The world’s first folding helmet

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It’s even bigger than your head and for students or employees who doesn’t have good amount of space to keep their helmets often find it hard to find such a spot. Jessica Dunn, a 25-year-old design graduate from Australia faced similar situations in Indonesia for roughly 6 months as a foreign exchange student and decided to crack the solution once and for all. Hence she designed a folding helmet named ‘Proteus’ and is now short-listed for James Dyson Award.

The polystyrene foam is covered with polycarbonate, and the inner-most material is pliable which means that it flexible during normal use but instantly hardens upon impact. The helmet compresses in size in quite a simple way, the visor slides up, with the sides and the back folding into the helmet cavity compressing it to a size easily suitable for bag packs.

The Proteus helmet has been carefully designed to meet the Australian safety regulations, also to meet your space requirements at ease.

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