Pakwheels Clich’es

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Pakwheels may not be the most organized, or most professional website around, but it definitely is a fun place.

I had a free hour, and thought of compiling the cliches at Pakwheels.
Here are some of the typicalities of general Pakwheels discussions – right or wrong, they add to the colors nevertheless. Readers are advised to take it lightly.

I hope you have fun reading it. You may add to it if I’ve missed something.

1 The demand is waaayyyy too high
Found in almost every buying/selling thread. People with no plans or finances to buy the specific vehicle are usually the first ones to alarm everyone else that the thread poster is a greedy *** trying to sell his ride at hilariously high price.


As in awesome – this along with ‘’wow’’, ‘’lol dude’’, and other exclamation expressions are used by surfers to announce their existence on this there’s a secret race for the ‘’top reply poster’’ going on at Pakwheels, and they have to win that.

3 My friend sold a similar ride for 550k.

You’ll find this in every buying/selling thread too. Well, your friend was an idiot; don’t expect everyone else to be the same.

4 Price is full and final
If you haven’t yet realized, there’s nothing full and final on Pakwheels. And that is very logical too.

5 PPP – as in Post Pix Please.

Found in almost every single thread…even in threads where someone is asking to pray for his father.

6 I think the driver was drunk.

Accident threads – unless you were the supplier, you can’t say the guy was drunk by looking at the photo of his car.

7 Ricer

Yeah, ricing is a crime, and ricers will burn in this world and the world hereafter. But not every modification is ricing. There are tastefully modified cars, which are a treat to look at. Calling ricer on every extended bumper wouldn’t make you a MOD.

8 Hey, I am new on Pakwheels


9 Do not post negative comments.

You don’t want comments; you keep your car in your garage. If you’ve posted your car in for rating, and God forbid if it is a parrot with plastics and cheap fiber, have the decency to at least accept criticism.

10 IDs with the word ‘’devil’’

You’ve got to agree, there are too many of them – red devil, black devil, brown devil, smart devil, not-so-smart devil, innocent devil, gay devil, straight devil, bi devil etc etc. There are more devils on this website than in the Sin City itself.

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