Update: General Tyre website’s careers page hacked

Although Pakistan hasn’t produced any famous hackers, but it is quite a popular sport here  and apart from the cyber wars fought between Indian and Pakistani hackers which usually are reported in the online media, there are those which aren’t.

The infamous General Tyre, the only Tyre manufacturer in Pakistan, had their website’s career page hacked recently by someone code named “H3ro”, and we bet that General Tyre don’t even know about that yet.

Update: After we ran the story about General Tyre’s website being hacked, it came to their notice and they have taken down the table which was hacked. However you can see the screenshot of the hacked table below.

The table where the job description and requirements are written have been played with by the hacker which you can read in the screen shot we’ve attached below to check it out yourself.

Click on the image below to view in full.

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Baber K. Khan

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