Pakistan to go Green – Duties Slashed Off of Hybrid Cars

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Pakistan starts on the road to a greener tomorrow. The new government has made significant changes to the import duty structure.


According to the budget announced today by finance minister, Ishaq Dar:


Electric/Hybrid vehicles upto 1200cc: NO DUTYNO SALES TAX
Electric/Hybrid vehicles from 1201cc to 1800cc: Reduced by 50%
Electric/Hybrid vehicles from 1801 to 2500cc: Reduced by 25%


Courtesy: Arghan Tahir (Jumbo International)

Hybrid Cars Duty Structure Pakistan


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  1. Aiizaz Tariiq says


  2. Taha Ishfaq Bhutta says

    use less. no car falls in the 1200CC category 😛

  3. Ashfaq Ahmad says

    This means? What will the prices sum up to for hybrid cars here in Pakistan? And also the "Upto 1200CC" category; what choices we have there?

  4. Junaid Zia says

    so what's the price of toyota pyrus now.

  5. Ahmed Usman says

    I think vitz hybrid is available.

  6. Zabit Khan Jadoon says


  7. Zubair Ibrahim says

    name hybrid car of 1200cc.

  8. Suhail Chadhar says

    Whts the price of Toyota Prius & Honda Hybrid

  9. Asim Memon says

    And the catch is that no hybrid car is available under 1.2l territory, hahaha :D, correct me if I am wrong.

  10. Raheel Arif says

    Nissan leaf. Under 1200cc

  11. Waqar Manawar says

    new vitz is hybrid now

  12. Waqar Manawar says

    prius , vitz , megan , renault , many more

  13. Chotay Sarkar says

    megan and renault are crap cars,,and prius here is 1600cc,

  14. Chotay Sarkar says

    new one is around $38000 and after registration and 40000 and after transportation and other taxes around 50k

  15. Salman Aslam says

    lemme know when you found anything.

  16. Salman Aslam says

    prius isnt 1200cc man.

  17. Salman Aslam says

    3-5 lac less.

  18. Shadab Mustafa says

    Hyundai Hybrid i10 (998cc)… only hybrid car in 1200cc range 😛

  19. Salman Aslam says

    Can you tell me options fall in 1200cc category budget wise in descending order?

  20. Atough Mahmud says

    Only Hybrid car available in 1200cc is "Smart Fortwo" manufactured by Smart (Daimler AG). As Govt. already impose restrictions of up to 3 years on the import, so a 3 year old Smart going to cost more than one million.In that way this exemption is useless.
    Govt. need to define their policies regarding all electric cars because EV runs on Powertrain instead of engines.

  21. Atough Mahmud says
  22. Salman Aslam says

    None of them have 1.2L base engine.

  23. Atough Mahmud says
  24. Atough Mahmud says
  25. Atough Mahmud says
  26. Salman Aslam says

    You could have posted uglier 🙂

  27. Salman Aslam says

    3-5 lac less

  28. Salman Aslam says

    It does not have 1.2L base engine. So, this one too does not fall in this no-tax category.

  29. Salman Aslam says

    Can somebody find me better option? which at least looks better.

  30. Fraz Malik says

    Any one tell me the Age limit 3 or 5 years?

  31. Furqan Shoukat says

    atif,this is not an appropriate family car

  32. Wasif Hafeez says

    This is not a hybrid car its full electric

  33. Ahmed Sarfraz says

    Salman Aslam what is its price ???? exact price??

  34. Muhammad Nouman Qaiser says

    There is not a single car worth owning in the under 1200CC category, Do we have a CD70 hybrid? that might be covered.

  35. Saad Tariq Hameed says

    in our dreams the list price in japan ill shoot up ….1 to 1.5 lac difference at max

  36. Zubair Ibrahim says

    Salman Aslam just prius in term of style n look

  37. Taimur Tufail says this is 1100cc hybrid 🙂

  38. Wasif Mehmood says

    Yahooooo…waiting for this anoucement anxiously….. 🙂

  39. Ahmed Usman says

    guys what are our options?

