ICT imposes a fine of Rs.1.9 million on fueling stations for gauge tempering

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Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) just ended its month-long campaign involving a crackdown against the fueling stations with tempered nozzles and underselling of fuel to the consumers that resulted in a collection of Rs.1.9 million through fines.

According to the details, the campaign was initiated on the directions of the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Aamer Ali Ahmed. During the crackdown, the team of the ICT found the measuring gauges of more than 30 fueling stations were not calibrated. The team calibrated one liter of fuel in their containers, and a majority of fueling stations were found violating measuring standards. Others were also fined for non-observance of the minimum wage in case of its employees, for not observing safety and security measures and on account of child labor and failing to provide basic facilities to the consumers.

The inspection of petrol pumps is expected to continue for the next month as well, and any station found selling less amount of fuel will be fined heavily by the authorities. Have a look at the official tweet of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

Some of the fueling stations that were fined and sealed by the ICT are as follows:

  1. PSO Petrol Pump Sector G-7
  2. PSO Petrol Pump Sector G-8
  3. PSO Petrol Pump Sector G-9/4
  4. PSO Petrol Pump Sector I-10
  5. PSO Petrol Pump Sector F-6
  6. PSO Petrol Pump Sector F-7
  7. PSO Petrol Pump Melody
  8. PSO Petrol Pump Meher Brothers
  9. PSO Petrol Pump Kashmir Highway
  10. Total Petrol Pump Sector F-8
  11. Total Petrol Pump Sector F-10
  12. Total Petrol Pump Sector I-9
  13. Total Petrol Pump Express Highway
  14. Total Petrol Pump Bari Imam
  15. Shell Petrol Pump Sector I-8
  16. Attock Petrol Pump Sector F-11
  17. Attock Petrol Pump Sector H-8
  18. Attock Petrol Pump Lehtrar Road
  19. Attock Petrol Pump Taramri
  20. Hascol Petrol Pump Lehtrar Road

The authorities ordered to seal the pumps unless their nozzles are re-calibrated properly. Have a look at some of the tweets of the authorities that include pictures of respective fueling stations being fined during this campaign.

PSO petrol pump located at Kashmir Highway was fined Rs.10,000 for non-observance of minimum wages.

Total petrol pump in F-10 Markaz was fined Rs.75,000 for as many as 3 non-calibrated nozzles.

A fine of Rs.25,000 was imposed on the Shell petrol pump located in I-8 Markaz for selling less quantity of fuel than the measuring standard.

Attock Fuel Station in Sector F-11 Markaz was charged with Rs.25,000 as well for the non-calibrated nozzle.

Similarly, the PSO fueling station in Blue Area was also fined Rs.25,000 for the same reason for calibration.

In this way, many other fueling stations were sealed for non-compliance of measuring standards. Perhaps it’s a very common practice of exploiting the consumers through an out-of-calibration nozzle at fueling stations. The government needs to keep a frequent check and balance on all the fuel filling stations. The petroleum prices are already too high, and exploiting the consumers in this way needs to be stopped with immediate effect. A similar sort of crackdown campaign shall also be carried out in other major cities as well.

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  1. Ahmed Hassan says

    Only 25000 rupees fine.

    God knows since how long they have been ripping money from the innocent public by underselling fuel.

    Government should increase the amount of fines and also introduce new strict legislation with hefty fines that would deter them against such fraudulent practices.

  2. Haroon says

    I don’t know what kind of non-sense fine is this
    They earn 25k just in a few hours
    Many of the businesses and jobs in Pakistan unfortunately is packed with corruption/haram-khori
    ALLAH destroyed a whole nation (Madyan) because of such a ‘measure and weight’ corruption and now everyone has forgot that
    Its being done on daily basis and no one is doing anything about it

    Do they even care for 25k???
    The system/law is so ridiculous… *sigh*

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