Government imposes new tax rates on cars and vehicles

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Government just increased the tax rate and advanced tax on cars and vehicles in the 2014-15 budget.

Proposed advance tax rate for upto 850cc vehicles is 10,000 rupees for both return filers and non-filers while for 851cc to 1000cc, proposed tax is 20,000 rupees for filers and 25,000 rupees for non-filers.

From 1001cc to 1300cc, the new proposed tax rate is of 30,000 rupees on filers and an additional 10,000 rupees has to be paid for non-filers. Moving upward, cars and vehicles from 1301cc to 1600cc have a proposed tax rate of 50,000 rupees for filers and 100,000 rupees for non-filers.

From here on, things just keep on getting worse from here. For 16o1cc to 1800cc, the proposed tax rate is 75,000 rupees for filer and double that (150,000 rupees) for non-filers. For 1801cc to 2000cc, the new tax rate is 100,000 rupees for filers and 200,000 for non-filers. For 2001cc to 2500cc, 150,000 rupees for filers and 300,000 rupees for non-filers. For 2501cc to 3000cc, 200,000 rupees for filers and 400,000 rupees for non-filers. Vehicles above 3000cc, the tax rate is proposed to be 250,000 rupees for filers and 450,000 rupees for non-filers.

Speaking about private cars, for up to 1000cc, both filers and non-filers will be subjected to 1,000 rupees tax. For 1001cc to 1199cc, the tax rate is proposed to be 1,800 rupees for filers and 3,600 rupees for non-filers. From 1200cc to 1299cc, tax rate would be 2,000 rupees for filers and 4,000 rupees for non-filers. Moving upwards, the proposed tax rate is 3,000 rupees for filers and 6,000 rupees for non-filer in the range 1300cc to 1499cc.

From 1500cc to 1599cc, 4,500 rupees for filers and 9,000 rupees for non-filers while 1600cc to 1999cc will have to pay 6,000 rupees for filers and 12,000 rupees for non-filers. For 2000cc and above, the proposed tax rate is 12,000 rupees for filers and 24,000 rupees for non-filers.

When the motor vehicle tax is collected in full, 10,000 rupees tax rate is proposed for for both filers and non-filers.

From 1001cc to 1199cc, the new tax rate which is proposed to be 18,000 rupees for filers and double that amount for non-filers. Similarly, for 1200cc to 1299cc, the tax rate would be 20,000 rupees for filers and double that for non-filers.

Moving on, from 1300cc to 1499cc, the new tax rate proposed, would be 30,000 for filers and double that for non-filers while, 1500cc to 1599cc car owners will have to pay 45,000 rupees for filers and double that for non-filers. For 1600cc to 1999cc, the proposed tax rate is Rs60,000 for filers and double that for non-filers. For 2000cc and above, 120,000 rupees is proposed for filers and 240,000 rupees for non-filers.

Filers are those who file their tax and non-filers are those who don’t.

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  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says

    thats good

  2. Jîb Rãń Khãń says

    What is filers and non-filers

  3. Mubeen Lodhi says

    good.non filers deserve this.
    non filers are those who have not submitted tax return.

  4. Waseem Akram says

    What about imported used cars taxes thats increased or decreased

  5. Imran Samad says

    I think first time Filers will get any benifit. thats good

  6. Shama Priya says

    Federal Budget 2013-2014 Pakistan made by PML-N.

    Defaulters Money Laundering (illegal transfers).Used Public Money for personal projection.Defaulters of Banks & LESCO,Danish Schools. (11.5 million) Cap Safdar (Son in law of
    Nawaz Sharif),no 3rd party audit of mega projects in Punjab,destroying Pia,Wasted precious tax paid public money on his and his family security,He is industrialist he always damage all kind of other business and he escape most investors,Faulty and failed schemes like Ashiana Scheme, Yellow Cab Scheme, "Jangla" Bus Service, Sasti Roti and Tandoor Schemes,Punjab is today under heavy debt of Rs 500 billion,18 hours load shedding while free electricity and gas to three big factories of nawaz sharif for 4 years,misused official resources causing a loss to the national exchequer of Rs 620 million by developing 1800 acres of land in Raiwind at state expense,putted very heavy taxes on local imported vehicles and all that things which can improve quality of life of Pakistani citizens but made life extreme difficult for public & to enjoying lavish life style themselves,According to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) details Captain Safdar has not declared his income for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 year. He has also paid zero tax in these years (2010, 2011, 2012). Many people have criticized that son-in-law of Nawaz Sharif should pay taxes and should not become controversial. Marvi memon PML-N also not paid single rupee tax.Within four years Ittefaq foundry had become one of the wealthiest private industrial groups in Pakistan.That they look after Pakistan’s national interests more than their personal wealth hidden abroad.

  7. Kamran Ejaz Chatha says

    Shama Priya hi there… im no PML-N fan but i think it is your responsibility to support your claims with more information. Like the source from where you got this info so the reliability of this info can be ensured… 🙂 No offense meant

  8. Mustafa Ilahi says

    so poorly drafted that i didnt understand a thing except the words filers and non-filers

  9. benam says

    oye lodhi teri

  10. benam says

    inka audit karne waley bhi chor hain

  11. benam says

    go nawaz go

  12. Muhammad Qasim Kasi says

    I have vitz 2011 register in september 2014 karachi i have sent my book for yearly tax but the government deduct 26000 with holding and 4000 yearly is it right or corruption.

  13. saad says

    go nawaz go

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