Loads to become first company to make alloy wheels in Pakistan

Loads Limited, one of the leading auto parts maker in Pakistan, is establishing a plant to manufacture alloy wheels in Pakistan. This is the first kind of a venture in Pakistan. The company is buying ally wheel making plant from Australia.

Loads is establishing its new plant in Bin Qasim Industrial Park, Karachi. It will take around six months for the plant to start working. A company notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange said that there is no such plant working in Pakistan right now and all. Loads Limited right now manufactures radiators, exhaust systems, mufflers and sheet metal components for Pakistan assembled vehicles.

Considering Pakistani automotive sector is booming, and new carmakers are about to make their way into the country, this move by Loads can be very opportune and can bring them a massive amount of business.

Notable Replies

  1. Good step ...new business plans are coming and ts good for the auto market

  2. Alloy wheels have not got too much scope in pakistan... Due to road conditions....

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