Corolla‘s interior and left; Australian Corolla hatchback.

Its still too early to be sure of anything but given how deeply this Corolla resembles with Auris and the Australian hatchback Corolla, we have raised curiosity, that this is how the next Corolla might look like.

2014 Toyota Corolla Pictures - D2014 Toyota Corolla Pictures - E

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  1. Salis Nadeem says

    will it be in Pak aswell?

  2. Mujib Usmani says

    Left (Right): Leaked image of the 2014 Corolla and Right (left); Australian Corolla hatchback.

  3. Imran Khan says

    from front its like civic.

  4. Syed Murtaza Hassan Kazmi says See all offers Japanies Car.

  5. Qazi Yahya says

    love the hatch.

  6. Hasan Zakaria Mohsen says

    this is not corolla its jux a hatch back model in Australia like vitz.
    check your source before posting please.

  7. Drirfan Mughal says

    1st time a sporty corolla with driving dynamics lower hood better suspension and hid etc being launched on 14th jan in america auto show may be with cvt and top of the list velvetronic engines which is better than dual vvti in power ie hp and torque as well as fuel eficency 1.6l is 132hp but still not direct injection turbos on which toyota is still working only mazda among japanese offering dit as skyactive engine.

  8. Nauman Ali says

    Now this is something really awsome <3 will get it when soon it come to Pakistan!

  9. Emran Kashif says

    Dream Car

  10. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    uffff – please stop thinking that they are copying honda – they have way better designer than honda

  11. Mazhar Jaffery says

    Indus Motors company, must be launch new corolla 2014,but. The price must be local, because. Bayar have a lot of other choice for imported vehicle in this price, with lot of additional. Options

  12. Nazia Ch says

    i like t5his car

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