Pak Suzuki introduces new features in Cultus, increases price as well

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Pak Suzuki has introduced new features in two variants of Cultus lineup while increasing their prices at the same time. These two variants are the VXL and the AGS. The company has tried to rationalize the increase in prices with the help of these new features. These include MP 5 capacitive multi-touch screens with an 8-inch display, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, Radio, SD card slot, and screen mirroring option. 

Pak Suzuki has included all these features under its infotainment system upgrade. According to the company, it has always aspired to bring product augmentation to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the customers. To pursue this end, Pak Suzuki has introduced a new integrated infotainment system for its customers in Cultus VXL and AGS models. Both these models are the highest trim level in the Cultus lineup. Pak Suzuki is also hoping that the new infotainment system will meet the expectations of the customers and help them in driving with ease. 

Following is a table that shows the new and old prices of both these variants: 

New Price (PKR) Old Price (PKR)  Difference (PKR) 
Suzuki Cultus VXL 1.865,000 1,855,000 10,000
Suzuki Cultus AGS  1,985,000 1,975,000 10,000

The prices of vehicles have been consistently rising for a while now, and it is difficult to gauge what the customers will think about this price hike. Pak Suzuki has also informed its dealers to focus on increasing the prospects and informing their sales teams in a timely fashion. See the notification below:

Stay tuned on PakWheels Blog for more news-related content like this one and drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know what you think about the new features and the hike in the prices of Cultus variants. 

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  1. SBFarooq says

    Can anyone please help me understand why is this car priced at around 2 million PKR?

  2. Mohsin Abbaas says

    is it Android based Infotainment system? Also kindly share RAM & ROM configurations/specs

  3. Ali Raza Syed says

    Why not buy Japaneses Vitz 2017-18 model with all new features under 2 million price bracket rather than buying this under rated car which not worth more than 1 million.

    I don’t know when Pak Suzuki will stop looting and when Govt. will take notice on it.

  4. Zaeem Khalid says

    Pakwheels is busy minting money from these companies and its so obvious! Rather than introducing safety features in this death trap of a car, they are giving a lame infotainment system, something which should come standard anyway in a car with a price tag of 20 lacs! Pakwheels thori sharam karo!

  5. Tahir says

    I don’t know why to make a big deal out of this price increase, its just 10,000 rupees which won’t even matter to someone who is buying a 2 million rupee car. Besides price increase seem justified as this is a good feature addition to car.

  6. Anwar Hashim says

    Even Pak Suzuki cannot answer this question, as answering the question would show the amount of greed that is standard policy at Pak Suzuki…….. No company has looted the consumers of Pakistan to the extent of Pak Suzuki………

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