Top-Notch Luxury Buses Launched in Pakistan by Dysin

Known for Sino Trucks in Pakistan, Dysin Automobiles Limited has launched the ZhongTong Intercity Bus service in Lahore.

With a yearly sale of over 25,000 units, this Chinese company is rated amongst the top 3 best-selling bus manufacturers.

The launching ceremony was attended by prominent names of Pakistan’s automobile industry, in Lahore. The ceremony was attended by the main team of Dysin including CEO Dysin Automobiles Imran Malik, COO Mir Asad Waseem, Director Sardar Jawaid Durrani, Head of Sales & Marketing Ahmed Sana Zaidi, Project Manager Rehan Raheem Bhatti, and Marketing Manager Muhammad Umar Irshad.
Two variants of Dysin buses will be launched in Pakistan. It includes Elegance and Navigator.  Furthermore, the buses are up to all the quality standards which are being used across the globe.

Manufactured in Jinan, China, the buses meet the performance standards but also combines comfort, extravagance, elegance, Chinese craftsmanship, European innovation, and a lot more.

Due to its low cost of ownership, these buses are the perfect solution for transporters in Pakistan.

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