Top 5 Best PakWheels Car Reviews of 2022

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As the year is near its end, we’re back with the top 5 reviews of Pakwheels in 2022. We have gathered a list of reviews that proved to be rich in content, providing significant information to the audience and getting a fair share of appreciation too. Your support for Pakwheels throughout the year has been overwhelming, encouraging us to share content that acts as a source of entertainment and knowledge about Pakistan’s automotive industry.

So here are the top 5 PakWheels car reviews of the 2022 from Pakwheels.

1. Honda Civic RS 2022 First Look Review

Honda Civic has always been in the spotlight in Pakistan. The launch of the 11th generation Civic caught a lot of eye and was the most significant car launch of 2022. This first-look review from Pakwheels covered every nitty gritty of this sedan and provided substantial information enabling the audience to form their first impressions about it.

2. Changan Oshan X7 First Look Review

The recent rise in the popularity of crossovers in Pakistan has significantly changed the automotive industry’s dynamics. We witnessed the launch of Changan Oshan X7 in 2022, and its first-look review from Pakwheels broke the stereotypes regarding Chinese vehicles in Pakistan. The exclusive first-look review informed the audience about this futuristic crossover which grabbed a lot of attention.

3. Tesla Model X Owner Review

It is a known fact that Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry globally. This owner review aimed to glimpse what it’s like to own a Tesla in Pakistan, which proved to be very successful. The well-informed owner provided extensive knowledge about this vehicle to the audience and shared his experience of owning it. The review caught many eyes and received a fair amount of appreciation from the audience.

4. Rinco Aria First Look Review

The transition towards EVs in Pakistan is at its initial stages; however, most of the EVs available are high-end and out of most consumers’ reach. This first look review of Pakistan’s cheapest EV Rinco Aria caught notable attention from the masses as they were informed about an entry-level EV in detail. The review got several people talking about this car and in turn, encouraged potential consumers to consider buying it.

5. Jutt Da Garage | Wheels Of Pakistan |

Pakwheels laid a huge emphasis on the car culture in Pakistan this year. These reviews not only entertained the audience but also aimed to instill a healthy automotive passion among the youth. One of these reviews was Arsalan Jutt’s garage tour which showcased an astonishing collection of hidden gems. The collection included very rare JDMs and German vehicles of Pakistan, which were in pristine condition. The passionate owner not only gave the audience a visual of his rides but very precisely briefed about every car, making the review appeal to several car enthusiasts.

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