The all-new 6th gen Toyota Hiace has been launched in Pakistan!

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Toyota Indus Motor Company has finally launched the all-new 6th generation of its commercial vehicle Toyota Hiace Deluxe in Pakistan.

The popular Hiace model was first introduced globally back in 1967, and since then it has been widely accepted in Pakistan as well. The 6th generation of Hiace which was introduced in the Philippines earlier this year now makes its way to the auto sector of Pakistan. For the very first time, the auto manufacturer has brought a redesigned version of Hiace as it now comes with a semi-bonnet style. In Pakistan, Toyota has launched it in three variants listed below:

  • Toyota Hiace Deluxe Standard Roof Commuter
  • Toyota Hiace Deluxe High-Roof Commuter
  • Toyota Hiace Deluxe High-Roof Tourer

As their names suggest, the first two variants are entirely dedicated to commuting purpose with a choice of roof whereas the last one is a high-roof touring van.

Power train:

Toyota Hiace is powered by 1GD-FTV 16-Valve DOHC 4-cylinder 2.8L diesel engine. With in-line cylinders arrangement, it has a direct injection fuel system in all its variants. With Euro II as an emissions standard, it ensures to keep the environment much cleaner. The 2755 cc Toyota Hiace with a compression ratio of 15:6 has a powerful engine that can produce a maximum power of 130 kW at 3400 rpm in the deluxe standard roof commuter model. In the rest of the two, it produces 115 kW at 3600 rpm. A maximum of 420 Nm torque can be achieved at a maximum of 2600 rpm. The commuter models of Toyota Hiace come with a manual transmission whereas the tourer variant is automatic. The turning radius of the standard roof variant is 5.5 m whereas, for the high-roof models, it’s 6.4 m.

Dimensions and weight:

It’s quite a wide dimensional vehicle much improved from its previous generations. The standard roof variant has a length, width, and height of 5265 mm, 1950 mm and 1990 mm. Its wheelbase is 3210 mm and minimum ground clearance while moving is 175 mm. The minimum curb weight of the van is 2165 kg in which it can accommodate 15 persons. On the other hand, the high-roof variants have an even larger footprint with dimensions of 5915 mm, 1950 mm and 2280 mm. The wheelbase is 3860 mm, which is larger than the standard roof version. A minimum ground clearance of 185 mm is lightly more and provides ample distance from the road. The minimum curb weight of hi-roof commuter and a hi-roof tourer is 2475 kg and 2625 kg respectively. The high-roof commuter comes with the maximum seating capacity of 17 persons whereas the tourer van can also accommodate 14 persons. The fuel tank capacity is the same for all the versions as 70 liters.

Braking & Suspension:

The all-new Toyota Hiace promises to have much improved braking and suspension to ensure safety and comfort for the passengers. It comes with a ventilated disc brake at the front and leading-trailing drum brake at the rear in the standard-roof variant. On the other hand, both the high-roof models are equipped with ventilated disc brakes at the front and the rear. The Japanese auto manufacturer has provided with the Macpherson strut suspension in the newly introduced Hiace whereas it comes with an integral type of power steering.


Toyota Hiace, for the very first time, gets a revamped design in this particular model. The auto manufacturer has completely changed the design language of the commercial vehicle as it has extended the bonnet, which is named as semi-hood and remains as a highlight of the model. This extension of the bonnet ensures that there is enough room for the engine to fit in front of the vehicle. Previously, it was positioned at the top of the front axle which produced annoying vibrations and heat sensation from underneath the seat for the front passenger. Moreover, the engine of the commercial vehicle becomes more accessible to maintenance work due to its positioning of the compartment. At the front, Toyota Hiace has angular halogen crystal headlamps with the sharp-looking front grille. In the tourer variant, the front grille has chrome plating, and fog lamps are also installed underneath the headlamps for an improved vision at night. The side turn signal lamp is installed at the fender of the vehicle in commuter variants and comes with the side mirror in the tourer version of Hiace. The front bumper is also a bit sportier than older models and comes in a black mould for commuter variants whereas it is body-colored in tourer version. Similar is the case with the rear bumper of the commercial vehicle. The rear-view side mirrors are manually controlled in the first two variants whereas it’s electronically controlled in the top of the line variant.


The side view of Toyota Hiace suggests that the company has focused on the aerodynamics of the body keeping in view the fuel economy of the commercial vehicle. The door handles are also black mould in the first two variants while they come in body color in the tourer version of Hiace. The rear side is perhaps quite identical to the older model of Hiace but much wider and broader. It is equipped with a high-mount LED brake lamp for easy recognition. The standard rear combination lamps are large and vertical in shape as in the case of previous models. There is also a hood silencer provided in the high-roof tourer van.


