Five years old cars still being imported even after getting banned

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Government had banned import of five years old cars in November but gave a deadline of December 15 to clear out transactions that were half way through however, with the help of customs officials, imported cars of age five years old are still being cleared out of the port, it has been reported by Business Recorder.

As per the report, which states that the cars of more than three years of age are being imported with the help of customs officials and government has no check over the cars.

Government’s check must be on customs officials whose job it is maintain governance of law but it has gone unabated.

Quoting one incident out of many, a vessel named APL Guangzhou arrived in Pakistan on December 27, 2012 which had hundreds of vehicles of model year 2007, 2008 and 2009 including Toyota’s Vitz, Belta, Passo, Sienta, Axio, Prius, Corolla, Corolla Fielder, Premio, Hiace; Suzuki’s Alto, Swift, Every, Jimny, Wagon-R ; Honda’s Civic, Airwave, Crossroads, Fit Aria, Mitsubishi Ek Wagon; Daihatsu’s Mira, Boon; Nissan’s Bluebird and many more.

As sources to BR say that this is one out of many consignments touching Pakistani ports even after the decision to ban the imports of five years old car but due to corruptions in government and customs officials, all these cars which are still being cleared will out on sale, on a price that was raised as an impact of government’s decision which isn’t at all being followed.

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  1. Usman Raza says

    Every body is looting every other person in this country , so in a cycle every one is looting himself…. 🙂

  2. Usman Raza says

    Only salaried person is in the loss….. whose buying power is decreasing…. !!

  3. Sajid Khan Shinwari says

    I think they should allow five years old cars bcoz the prices of pakistan manufactered cars r getting higher..

  4. Faisal Qamar says

    as far as I know , there vessels or cars for which BL has already been made are not impacted by all these new policies , so if anything reaching dec 27 from japan simply means it was loaded way before the announcement or deadline time of 15 dec… last BLs were cut till dec 15 and you will see more imports reaching atleast till mid jan 2013.

    this has happened earlier also – not sure why so much hype author?

  5. Iftikhar Sajid says

    I think for competition…they have to allow 10 or 12 years old cars to import…..then there will be competition in the market and the quality of local assembled cars will increase and the price will decrease…

  6. Zahid Latif says

    Do you know, how much is transit time from Japan to Karachi???????
    It should not be more than 30-35 days………

  7. Ali Salman says

    bro that is the reason they banned it. so you buy local crap. it is just like cng shortage created by govt

  8. Salman Zahid says

    last date of bill of ladding for 5 year import of cars was 15 december 2012.. it takes 26 to 35 days usually to reach karachi port from japan.. so cars reaching karachi port till 15 to 20 th of january are those which were booked before 15th of december.. these cars can be cleared legally. however those whose bill of ladding is after 15 is this case only 3 year old can be imported.. so till 20th of january 5 year old cars reaching karachi port can be expected.. there is no issue in it.. media don't know the facts or just trying to make news….

  9. Fouad Dar says

    I don't agree with this. car shipped in Nov. 2012 proving B/L (bill of lading date in Nov. 2012) can be cleared even arriving in 2013. if there is any 5 year old car shipper after this date will not be cleared by customs, heavy penalty, higher duty and taxes will be imposed and will definately be of no good to local market or commercial sale.

  10. Fouad Dar says

    the transit time is around 20-25 days only, but it can take more longer as well.

  11. MA Khan A says

    Don't know what impact would it have on the market, for example a 2006 car already imported in 2011 shall have its price increased or decreased coz if the supply decreases then prices go up if the demand remains constant but what if demand decreases as well the supply, I think the prices for older cars shall remain the same? any idea , off course am not talking about the local cars.

  12. Salman Zahid says

    you agree or not doesn't matter… it was verry clearly mentionded in notice that this notice will be applicable from 15th of december 2012.. so if car was shipped and b/l was issued before 15 of december then 5 year old car can be impoted.. after that date of 15 december car more then 3year old cannot be imported.. its very simple no complexity in it.. notice is very clear.. and reason behind this was to facilitate those who already purchased cars in japan and car is in the process of shipment.. if the ban on 5 year was implemented on the same day then people who have already purchased would suffer huge losses.. so allowing 20 days for shipment was a good and sensible decision but I don't know why media didn't read the actual notice which was published on 12 december… and decision was made on 22 november 2012.. why media is unaware..

  13. Jashua Cold says

    we are still selling cars cheaper then market

  14. Zanib Malik says

    Olders cars are a must import for the cost effective consumer

  15. Zanib Malik says

    A old car is cost effective just like health care at

  16. Abdur Rauf says

    Jashua Cold address please

  17. Abdur Rauf says

    If old car is in good condition, then what is the worry. I have Toyota platz 13 years old ,I am driving it for the last 4 years. Never took to mechanic,nor am a mechanic. Its screws carpet and mates are still intact and clean. love it.Never allowed the washer to open my car doors or engine bonnet.

  18. Anonymous says

    Pakistani cars are of poor quality, performance and high price.People are entitled to buy quality cars at cheap prices so long as the government is not paying for the imports.Already cars in Pk are 100% more expensive than GCC countries.

  19. Ch Ali Mirza says

    importing cars is actually bad for your country and older cars are banned for the obvious reason because its like purchasing other countries junk!! Although its better than the cars locally available but in the long run it will affect the country's GDP and will also contribute to the increase in prices of local cars..

    There should be a ban on import of all cars. Start using the local brands.. eventually these industries will become better and improve the quality of their cars as their sales will go up… Healthy competition among all the local brands will promote the local industry.

    You cannot expect them to make high quality cars when you just end up buying the imported second hand junk. To count to 10 you have to start from 0 and move through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. You can't go from 0 to 10 directly…

    Import duties make up for the loss to GDP, therefore they are so large especially in an inflated country like Pakistan. Also increasing the duty to deter people from importing will not work as that will cause the local industries to increase their prices as well.. and therefore increase the overall price of the average car!

  20. Mir Nauman Tahir says

    we need to give the local manufacturers a competition by not buying their cars till they make it of the same quality as of imported cars in the same amount of money. take the example of the New Mehran and the 650cc imported cars or even Mehran with just a 100k difference one can buy a Toyota Passo. I believe only a stupid wud go for a 750k mehran if he can get a PASSO or some other 650cc imported car. We need to teach them to give us (THE PAKISTANI'S) some quality products and not junk. a 3 year old imported junk is better then the latest new local made car. the 3 year old junk lasts longer n with less visits to the mechanic than a brand new local car. Every average Pakistani get a single chance in his life to buy a new car, i my case, if i get the chance to buy a new car, am not going to waste my money for some junk.

  21. Mir Nauman Tahir says

    n sorry bro, no hard feelings and nothing personal. its just about spending the hard and honest earned income.

  22. Saleem Awan says

    There should be no ban on used cars let them enter here .

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