Toyota Gujranwala Motors: A Tale of Loot & Greed

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Toyota Gujranwala Motors dealership fraud is the latest manifestation of the age-old adage that Greed Never Pays.

The latest from Toyota Gujranwala Motors is that the dealership’s proprietor has looted his customers and fled the country. The scam apparently runs in hundreds and millions of rupees.

According to the details, over 250 people booked the cars from the dealership and got defrauded. The owner of the dealership has reportedly fled to Canada with all the money. Affected people have lodged FIRs against the dealership and in reply, the dealership, too, has lodged FIRs against those who have vandalized its premises. 


There is however a catch in it all and that is those who got defrauded were probably involved in unethical business practices as well.

Some local investors in collaboration with the proprietor of Toyota Gujranwala Motors used to buy cars and then sold them on ON money. Apparently, the investors handed over cash to the dealership’s proprietor and did not make Pay Order in favour of Indus Motor Company Ltd as the general practice demands. 

These investors are therefore the worst affected as they have been scammed by Toyota Gujranwala Motors proprietor and they don’t have a claim against Indus Motor Company Ltd as there are no receipts, paperwork available. 

Genuine customers, on the other hand, have receipt of the pay order/demand draft made in favour of Indus Motor Company Ltd and therefore have a strong case against Toyota Gujranwala Motors and a real chance of getting their car delivered from Toyota IMC in time. 

See what Suneel Munj has to say on this issue:

Remember, if you don’t want to lose your money after ordering the car from a dealership, always make pay order in the name of the company, not to any individual and get the receipt of the order from the agent.

Note that Toyota IMC has already terminated the license of the dealership vide a public notice, see below: has contacted Toyota IMC for their version of the story. As soon as we hear from them, we’ll update our blog.

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  1. Haseeb says

    its OWN money you monkey. what the hell is ON money?

  2. Guest says

    It may suit you to read the olden golden topics (around the time when PW Blog was initiated) to learn that ON money actually means ON-TIME money which is the “premium” the purchaser is forced to pay for ON-TIME POSSESSION = IMMEDIATE POSSESSION.

    Locals do pronounce it as OWN.

  3. shahid imran says

    nice shot

  4. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    read the guest comment and now realize whose monkey lol.

    btw, nice pic in jungle :p

  5. mohsin malik says

    Interesting, Pakistani use the word as ON or OWN for the “Profit”.
    This is not the 1st time, frauds amounting to billions of Rs have occurred but still people take their chance. Easy Come Easy Go….this is the way of Almighty’s judgement.

    The twist is even more interesting, Indus Motor should have suspended the the transaction with dealership instead of terminating and abandoning the legit transactions.

    Instead of this “knee jerk” action IMC should start looking into affairs of all its dealers in the country.

    Instead to this booking process IMC should shift to sale of available stock on “First come First served”.

  6. farok sayer says

    The blackmarketers (IMC) and their looters , (toyota dealers) milked the poor consumer and as usual the govt was an onlooker and an observer to this incident.welcome to the banana republic of pakistan

  7. farok sayer says

    indus motor is collaborator in blackmarketing of cars and the govt is supporting them .in which country of the world have u to wait 6 months to get your vehicle? close down these balckmarketers and allow the poor consumer to import cars with his own money for Gods sake

  8. R1z B. says

    Buying Car in Pakistan is a risky business buy Old and Be cheated buy new and wait forever. Toyota Honda Suzuki…. the trio of Evil

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