Toyota Hiace is designed for business commuting as it offers comfort and convenience at the same time with plenty of storage spaces inside the cabin. It enables transportation in the safest possible way with a superior entry and exit from the vehicle. The width of the sliding door has been increased by the manufacturer with an enlarged doorstep. The cabin on the inside is very much quiet due to the engine configuration at the front instead of underneath the front seats. The dashboard gives a refreshing feeling when you enter the vehicle from the front. It has a 4-spoke urethane power steering wheel with manual tilt and telescopic adjustment feature. The front seats are provided with headrests for an engineered posture. Sun visors are also provided on both sides of the front seats. The van also welcomes you with an illuminated entry in the vehicle. The material of the seats is fabric-type in the commuter variants whereas additional VNL leather comes in the tourer variant. The driver seat is also vertically adjustable in all the variants of Toyota Hiace. On the back seats, there are also lamps and USB ports provided within an easy reach for the passengers. Furthermore, rear armrests and assist grips are also provided for the convenience of the passengers. It is also notable here that the there is no center seat at the front in the tourer van as in the case of commuter variants. The driver seat and the front passenger have their independent seats.

The multi-purpose van is equipped with a manual air conditioning system controlled from the AC knob. There are four air-vents provided at the front side whereas roof-mounted air-vents are installed at the rear side. A heater is also present in the vehicle along with multi-information display installed by the company. There is no audio system installed in the van but there are two speakers provided in the commuter versions and six in the tourer van. However, there are multiple storage spaces in the cabin with a couple of cup holders at the front and rear. There are door pockets which can accommodate files of the A4 size. There is also a console tray with removable partition and an overhead tray for storage of items with immediate access. A glove box with locking system is also present at the front. The rear-view mirror is electro-chromic with back monitor displayed within it in the top of the line variant. It detects the amount of reflected light to enhance visibility at night. Toyota Hiace also allows a considerable amount of storage space at the rear with fold-able seats in the last row. So, there is a good space for carrying luggage in this vehicle.

Safety Features:

The all-new Toyota Hiace doesn’t only offer a maximum of 17-persons seating capacity with ultimate comfort but also ensures the safety of the passengers. All the variants of the multi-purpose vehicle are powered by ABS brakes which offer extremely good control over the vehicle at high speeds. The presence of EBD along with ABS ensures an equal distribution of braking force to the wheels on both sides. To minimize the injuries in case of a collision, the commercial vehicle is also equipped with 2 airbags at the front i.e. one for the driver and one for the front passenger. Seat belts are also provided with force limiters at the front whereas all the passengers sitting at the rear have separate individual point-type seat belts. An anti-theft system is also installed in the vehicle which comes with an immobilizer key and security horn. Other safety and security features include light remind warning, key remind warning, emergency stop signal, door ajar warning, etc. The most important of all is the newly designed bonnet itself. It contributes to the safety of the vehicle as it absorbs the energy of the impact in case of an accident.

The complete specifications sheet is attached below:


Toyota Hiace offers a wide variety of colors to the consumers to pick. All three variants come in different colors as follows:

Standard-Roof Commuter: White, Beige, Silver and Blue

High-Roof Commuter: White, Beige and Silver

High-Roof Tourer: White and Silver


The starting price of the all-new Toyota Hiace is Rs.6,480,000 and goes all the way up to Rs.8,090,000 for the tourer variant. The complete detail is given below:

  • Standard-Roof Commuter Rs.6,480,000
  • High-Roof Commuter Rs.7,290,000
  • High-Roof Tourer Rs.8,090,000

Overall, Toyota Hiace Deluxe is simply an outstanding piece of practicality and advanced mode of commuting with convenience and comfort at the same time. The commercial vehicle has certainly evolved from its previous generation models. It’s available at all authorized dealerships of Toyota Indus. What are your thoughts on the all-new revamped Toyota Hiace Deluxe? Let us know in the comments space below. Stay with PakWheels for more updates on the automobile industry.

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  1. Guest says

    They must offer projector headlamps as standard. Even the FAW XP-V has it.
    And rear lights should be LED. Still using incandescent bulb.
    Not really modern, no?

  2. Atiq Malik says

    With such an elegant design update they should have introduced smaller version as well for private use. Minivans like Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, etc are 7 to 8 seaters and very popular among families in the US. Right now families in Pakistan dont have a good 7/8 seater in 6/7 million range except Kia Grand Carnival junk

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