5 Things That Could Save You from Car Troubles

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A lot of people don’t take care of the little things that mean the most for their car. Paying attention to a few things can save you the extra maintenance costs. Here are a few things that can be done to save you from unnecessary costs regarding your car’s maintenance:

1. Check engine oil level and change oil on time: It’s recommended to check the engine oil level of your car regularly (every morning before starting the engine is ideal). Low levels of engine oil can knock the engine, which can cost a huge amount of money to repair. If you notice that the oil level is less, check for leaks and immediately take the car to a mechanic. Also, check the level of other fluids, like brake fluid, transmission fluid and gear oil.

Oil check

2.Check the Radiator for water: Many drivers don’t bother to check the water level in their car’s radiator. It’s recommended to check the water in the radiator at least twice a week, and every day if you have an old car. Less water in the radiator will result in the car overheating, and in most cases, this results in the head gasket burning off. Using radiator coolants also helps to protect your radiator.


3.Check battery water level: It’s recommended to check the water level in battery, once in every 3 weeks. Do not put too much of water in the cells, check the levels indicated on the side of battery. Always use distilled water to add to the battery. It’s recommended to check the battery terminals as well. Loose battery terminals will cause the battery to discharge, this is because the battery won’t get enough current to charge.

Check battery water

4.Tyre pressure: Checking the tyre pressure once in a month is ideal, though, a lot of experts suggest getting it checked after every 10 degrees change in temperature. The ideal tyre pressure varies from car to car. Recommended tyre pressures are mentioned on the side panels of the doors, and in some cars, on the lid of the fuel tank. It is also recommended to rotate car’s tyres. Uneven wear of the tyres affects their lifespan and impact the ride quality.

Check tyre pressure

5.Check Windshield Wipers: Old wiper blades scratch and damage the car’s windshield. It’s recommended to regularly check them and replace them if they are bad. Scratched windshields affect visibility especially at night.

Windsheild wiper

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  1. Ehtesham ul haq says

    Are “transmission fluid and gear oil” are same things??.

  2. Shiraz Maqbool says

    Yes, they are. For front engined rear wheel or all wheel drive cars, you can also add the fluid used in the rear differential as transmission fluid.

  3. Guest says

    Differential oil is much more thicker. While gear oil is 75W-90, diff oil is usually 85W-140.

  4. Shiraz Maqbool says

    I didn’t know that differential oil is different. One of my friends had a 1981 Corolla and he used regular gear oil in the differential. Maybe he didn’t know about it either and his mechanic most certainly didn’t.

  5. Guest again says

    People do interchangeably use them. Gear oil needs to be thinner because it has synchromesh rings made of brass. For very old cars, specifications and owner’s manuals are lost. Then do anything you want!

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