Locally made cars to get cheaper as duty on CKD is slashed

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The full details of the budget are still coming in fresh and we are trying to update you as we come across relevant material of your interest.

The new budget may have favored hybrid cars and has increased the prices of a lot of others however, the duty on CKD units is to be slashed from 35% to 25%.

CKD (complete-knockdown-kit) is basically all the car parts which are manufactured in one country, and then shipped to another to be assembled into the final product. Pakistani automakers are auto assemblers and they import CKDs’ of cars and assemble them here.

As the duty on CKD unit is slashed from 35% to 25%, a significant decrease in prices of cars is expected.

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  1. Rabeel Ch says

    لیکن یہ منافع کھا جایں گے خود ہی کمپنیز عوام کو ٹرانسفر نہیں ہوگا.

  2. Altaf Ali Gul says

    its a good news for engineering students as well as industrialist…..and Pakistan automotive industries..
    hope for a good change.

  3. Faisal Baloch says

    soooooooper car

  4. Shoaib Kh says

    how much price will be drop of corolla xli and Altis.

  5. Muhammad Umar says

    I don't think so it will happen. because those who already have bought them will face a loss for no reason only due to new budget. that's not fair.

  6. Arslan Farooq says

    @Muhammad Umar, so instead of worrying about those who have already purchased cars, and will go to to loss "for no reason", and how it's "not fair"; why not think about the people who will save money when buying new cars if price decreases? Why is it that if we "face a loss" we want EVERYONE to face loss? That's just fucked up mentality.

    Why not feel happy for people who will save money in future? It's better for the country after all.

  7. Ehsan Inam Ullah says

    I dont remember existing prices of cars going down after budget. This was the same rumour by last budget as well that was followed by sharp incline in the prices of all car variants. Even this time, this is going to happen once again and new car potential buyers must get ready for fresh inclined prices very soon

  8. Shahzaib Tahir says

    This thread isn't about the car shown above, its about the decrease in the prices of the cars…

  9. Aaqil Khattak says

    what is Pakistan local made car…

  10. Sohail Pasha says

    I wish and pray prices come down

  11. Билал Ахсан says

    Reduction of Unfairness is Fair

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