Pak Suzuki arranges a certified used cars for sale party at Expo Karachi quietly

In the rest of the world, such events are held high in marketing potential by companies but not here, not by Pak Suzuki as we get to know that this was the fourth event of such sort which went away quietly. Not even a whisper was heard about it.

The event may have been overshadowed by Pakwheels Auto Show in Lahore as well but it was one hall booked by Pak Suzuki at the Expo Center Karachi packed with only 136 Pak Suzuki certified cars for sale which according to visitors were priced 5-10 % higher then the open market rates.

Pak Suzuki justified the high prices saying that people will be willing to pay a little extra for a car certified as OK by the company of manufacture as that is a common concept in the rest of the world.

Talking to Express Tribune, Hirofumi Nagao, Managing Director of Pak Suzuki said, “The drawback with used imported cars is the lack of after-sales service and high maintenance cost. But here we are providing certified used cars with six-month to one-year warranty and satisfactory company services.”

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This event was the answer to imported used cars by Pak Suzuki however, visitors were surprised to hear that Pak Suzuki had arranged three same events with a gap of three months in the last 12 months at the same venue.

They were of the opinion that a little more marketing could’ve brought more visitors however, Pak Suzuki is saying that they are working towards introducing this concept of certified used cars in Pakistan and it may take a while to gain full traction.

Dealers exchange used cars with new ones and also buy used cars from their trusted clients which they then certify these cars from Pak Suzuki and put them up for sale.

Meanwhile, auto analysts across Pakistan were of the view that the main reason why people have shifted towards buying imported cars is the bad quality of locally made cars and most of all, lack of options in every segment of the car market.

Pak Suzuki should instead focus on reducing price and introduce more affordable cars for the common man. Even Mehran costs a ridiculous 0.7 Million Rupees nowadays putting it away from the reach of common man.

Moreover, after Karachi, Pak Suzuki told the media that considering the response, they are now planning to organize such events in Lahore and Islamabad as well.

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