Zotye Z100 Price, Specs & Features: First Look Review

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Before getting into the story, let us clear one thing here, and that is, the company has launched no electric car. It’s a piece of fake news being propagated by some media outlets.

Topsun Motors has recently launched the all-new Zotye Z100 hatchback in Pakistan. A manufacturing plant is also under consideration by Topson Motors in Dera Ghazi Khan. That plant will manufacture vehicles of Zotye and JMC brands. 

Currently, the units of the Z100 are Completely Built Units (CBUs). The price of the Z100 currently is PKR 1,520,000. The main competitors of this car are Suzuki Wagon R, Kia Picanto, and Suzuki Cultus. 

Zotye Z100 First Look review:


The exterior of the Zotye Z100 is stylish and elegant. The headlights are big and are tinted black to give a sporty look to the hatchback. The headlights are halogen and integrate the turn signal lamps as well. The front bumper has cutouts for installing foglamps.

The Z100 hatchback comes with 14-inch alloy rims and imported Chinese tires. The side mirrors are body-colored; however, the door handles are black. The taillights are also big and are halogen. The Z100 is available in four exterior colors. These are white, red, blue, and silver. The side mirrors are powered and adjustable.

A cool feature given in the Z100 is that when you keep pressing the unlock button on the key fob, all of the windows roll down automatically. This feature can help cool down the interior faster in hot summers. Ground clearance is also good for Pakistani roads and conditions. 


The interior of the Zotye Z100 is available in the two-tone color configuration. The interior is a mixture of brown and beige colors. The door handles are given in chrome finish. The Z100 has power windows and power steering. The rpm and mileage meters are digital, while the speedometer is analog.

Currently, there is not an infotainment screen fitted to the Z100; however, the audio system has AUX and FM connectivities. An infotainment screen will come in the next batch of Z100. The hatchback also comes with an air conditioning unit and comfortable seats.

The seats are also two-toned and come in brown and beige colors. Currently, there are no airbags and ABS available in this car. Later, batches of the Z100 will come equipped with airbags and ABS.

There is also a shelf in the rear separating the boot from the interior. The toolkit is nicely integrated into the side of the boot. 


The Zotye Z100 comes with a 1000cc Euro 4 engine. The company also provides a dry battery. All the electronic parts are from Bosch. Although the Z100 comes with a small engine, the performance of the car is optimal even when the air conditioning is turned on.

The hatchback does 18 km/l inside the city and 22 km/l on the highway, which makes it an economical car to run on a daily basis. Topsun Motors is also giving a 50,000 km or 2 years warranty, whichever comes first, for the Zotye.

All spare parts required for maintenance of this hatchback are available at the 3S dealership of Topsun Motors. Free checkups of the car are available to 25,000 km. The acceleration and pick of the car are good, given the engine size.

Currently, there is only a manual variant available; however, the automatic variant will be available in the near future.  

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Comfort and Handling 

The overall driving experience is smooth and comfortable. The driving position is optimal and comfortable as well, which makes it a good car for long journeys. The lack of a central armrest comprises comfortability a bit.

The boot size of the Zotye Z100 is good and comes with a spare wheel. The headroom and the legroom in the rear are both optimal for an average-sized adult. The legroom for the front passenger and the driver is also optimal. 


On the safety front, the Z100 is not impressive as it does not have airbags and ABS currently. These safety features are available in other hatchbacks like Suzuki Alto and Cultus. According to Topsun Motors, the next batches will have these safety features, and they will make this hatchback competitive in the market. 


Zotye is a new brand under the umbrella of Topsun Motors, and it will take time for it to establish its roots in Pakistan. The exterior design and the look and feel of the interior are up to the mark. Resale of this car can be a challenge since it is in its early stages.

Overall the small size and the fuel-efficient nature of the Zotye Z100 can help attract buyers who want to drive it in the city. The Z100 will have to pass the test of time to be successful in Pakistan. The 1000cc market segment of cars is becoming very competitive with new entrants, and Zotye can create its space in the market with the Z100. 

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1 Comment
  1. Iqbal Muhammad says

    You forgot to mention that it’s a shamless ripoff of the Suzuki Alto…

  2. Guest says

    Not only that, there are other problems with the article.
    The same PW Blog that bashed Atlas for selling the same model of City since 11 years is proclaiming Z100 as “all new” whereas it was launched in 2013 in China that too based off of an older generation of Alto (7th gen Alto was produced 2009-2014). Additionally the same car was launched in Pakistan by HRL Motors (circa. 2017) which failed to sell even a single unit due to whichever reason.

    So the 2009 technology ripoff-ed in 2013 is being proclaimed as “all-new” in 2020!

    Hence it appears this car has already been a failure as far as Pakistan market is concerned whether it was due to the lack of interest of previous local partner HRL Motors even if the product itself was not lackluster…

    Though I’d like if they launched the T200 with upgrades such as 4-wheel disc brake, ABS, EPS and a more modern 1200cc engine. But even that cannot be proclaimed as new as it is a ripoff of Cami.

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