Rolls Royce Ghost submerged in flood in Jakarta

Monday is usually a slow day for news for the automotive press and this month in particular and for Pakistan, with the existence of only three auto assemblers in the entire country, the whole year is a slow one for the automotive press.

Once in a while, we cover accidents of super and exotic cars because of how we , the automotive enthusiasts would keep such cars with special care and attention whereas the fortunate few ruin them.

Today, we have this unfortunate Rolls Royce Ghost submerged in water in Jakarta, Indonesia and while, water had already entered the cabin of the car, the owner as various news outlets reported, tried his level best to throw out water with the help of a bucket but we know that the damage is done and there’s no going back.

Heavy rains in Jakarta, Indonesia have produced the worst flooding in the city since 2007, which according to Reuters has left an estimated 18,000 people displaced from their homes in addition to six deaths, leaving the roadways covered covered in feet of water.

Ghost is the cheaper car of the two produced by Rolls Royce but not in Indonesia, where due to high taxes, its final price come to US $ one million which is Bugatti Veyron territory.

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Baber K. Khan

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