Government to take strict action against unregistered vehicles


The City Traffic Police Rawalpindi has intimated the public to get their vehicles registered by January 15, 2020. After that, unregistered vehicles will be locked in police stations. The police are advising the public to avoid any sort of inconvenience and be responsible citizens by getting their vehicles registered on time. Roaming around in unregistered vehicles is a security concern for the authorities.

Moreover, in the case of a theft, the police and relevant authorities cannot track your car or motorbike. There will also be a special police squad tasked with identifying and locking up unregistered motorbikes, cars, and other vehicles roaming around the city. 

If your vehicle gets locked up in the police station, you will have to get your vehicle registered before it can be handed over to you. Registration of your vehicle can be done from the offices of the Excise and Taxation Department. When you get your vehicle registered, you will be given a receipt which you can show to the police authorities and get your vehicle. For vehicles on installments, the owners can only get them back when they get their vehicles registered and are not exempted from this deadline.

The Excise and Taxation Department and the Traffic Police have intimated and taken action against unregistered vehicles many times in the past. However, there are still a considerable amount of vehicles roaming around unregistered. 

Previously, the Rawalpindi Traffic Police also undertook action against token tax defaulters. In this drive in the month of December 2019, the traffic police also went after unregistered vehicles. Several vehicles were impounded, which were token tax defaulters. The police also took away registration documents of many other vehicles. It was a grand operation against toke tax defaulters and people driving unregistered vehicles.

People with improper number plates were also targeted in a total of four general operations in the month of December. This shows that the Excise and Taxation Department is very active nowadays, and it is wise to get your vehicles registered to save yourself from undue hassle on the road. Also, keep in mind to attach proper number plates to your cars. 

The Excise and Taxation Department has also endeavored to make the process of registration easier and efficient by introducing a biometric verification system. The biometric system will also help in making transferring and trading of vehicles easier and traceable.

Time and time again, the authorities have intimated the public to transfer the ownership of open-letter vehicles to their names. This helps the authorities to trace vehicles to their owners in case of an emergency. It is beneficial for both the owners and the authorities. Transfer deeds have also made computerized by the Excise and Taxation Department. This will save a lot of time compared to filling a manual form. 

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