Hyundai Grand Starex in Pakistan vs. Grand Starex in the rest of the world

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Do you know how much Grand Starex costs in other countries?

The month of February 2019 marked the entrance of Hyundai Nishat Motors in the auto industry of Pakistan as it launched two vehicles on the inauguration ceremony of first of its kind digital showroom at Emporium Mall, Lahore. Alongside Santa Fe, the auto manufacturer unveiled its 12-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), Grand Starex which falls in the light commercial vehicle category.

Hyundai Grand Starex was first launched globally, back in 1997 and ever since the vehicle has entered into its facelift of the 2nd generation. There are as many as 8 variants of Grand Starex launched by the South Korean manufacturer around the world. In Pakistan, the multi-purpose vehicle has been introduced in three different variants; which include a manual and two automatic versions. Before taking too long, let’s head towards the specifications and features of Hyundai Grand Starex launched in Pakistan.

Check the specifications and features of Grand Starex here

Power Train:

The all-new facelift of Grand Starex is powered with a 2.4-litre (2359cc) MPI gasoline engine that has the capability of producing 175 hp at 6000 rpm and 228 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm. Grand Starex produces similar power to that of Santa Fe; the other vehicle launched by Hyundai. The auto manufacturer has equipped the vehicle with a 5-speed manual transmission along with a 5-speed automatic version too. The 12-seater rear-wheel drive MPV is a spacious unit on the inside and offers a convincing presence on the road from the outlook. The three variants of Grand Starex along with their type of transmission are mentioned below:

• Hyundai Grand Starex GL (M/T)
• Hyundai Grand Starex GLS (A/T)
• Hyundai Grand Starex GLX (A/T)

In the United Kingdom, the same vehicle is known as Hyundai i800 which comes in 2.5-litre CRDi diesel engine mated with automatic and manual transmission and available in 3 variant trims. The South Korean automaker has as many as 8 variants in the Philippines equipped with 2.5-litre CRDi engine in both types of transmission modes.

The same vehicle is marketed as H-1 in Thailand under three variants with 12-seats:

• Hyundai H-1 Touring
• Hyundai H-1 Executive
• Hyundai H-1 Deluxe

Under the same name, Indonesia has also seen three versions of this particular MPV:
• Hyundai GLS
• Hyundai Elegance
• Hyundai XG


Standing at 1925 mm height, Grand Starex has a length and width of 5150 mm and 1920 mm respectively. The MPV has a good amount of wheelbase of 3200 mm that helps in manoeuvring the vehicle with much ease. To meet the adventurous desires of its consumers, the company has provided with a fuel tank that can store up to 75 litres, which will make your long trips hassle-free. As we look at the vehicle from the front, it gives an aggressive look enhanced by the chrome radiator grille in a horizontal-lining pattern. However, the manual version of the vehicle has a dark grey front grille along with square-shaped molding of halogen front headlights. The automatic variants; GLS and GLX come with projection LED headlights. Horizontally shaped fog lamps are also provided by the company a long way underneath the headlights. As we move towards the side, the side mirror is seen equipped with a turn signal which is absent in the GL version.

Note that only the GLS and GLX variant of Starex have a feature of electrical adjustment and retraction of the side mirrors. Alloy rims with a wheel size of 215/70 R16C are provided in the high-end GLS and GLX variant whereas GL version comes with steel wheels. Apart from the front doors, the rear doors slide, providing enough amount of space for the passengers to board and exit easily. Similarly, the rear combination lamps have LED’s installed in the A/T versions and M/T vehicle has halogen lights. The tail lights resemble somewhat an old-fashioned vertical style. A spoiler with HMSL is installed with a high mount brake lamp in the top of the line model of Grand Starex. Underneath the spoiler lies a rear wiper which pretty much sums up the exterior design. The vehicle also has front and rear mudguards as a part of basic necessity. The design language of the exterior of Starex is stylish from the front, in particular, and looks a large unit on the whole.

In comparison with the models of Grand Starex introduced in other countries under several names, there is not much to differentiate. The 2nd generation of this MPV had received multiple up gradations before the facelift model was unveiled in 2018. The outlook has almost the same features whether you look at the one available in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world.


Inside the MPV, there is a spacious environment due to a properly planned conference seating arrangement for the passengers at the back. The orientation can also be rearranged according to requirements in the higher end models.

