Suzuki Mehran Wheel Bearing Issue and its Solution

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Many Mehran owners complain about a buzzing noise that comes out when the car is at speed between 40-60km/h, and as the speed is increased, the buzzing noise increases too. This is mostly because of the wheel bearing gone bad. Before going to the solution of this problem, it’s important to identify the root cause.

bearing bad

Many mechanics are of the opinion that the main reason behind Mehran’s wheel bearings issue is because of driving frequently in water logged areas. With overflowing gutters and rain water on the roads, it’s inevitable to avoid wheel bearing damage. Another big reason is when a mechanic fails to fit the bearing properly. Most mechanics beat the bearing with a hammer to fit it into the wheel’s hub. Hammering the wheel bearing will fit it unevenly, and in most cases it will damage the bearing. If you constantly have bearing problems, it’s a good idea to get the wheel hub checked, it may have also damaged.


Having identified the possible reasons to why Mehran wheel bearings damage often, let’s discuss the possible solutions.  It’s recommended to go for Japanese wheel bearings, which cost between 350-400 rupees per piece, making it cost 800 rupees per wheel. The other thing you need to do is to get them installed by a mechanic, who has a hydraulic press. The ideal way to fit a wheel bearing is with the help of a hydraulic press, which most mechanics ignore in Pakistan. Another bad thing that mechanics do is that they remove the plastic seal (Steel seal in some bearing) that protects the tiny balls in the bearing and that they add more grease to it. Removing the seal, which was fit by industry machines, damages the seal, making it easy for water to get into the bearing. The bearing comes with grease already in it, which is enough for the bearing. Damaging the seal and filling it up with more grease is not a good idea at all.


According to a discussion on PakWheels forum, NACHI, KOYO and other Japanese wheel bearings are recommended. Check if the hub has been damaged by the old worn-out bearing. Replacing hub seals is also a good idea. Prevention is better than cure, it is probably a good idea to avoid water logged areas if you can.

Do share your experiences with the Mehran wheel bearings.


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  1. Guest says

    What the mechanics do not know is that (the balls of the) wheel bearing is made of powder metal and does not need any grease.

    The poorest quality bearings are just made of solid metal, not powder metal, in which case you putting in the grease is better.

    Another factor is that mehran has small wheels, while the newer cars have 15″ wheels. The hub is much higher and thus safer from moisture as compared to mehran’s.

    If you have mehran, you should put in cheapest possible TFC (Chinese) bearings. A diamond necklace to a cockroach won’t make it more beautiful nor make it less disgusting. Watering a grave doesn’t make life spring from it. Just save the money to upgrade.

  2. Irfan Khalil says

    Same issue is with Alto (Pakistani) also. Great information.. keep it up pal!

  3. Bitter_truth says

    Use genuine NTN bearings it will solve issue. They are expansive but they will not disappoint you

  4. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    If writer would have looked upon the issue on pakwheels forums, he’d have read the reply by Xulfiqar about the real issue. Even the ntn bearings would get damaged unless you buy original part from Suzuki, because the bearings sold in market are usually bought from hardware vendors who stock bearings for use in other machinery, in automobile use: during driving, these bearings get extra hot and burn / lose their grease and get damaged where as genuine bearings from suzuki are the same but come with special grease that can work at higher temperature without burning / finishing up. That grease can also be applied to ordinary 400 wala ntn bearing to make it last but local mechanics use the cheapest generic grease.

  5. Hamza Siddiqui says

    Purchased Koyo Alto VXR Front wheel bearing of Rupees 1050 from Yasir Autos Oppt Madni Masjid Gulshan Block-5.

    Please advise any good mechanic to get it implemented in Gulshan or North Nazimabad.

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