Honda increases the prices of its cars by up to PKR 400,000

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited (HACPL) has increased the rates of its cars by up to PKR 400,000 which will come into effect from 24th June 2019. A further dip in the value of Rupee against US Dollar has resulted in the price hike this time as well. See the circular below:

The new prices will be applicable for new booking and back orders with partial/full payments. Cars with back orders due till June 2019 and payments clear (parked) till 21 June will be delivered to the customers on the current price and will receive no effect of the new price hike. 

Consignment stock available at dealerships can be converted/invoiced on current price till 22 June 2019. Remaining back order with full/partial payment will be invoiced on new price (June price). Civic 1.8L current price will be applicable till 29 June 2019 on back order, new order and consignment conversion where the full amount is received till 29 June and are inclusive of all taxes effective on the date of invoice.

Honda Atlas also asserts that from 1st July 2019, any government taxes will be added to the new prices and will be communicated to the customers accordingly.

Let us know about your opinion in the comments section below on this price hike and how will it affect your purchase decision.

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