PakwheelsQ8 organizes a GTG like no other to celebrate Pakistan’s independence

In Karachi, some 5,857 citizens gathered to sing the greatest anthem in the world, a rhyme and posse like no other while in Kuwait, Pakwheelers organized an event in Historical and Vintage Cars Museum which gave it an attendance it has seen never before.

The event was attended by Pakistanis and Kuwaitis as well; the chief guest were Pakistani Ambassador to Kuwait, Iftekhar Aziz, Mustafa Makhseed and Engineer Zakaria Dashti both executives of the Historical and Vintage Cars Museum.

While the dignitaries from both countries spiraled in the museum followed by a brief speech commemorating Pakistan’s birth and Pak-Kuwait friendly ties, people enjoyed the epic contrast of beauty and the beast, a nice way to celebrate any independence day.

Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum in the background of a Chevy Lumina C-S.

A Nissan 350Z with its windscreen covered in our pride, our national flag.

For more photos of the event, visit Pakwheels Q8 official facebook page and Pakwheels forum topic.

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Baber K. Khan

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