New tax burden for motorcycle buyers


This time it goes for bike buyers, government has again made a move to collect more tax by targeting the bike buyers. The excise and taxation department Sindh, Motor registration sub division has introduced new tariff on bike by increasing the price of new registration lifetime token on motorcycles.

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Previous tariff of lifetime token was Rs 1,000 which has been increased by 50% in the budget of 2014-15 and the new tariff is now Rs 1,500. The new tariff was actuated on July 1st 2014. Not only this, Bike transfer toll which was Rs 125 previously has been increased to Rs 200 per used bike.

Apart from these officially cited rates, it costs around Rs 1,500 if the buyer decides to hire and agent for this purpose. As a result, you will find hundreds of agents in Civic Centre Karachi i.e., the hub of Motor Registration in Karachi.

Two wheelers which were once considered as wheels for lower-middle class, who have been targeted this time for tax generation. Besides these taxes, CD-70’s price has risen from Rs 55k to Rs 70k in the last 6 years. Hats off to low priced Chinese bikes which are being purchased extensively, otherwise the middle class would have been deprived of owning a two wheeler for the entire family.

Before the budget 2014-2015, fruitful decisions for Automobile industry were being expected by the government. But the budget flipped off all expectations; either it was related to reduction in import duties or reduction in token and transfer fee.

Shaf Younus

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