The Best Budget Sedan? Saga, Alsvin, City, or Yaris?

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Today in our comparison series, we have brought a brief  comparison between four compact sedans. In this article, we are going to compare salient features and specs of Proton Saga ACE AT, Changan Alsvin 1.5 Comfort, Honda City 1.3 Prosmatic and Toyota Yaris GLi. Saga and Alsvin are the latest entrants in this category, while Yaris was launched last year and City is the oldest among them.

So, without any further delay, here is the comparison.

Engine and Transmission

Proton launched Saga with 1299cc engine, which generates 95hp and 120Nm torque. Changan Alsvin comes with 1480cc engine with 105hp and 145Nm torque, while the engine in Honda City is 1339cc, generating 100hp and 128Nm torque and lastly Toyota Yaris has 1329cc engine, producing 98hp and 123Nm torque. The comparison shows that Alsvin has the biggest engine, and highest horsepower and torque among its competitors.

Coming to transmission, you will notice that all four cars have Automatic Transmission, as Alsvin has DCT, City has Prosmatic, Saga has simple Automatic and Yaris comes with CVT.

Wheel Size

All four cars have 15-inch Wheels, but Alsvin and Saga come with Alloy Wheels, while Yaris and City have Steel ones.

Safety Features

All sedans have ABS, making them equal in this regard. Meanwhile, Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Electric Stability Control, Traction Control, Hill Assist, and Brake Assist are offered in Saga and Yaris, while other two don’t have these features.

Moreover, Saga, Alsvin and Yaris come with 2 airbags, each as Honda City has none.


The warranty offered by Proton, Changan, Honda and Toyota on their cars are as follows:

  • Saga – 5 Years/150,000km
  • Alsvin – 3 Years/60,000km
  • City – 3 Years/75,000 km
  • Yaris – 3 Years/100,000km

In conclusion, Proton is offering best warranty on Saga.


Saga is launched with price tag of Rs2,225,000, the rate of Alsvin is Rs2,449,000, the current rate of City is Rs2,639,000 and last but not the least, the price of Yaris is Rs2,689,000. In comparison, Saga is the cheapest among its competitors.

Saga vs Alsvin Vs City Vs Yaris

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