  40. Wasif Mehmood says

    Waited for this announcement anxiously….

  41. Muzammil Saleem says

    Announcement has already been made.

  42. Wasif Mehmood says

    Muzzamil gram met mistake ho hai this…check other cment

  43. Ahmed Khalid says

    prius is 1300cc or 1500cc

  44. Awais Yousaf says

    yeah all the good cars

  45. Talha Arsalan Khan says

    ca u please tell me which hybrid car is in 1200cc catagory….

  46. Uzair Iqbal says

    vits is not hybrid.. :/

  47. Tauseef Aslam says

    what is price of smart fortwo

  48. Sufyan Khan says

    1.5 2007 1.8 2009 and above

  49. Wasim Anwar says

    Toyota Prius comes in 1500cc and 1800cc

  50. FArhan JAved says

    prius, insight, vitz

  51. Waqas Aawan says

    no one wants this car in Pakistan yar 🙂

  52. Asad Khan says

    Atif Mehmood idiot why are you keep on posting the link of useless two seater toy car! this step is done due to cut the consumption of cng in vehicles. people want sedan or 4 seater cars and brand is also a very big concern.

  53. Asad Khan says

    Atif Mehmood idiot why are you keep on posting the link of useless two seater toy car! this step is done due to cut the consumption of cng in vehicles. people want sedan or 4 seater cars and brand is also a very big concern.

  54. Humzah Khalid says

    it can be a great problem for the petroleum industry…

  55. Rabeel Ch says

    مطلب جواب ہی سمجھیں؟.

  56. Hassan Mirza says

    This will have no effect since prices in Japan have gone up e.g 2008 prius has increased from 9.5 lac to almost 14 lac

  57. Sofia Usman says

    Well as they have change the structure well let me tell u some thing here their are cars like honda jazz uk spec lovely car anyone intrested in buying contact 07449978698 0322 8203040 .

  58. Usman Asif Ali says

    Finally found a car that meets the 1.2l requirement and doesn't look like a suitcase.

    CITROËN DS3 VTi 82.

    French Technology!

  59. Waqar Azhar says

    Hi guys,
    is this duty reduction also applies on used cars. If yes then best option is honda FIT/Jazz.
    A used one of 2012 model cost around 125000 before duty on arrival to Karachi port. It can do 30 km per liter on minimum. That makes 3.5 Rs per Km on current gasoline prices. So it is a really good option. Its cheap to run. Its a family hatch back and powerful enough for inter-city travel as well. In short a complete package. Does any body know what is actual duty after new regulation.

    For reference to prices in japan I have found a very good website.

  60. Muhammad Zain says

    thats very much unlikely. they supply the world, not only pakistan 🙂

  61. Muhammad Zain says

    Ahmed Khalid 1500cc and 1800cc

  62. Muhammad Zain says

    1500cc bro

  63. Asad Razzaq says

    which hybrid car is upto 1200cc?

  64. Ashfaq Ahmed says

    than pay tax for the car which you want.

  65. Haseeb Sohail says

    Mate look for honda jazz/fit. Honda insight. Citroen . There are quite few cars if you see out of your Corolla Civic mehran world

  66. Ashfaq Ahmad says

    Eff Jay vitz I have seen comes with semi hybrid ECO option; would that be with 100% duty wavier as well?

  67. Rao Jugnu says

    Salman Aslam There is not much varaity available in Hybrid Cars up to 1200 CC, This should be minimum upto 1300-1500 cc, then People of Pakistan will get real benefit from this Policy..

  68. Rao Jugnu says

    But Remember One thing, If there is a rain to Tomatos in Pakistan and You go to Market to Buy Tomato, Shopman Tells you that is 100 rs per KG, You say that there was Tomato Rain yesterday, Why it is So Costly, He wil reply you if there was Rain tomorow Why you did not Collected for yourself, Why you come here to buy,

    Cut Short, Pakistan main ghareeb awam tak Faida kabhi nahin aata…Is policy ka bhi Awam ko koi faida Nahin hoga……

  69. Rao Jugnu says

    There is not much varaity available in Hybrid Cars up to 1200 CC, This should be minimum upto 1300-1500 cc, then People of Pakistan will get real benefit from this Policy..

