What Should You Do if You Have a Flat Tyre?

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If you have a vehicle, then undoubtedly, you must have come across a situation when you have a flat tyre. If you have a driver at home, he surely knows how to change a flat tire, or else we have so many roadside tire service workshops who can fix flat tires.

Even now some people provide mobile service, i.e., all you have to call them, and they can come within a few minutes to help you change the flat tire. However, even if all such facilities are available still you never know when you are in a situation where you have no one to help you change a flat tire. Therefore, one must know how to change flat tires. Changing a flat tire isn’t a difficult task. In this article, we have prepared a small guide to help you learn how to change a flat tire.

Look for a safe and flat spot: First, you need to do is to find a flat spot to change a flat tire. A flat surface is needed so that the car doesn’t move when its pivot position is changed when the vehicle is lifted with a jack. Hence, find a flat surface and then use the jack to raise the car.

Switch on the hazard lights: This is a very crucial step, for if you don’t switch on the hazards light and while you are changing a tire someone might bang into your car.

Loosen the nuts of the wheel: Now you need to loosen the nuts of the tire before you lift your car with a jack. It should be noted that all you have to do is loosen the nuts and not remove them completely. If the wheel is covered, so you also have to remove the cover before the nuts are loosened. This step is again important, and nuts should be loosened before lifting the car or else the vehicle might fall off from the back due to the change in pressure. One more thing should be kept in mind while loosening the nuts is that don’t loosen the nuts in sequence instead it should be opposite if you have loosened nut number 1 than loosen the nut number 3 and so on.

Use jack: Jack should be placed on a proper solid metal place to lift the car. The car should be lifted that the tire is 6-7 inches above from the ground. But before you put a jack under the car, you have to find its place for different cars has different places to put a jack. It is easy to find the place of a jack

Remove the nuts: Now the nuts which you have loosened, remove them and then the tire is pulled out.

Spare tire: Keep the nut posts and in line the holes in the spare. So, you need to match each of them and push the spare tire towards it. Put on nuts on and tighten them slightly when the tire is stable.

Lower your car: Now, with the help of jack, you need to lower down your car.

Nuts should be tightened: Once the car is down, the nuts should be tightened. And again, the same techniques should be used as mentioned above i.e. tighten the nuts in the opposite direction in 1,3,2,4 sequence.

Now, since you have changed the tire, put the flat tire in the trunk and you’re ready to go.

That’s all from our side. I hope this small guide will help you how to change a flat tire, so you don’t have to worry about changing a flat tire when you are on your own.

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