Hyundai has stepped up with the level of comfort offered in Starex in terms of a light commercial vehicle. Let’s first talk about the GLS and GLX versions because there is not much to talk about the basic GL version in terms of features. The design language of the interior is somewhat not as advanced as one would want, but with an MPV, it isn’t bad either. To enhance the wide space feel inside the cabin, the company has provided with a dual sunroof in Starex GLX which is probably its most significant difference with the GLS version.

The vehicle is air-conditioned with climate control and the rear A/C ventilation on the roof to ensure an even cooling in the entire cabin. The keyless entry topped up with central locking and power windows is also included by the manufacturer. The steering wheel of the MPV is hydraulically powered with an option of manual or telescopic tilt; in accordance with the driving style of the driver. Moreover, it’s a multifunctional unit providing multimedia controls for the ease of the driver. A roof lamp accompanied by affront personal lamp is installed in Grand Starex. The option of automatic light control makes it convenient for the commuters with no extra amount of flashing light inside the cabin. The leather upholstery makes your journey much more comfortable. The cooled glove box allows you to carry stuff with you without much worry.

On the other hand, Grand Starex GL has manual control of air conditioning along with cloth upholstery. Central door locking and smart keyless entry feature is present accompanied by the power windows and hydraulic power steering with tilt functionality. However, the room lamp is present inside the cabin, but the absence of sunroof is a huge negative in such a vehicle.

The interior has an identical look to those available in other parts of the world. However, a few additional spaces such as cup-holders are present in the overseas models. Overall, the top of the line variant has all the luxurious features one would love to get in a light commercial vehicle in Pakistan.


Hyundai Grand Starex comes with standard connectivity features including USB, AUX and BT with nothing too fancy such as Android Auto or Apple Car Play. It’s interesting to find that the M/T version of Starex has been deprived of BT connectivity which actually doesn’t make sense in a vehicle of this category. A total of 6 speakers are installed in the top two variants whereas reduced by 4 in the GL version. The quality of speakers, however, offer a good surround sound experience. The instrument cluster, unfortunately, is not a stand-out part of the vehicle in terms of both technology and style. A conventionally styled speedometer along with an rpm meter, fuel and heat gauge is present.

Safety features:

This MPV is very much safe to travel as it has all the basic safety features installed by the manufacturer. As many as two SRS airbags are installed in the automatic variants of Starex; one each for the driver and passenger as compared to only one provided in the manual version of the vehicle. To ensure the best braking experience, Starex is powered with disc brakes at front and the rear wheels. Furthermore, the anti-lock braking system is also present instead of ordinary braking as a part of the safety feature. A burglar alarm is installed in a bid to discourage theft of the vehicle and responds to unauthorized entry into the vehicle at any point of time. There is a back view camera installed that works once the vehicle is shifted in the reverse gear mode for driver’s assistance. Parking sensors are also present in the MPV to ensure a safe parking procedure.

The versions of Grand Starex launched in other parts of the world including Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines have similar sort of safety features provided by the auto manufacturer.

What’s new?

The story doesn’t end here. Hyundai has more to offer for its customers buying the GL variant. You can top-up your base variant with the following optional features on order by paying extra money:
• Rear spoiler with High mount stop lamp
• Rear Park Assist System (RPAS)
• 16-inch alloy rims
• Genuine leather seats
• Back warning camera
• Full Auto A/C + Rear (manual) including roof side vent


As previously mentioned, Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited launched Grand Starex in three different variants; each with its own price tag as follows:
• Hyundai Starex GL – PKR 3,999,000/-
• Hyundai Starex GLS – PKR 4,999,000/-
• Hyundai Starex GLX – PKR 5,199,000/-

On the other hand, Starex in its 8 different variants in the Philippines costs from PKR 3.7 million all the way up to PKR 5.9 million. In the United Kingdom, Grand Starex named as i800 ranges between PKR 4.7 million and PKR 5.1 million. Therefore, in case if you think that the price of Grand Starex justifies its worth, the answer is a big yes! Unlike Santa Fe, this MPV is worth an option to go for. After all, this 12-seater unit is a complete solution for all those big families of Pakistan who find it hard to commute with all the family members in a single go. Not to forget, Grand Starex is also a great touring option as the seats can be adjusted in order to increase the luggage space. So if you’re looking to buy an MPV in this particular price range, the two options you can consider are Grand Starex or KIA Grand Carnival. KIA Grand Carnival is available in two variants ranging from PKR 4.6 million to PKR 5.5 million. Note here that all the prices mentioned in the article relate to ex-showroom prices excluding the charges to bring the vehicle on the road.

See the walkaround of Grand Starex below:

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