Punjab Govt. Discusses Plans to Prevent Traffic Accidents

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In a meeting held at Civil Secretariat, a special committee formulated an action plan to prevent road accidents. Additional Chief Secretary of Punjab along with co-convener of the committee Shamail Ahmad Khawaja and other members of the committee argued that reckless driving, mechanical faults in old vehicles, problems with road designs, improper traffic knowledge and no fitness certificates were the main reasons for fatal traffic accidents.

The action plan presented by the committee enforces the enactment of Road Safety Authority Act in the upcoming two months. The committee suggested enforcement of this law will empower the traffic police and engineering staff to modernise systems of driver testing, training and licensing.


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  1. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    1. Idiots control the government representing stupid ideas which defy common sense and that cannot be applied everywhere
    2. Idiots can only hold meetings but not execute plans in time
    3. If the idiots decide to execute a plan it is inefficient by function and by cost the time it is completed.
    4. Such meetings are purposeful if people who are competent regarding its agenda do a critical discussion
    5. Arguments are their, not on the issue but personal

    A more better way would be to ask people’s opinion regarding situation and suggestion in their particular neighbourhood, city and acting accordingly immediately unless and until competent people are elected.

    6. I purposefully left some mistakes for grammar nazis, noticed the “their” in 5?

  2. Mark Usman says

    I concur!

    Found another grammar mistake tho (which I believe wasn’t left on purpose) In the 2nd paragraph of item #2, “situation” is a countable noun therefore needs an article, “the” in this case. Enjoy! 🙂

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