Ghandhara Nissan may not introduce cars in Pakistan

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Due to the economic downfall and high-level of investment uncertainty situation in the country, Ghandhara Nissan Limited is reconsidering its plans to assemble Datsun cars in Pakistan, and reportedly, the company may also decide against it.

The auto manufacturer is facing several challenges even before bringing Datsun cars in the country. Ghandhara Nissan was all set to invest Rs.6.5 billion in the next four years in the local industry, but it might not happen at all. According to the details, the auto manufacturer had plans to assemble the 1200 cc Datsun Cross in July 2020, whereas, towards the end of the year, the 1200 cc Datsun Go and Go+ were set to be rolled out. Earlier on, Ghandhara had signed an agreement with Nissan for the local production of Datsun cars at its Port Qasim plant in the country. The company had also chosen more than 20 vendors for the manufacturing of parts for its vehicles. As for now, all its plans seem to go nowhere but in vain.

The production of Datsun cars is a massive project which can’t be carried out in the prevailing economic circumstances in the country. According to the officials of the company, the sustainability of the project is under review since the auto market is facing several challenges, including deteriorating economic conditions, the imposition of additional taxes and duties, high-interest rates, massively rising exchange rates and depreciating rupee against the US dollar. These factors have rather changed the financial feasibility of the project in the last year or so. The sharp depreciation of the local currency against the US dollar has majorly affected the prices of locally manufactured cars. The vehicle prices have gone up by more than 30% in this period hence resulting in a significant drop in car sales. Even the top-performing vehicles in the country are also struggling in terms of sales, which reveals that the current economic situation is not conducive for new players in the market.

The situation is further damaged by the imposition of several additional taxes and duties by the federal government. It has imposed 2.5% – 7.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on all types of locally produced cars, which are divided into three different slabs according to their respective engine capacity. The buying power of the consumers has received a significant blow as the car prices have gone beyond their limits in no time.

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  1. ThePieMaker says

    Nissan is owned by a lover of Maryam Safdar. She recently called her lover to stop the project. Her phone was detected during her conversation and confiscated. See recent revelation by most respected Minister Sheikh Rasheed. He told media that she was having phone-s** with Nissan motor’s owner in return of company closure.

    Army should take over Nissan motors and merge it into Army’s own business empire (Askari Bank, Askari Cement, Fauji Cereal, DHA etc).

    General Qamar Javaid Bajwa Zindabad
    General Asif Ghafoor Zindabad
    Imran Khan Zindabad

  2. Insider says

    There are several other factors too which makes investment unsustainable, first the condition of local auto market is not good at all and datsun is a volume brand, moreover their models go, go+, go cross do not have 1000cc engines which might be much cheaper than their 1200cc ones. Also datsun parts are mainly manufactured in India and then exported to Indonesia and South Africa for local assembly so bringing parts from India to Indonesia first and then here simply increases input costs. Seeing current rupee dollar condition and pricing of Kia picanto, they might not be able to price the cars below 2 million and they know nobody will buy these cars then.

  3. Indiser says

    Do you even know what is Nissan’s worth? It worths more than 40 billion USD which is 1/8 th of pakistan whole GDP and you think army can buy it, LOL.

  4. ThePieMaker says

    Army never BUY anything, they take over. Just like DHA. They never buy any land for DHA projects, they take over whatever they like, by hook or by crook. This is how it should be.

    Army should take over Nissan Gandhara.

    Pakistan Army Zindabad
    Imran Khan Zindabad

  5. nCer says

    @disqus_kaJ8WCgqQI:disqus Whatever you are smoking is expired and harmful to you and persons around you!
    You surely need a good psychiatrist!

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