  70. Ali Mir says

    honda jazz

  71. Shahbaz Khan says
  72. Madadgar Towing says

    what about Mitsubishi IQ…….

  73. Basim Ansari says

    barish ho gaye tou…doob gaye tou…. jaldi jana hua kahein bhagani pari tou… thuk gaye tou… bhaiyon mehran (carburetor) is best car of the world it can run on petrol E10 LPG CNG plus you can get superb cooling aircondition in it plus its a 37hp car pretty much good for mehran and pakistan both.. mehran all the way mehran mehran mehran mehran.

  74. Aun Abbas says

    it is 1800 cc as well

  75. Assad Ullah Khan says

    Kindly Post a Chart , showing the amount and working of duties, tax and sale taxes on the respective cars as mentioned above. so that a person can understand the total landed value of the cars.

  76. Zohaib Badarpura says

    insight= 9,00,000 1200CC+.
    civic hybrid = 10,50,000 1200CC+.
    prius= 12,50,000 1200CC+.
    Mitsubishi I = 7,00,000 under 1200cc (duty free).

    Price without duty.

  77. Zohaib Badarpura says

    I got these prices from ICM Japan World wide Car Exporter

  78. Usman Ali Khan says

    sir g it is an electric car not hybrid….its like ur mobile needs charging every night provided u have electricity

  79. Hasnain Malik says

    How much Honda civic Hybrid will cost after adding all the duties and customs in Pak???

  80. Fawad Ali Shah says

    Prius and other hybrid cars have already been discouraged by allowing to import only 3 years old cars. Import of Japenese cars had only started when this term was reduced to 5 years. A 3 year old Prius costs 25 Lac so no matter how much you reduce the price, it is not affordable.

  81. Zohaib Badarpura says

    Bro i don't have any idea about Duties…

  82. Junaid Akhter says

    available in 1300 1500 nd 1800 cc

  83. Jabran Khalil says

    Hybrid car hai he nae koi b 1200cc say kam
    Hybrid car sub 1300cc ya as say zaida hai
    Pata nae kasey ajeeb log hai asi gatia policey banane wale

  84. Waqas Athar Qureshi says

    it costs 25 lac because of duty on import, which is about 200% i guess.

  85. Muak Kmbo says

    Waqar Manawar prius 1.5-1.9, vitz 1.4-onward,tell the name of model which also ve avail parts or correct me plz i want 2 buy 1200cc hybrid ?????????????

  86. Umair Mughal says

    I think its good decision that new govt take…

  87. Zulu Alpha says

    What about honda brio 1.2L

  88. Umaid Sheikh says

    u think a man who is going to by toyotta prius ,,, is ultimately came under the list of poverty wow,,,,,,,,bro ….u r gr8

  89. Khurram Mumtaz Azim says

    does any body know how many years old car we can import to Pakistan and what will be the import duty and tax on Honda Civic Hybrid?

  90. Ali Ahmed says

    mitsubishi I miev is not a hybrid, allof these show above under 1200cc is a electronics car brothers, not fit for pakistan.

  91. Shahab Nasir says

    There is no hybrid car less than 1200cc! yeh sirf ek aaloo hai. the law does not apply to FEVs since there is no engine capacity measured in cc for FEVs. besides FEVs are not suitable for countries with no electricity

  92. Zareen Nasir says

    please tell me when hybrid cars will available in pakistan?

  93. ZeeShan Ayub says

    So is it 50% duty or reduced by 50% on the 75% which was previous duty rate making the duty 37.5%. The word used in the budget is reduced.

  94. Shaukat Mehmood Butt says

    nawaz sharif

  95. Zeshan Iqbal says

    electric vehicle can be imported as hybrid in pakistan?

  96. Abdullah says

    can i import suzuki ignis from japan without tax???? its is1200 cc hybrid????

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