The funniest race crash you’ll ever see

Crashes are horrifying for everyone, from spectators to teams whereas we all remember the crashes, it is said that the drivers remember the near misses but nobody like either. However, this motorbike racing crash is the one which everyone will remember for a long long time, its already viral. Tempers surely burn but it did gave the spectators a good laugh and I am sure the riders will also have a great memory and laughter after they cool down about the accident.

While I am not sure where this crash did actually take place however, Italian and Japanese dominate the moto GP scene but one thing I am sure that this is the funniest crash I’ve ever seen.

The first racing bike to go down was actually doing fine until he managed to do something and slide on the tarmac along his bike which slid and hit the biker in the front and somehow, the bikes got all tangled up with each and started to curl around one another. I am sure that these two bikes on their own broke Mercedes Benz’s longest drift record or the longest donut ever; this is one of a kind.

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Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.