Toyota Vitz’s side-mirrors caught being stolen by surveillance cameras

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The imported vehicles have a notorious reputation for getting their side-mirror stolen. We haven’t tried but wonder how is that possible? Well, this new video shows exactly how easy it is break a side-mirror off a Toyota Vitz and steal it.

The car was parked unattended, monitored by a hidden camera though, two guys arrive on a bike while one on the back gets off the bike and sets off towards the vehicle. Hold the side-mirror with both hands and jumps with full weight. The first jump wasn’t conclusive but the next, the mirror just tore away in his hands.

How long did the whole crime take? 16 seconds. It took them 16 seconds from jogging from their motorcycle to the car, get the side-mirror, and back to the motorcycle. The first ten seconds weren’t accounted for as they were wasted fixing their clothes or something and the actual crime began ten seconds later.

The poor guy will probably be buying his own side-mirror from the used car parts market.

Video courtesy of Fazal Wahab.

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  1. Jazib Pervez says

    These criminal minded Pakistanis are good at discovering new methods for stealing..

  2. Muhammad Waqas says

    jo qoum masjid ma joota nahi chor sakti. wo koch be ker sakti hain

  3. Fayyaz Minhas says

    This is what exactly happened to my car two weeks back. Thanks Pakistan

  4. احمد بلال مغل says

    I have seen and heard it with my own ears that vehicle owners come in market and actually "PAY" such people to steal these mirrors. I tried to counter one SOB who was making such a deal with shopkeeper. And the reply was, and i quote "Circuit aisay he chalta hay. Mera mirror koi utaray ga, to main kisi ka utarwa loon ga". I was speechless at this retarded mentality.

  5. Osama Rashid says

    Mohammad Muzammil Shahzad, look like the assholes who stole your mirrors!

  6. Iram Wajahat says

    This happened to me a year ago. N had to buy a new one for 2500 rs

  7. Rashid Shafique says

    for real ? this is F***** up.

  8. Faraz Masood Khan says

    I bought Vitz 2007 and the first day mirrors got stolen, I replaced them with another fully powered mirrors set, it got stolen too. Then I put PAN shaped mirrors (non-retractable), and same fitter said it was from other car model, so it will not got stolen. Now today again they got stolen too right out side my house for the third time.

    Please suggest any decent mirrors, totally non powered that can be fit to my Vitz with good side view visibility?

  9. Haris Karim says

    This happened to me just now and I have the 2012 Vitz, just wondering how much it would cost to replace them.

  10. ZAMY XCOUP says

    Mine just got stolen, Today and that too from the front door of my house, in early morning or noon.
    Few months ago i bought it, and now am cursing Myself for not taking them down before ( they were the originals).

  11. Faraz Masood Khan says

    My stolen third time, now its been over a month and I failed to justified reason to put new one to be stolen again!!!!!!!!!

  12. ZAMY XCOUP says

    Were yours the retractable mirrors with indicators? If so, third time. I can imagine the pain.
    Already, I spent too much on XYZ expenses this month, and now here is another one, going in 10k+.
    banda ab Dil har k Cultus walay sheeshay he laga ley.

  13. Faraz Masood Khan says

    They were only powered not retractable, I am thinking to put plain corolla mirrors, i don’t know if it can altered to fit in vitz

  14. ZAMY XCOUP says

    I finally bought the new side mirrors for my Vitz from Plaza, A) They are both powered and retractable mirrors. B) They are dirt cheap, compared to other non retractable mirrors of Corolla or any known Car in Pakistan and C) Since the car they are of, isn’t available in Pakistan so neither is their demand in the market, hence no fear of them getting stolen again. In Local language in Karachi, they are known as “ARRU” / AKA “KABULI” Mirrors.

  15. Faraz Masood Khan says

    My last mirrors were also from other car and known as KABULI (I what they called to stolen mirrors) and not from original Vitz model, but they got stolen anyways. How much did they cost you? I need new mirrors also.

  16. ZAMY XCOUP says

    Rs 2800 only.

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