Taiwan follows China’s footsteps by copying Porsche Panamera

Named the Avant GT, this new shrunken down Porsche Panamera is an electric vehicle made in Taiwan. It was shown in Shanghai, and it’s easy to see why the automotive world would take notice for all the wrong reason: it’s a copycat and a bad one at that, it’s got an unremarkable name, but most of all it’s made by a consortium of companies that don’t know very much about making cars.

The design belongs to the Studio X-Gene, which sounds a bit like a cartoon character, the financial backing came from Altair ProductDesign, while the technology was brought by Delta Electronics, Wistron and Qisda.

Porsche Panamera itself isn’t much popular for its good looks rather its strikingly ugly design leave us completely blank as to see when someone’s copying, shouldn’t they be copying something cool instead of this abomination?

But this might be the formula used by copycats around the globe to gain some fame for their company.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.