Tips To Maintain Your Car’s Interior

Cars are just more than a mean of transportation, some people feel emotionally connected to their cars.Keeping interior of the car clean is as important as the exterior of the car. The interior is equally important when it comes to cleanliness as it’s the place you will spend most of your time as an owner. Car interiors can get very dirty especially in Pakistan where there is a massive amount of dust and pollution swirling around in the environment.

Here are some ways you can keep your car’s interior sparkling new for a longer time.

  1. Keep an eye on the dashboard

While you may not notice but your dashboard can pick a lot of dust particles and can get very dirty overtime. Al though you can use vacuum for most part but it’s recommended to use a micro fiber cloth to remove all the smudges which get left behind on the center console and speedometer. There are also a number of dashboard protectants which can help your dashboard look shiny and new while protecting it from direct UV rays which can make the material peel off over time.


2. Clean the windows

Windows are the most important part for the driver and passenger. While passengers use them to get a view outside whereas the driver heavily relies on them for outdoor visibility. Keeping them clean will help in better visibility while driving. You can use a number of glass cleaners available in the market which can help fight smudges, fingerprints and other greasy material which ended up there. Use a micro fiber cloth along with the glass cleaner and gently wipe off the stains and smudges.


3. Cover your seats

Your car’s stock seats can get really dirty and worn out due to constant use. So it’s always a good idea to get seat covers to keep them new and clean.  This will prevent damage and you can easily swap out for new seat covers anytime. You can get seat covers in different material including leather covers which are the most common as they can be cleaned easily unlike other cloth seat covers. Use a detergent water along with a cleaning cloth to clean your car’s seat cover when they get dirty.


4. Get floor mats

Most cars today don’t come with factory fitted floor mats to protect the floor of your car. Getting in and out of the car can easily damage the floor and also make it very muddy especially if you have small kids. You can take care of this problem by using plastic floor mats which help keep the floor safe from wear and tear and can easily cleaned when needed. If you didn’t use floor mats and your car’s floor has gotten very muddy then you can use any detergent to clean it off. If that’s not the case then a weekly vacuum cleaning is more than enough.


5. Take care of the roof

Most car these days come  with a fabric roof which can easily get smudged, absorb dust and smell. This roof is a very important element of the car as it acts as an insulator to heat and cold, muffles outside sounds and vibration while housing electronic wires for different electronics. It’s better to avoid touching the roof often but if it has gotten dirty then you can bring back its glory by using a cleaning cloth along with detergent water. Gently start to wipe of the smudges and make sure you don’t use too much force to avoid damaging the fabric. If the fabric is in good shape then a monthly vacuum cleaning is more than enough to keep it clean.


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  1. And once it has been cleaned one should endeavour to keep it that way by changing habits. Not touching the roof of smudging the wooden panels by placing fingers on them. If we are going to the gym we should put an old chaddar over the seat to prevent it from absorbing the sweat. Setting some car rules for friends and family such as no eating or drinking except water will prevent scraps from gathering in the corners. Setting a weekend routine to take out 5 minutes and use a wet cloth to wipe the dust off the dashboard and door panels will keep the interior clean. Polishing it once a month will keep it shiny new and prevent it from cracking or deshaping due to heat and sunlight.

  2. A few more places need attention. For example the carpet, car handle, buttons on panel, cabin & AC filters and car keys. All these things carry bacterias. A car handle has almost 700 types of bacterias. It is better to keep sanitizer in the car.

  3. Yes very right! We will add more information regarding all these things in future article.

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