Pakistani Students attempt at building a Hybrid car


And guess what?! They’ve succeeded, again!

This one is running on the roads of North Nazimabad, Karachi;

Not the first attempt by Pakistani students to make a hybrid, previously, team from NUST made one as well, with which they participated in 2009 Shell Eco Marathon.

But all their research & hardwork is only worth a piece of paper, called,’degree’, sadly. Also, it eventually will come down in their Resume as a handy project to impress the ‘assemblers’, and die there. These student-built-hybrids look so mundane to me in Pakistan, because they rarely get any attention, no one invests in R&D, I am not sure why? but they just don’t, so to speak, development isn’t here.

The gray hairs are haunting these kids, potential of innovation will be the first victim of those gray hairs.

There is a reason, we all know it, why countries like Iran, Malaysia & Turkey, our D-8 brothers don’t mention Pakistan when they talk about Auto Manufacturers.

Here’s what the official from the D8 meeting said,”Since Iran, Turkey, and Malaysia are the only member countries that have car manufacturing factories, the common brand car will be designed by these three,” he explained.

Source: D8

Baber K. Khan

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