Everything You Need To Know About 1.6L Elantra

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Hyundai has recently introduced a new variant in the Elantra lineup. The new Elantra 1.6L GL variant is here to battle it out with the base variants of other C-segment sedans as well as the top variants of B-segment sedans. Does the 1.6L Elantra car has got what it takes to beat the competition and win the buyers? Let’s find out in the first look review.


The obvious and major difference between the two Hyundai Elantra variants is their engine size. 


The new Elantra GL variant has a 1.6-litre MPi engine that produces 126 horsepower and 155 Nm of torque. That’s hp and Nm less than the top GLS variant.


The 1.6L GL variant comes with a 6-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission that lets you change the gears, same as the one in the 2.0L GLS variant.

Drive Modes

The 2.0L GLS variant had three drive modes, but the new one does not have any. No ECO mode to save the fuel and no Sport mode to feel the engine power.

Hyundai Elantra 1.6L Engine


One thing that’s common in the two Elantra variants is their look. Both have the same styling, and you can’t tell them apart.

Front Profile

Elantra 1.6L GL features the same tetra LED headlights with DRLs and front grille. One thing that’s different on the front is that the wipers in this variant are not automatic because they don’t come with a rain sensor. 

Side Profile

On the side, we see the same two-tone 16-inch alloy wheels that Hyundai added in the 2.0L variant as a silent facelift. The automatically retractable side view mirrors also look the same but function differently. The ones in the 2.0L variant were smart; these are not. 

Rear Profile

The rear end of Elantra GL features the same LED tail lights, piano black diffuser, shark fin antenna, and rear camera as we have in the 2.0L GLS variant. The only difference at the back is that the Hyundai logo is just a logo; it’s not a hidden button to open the trunk like it was in the Elantra GLS. 


The trunk is not smart anymore, which means it cannot sense the key in your hand or pocket and open on its own. You have to manually press the trunk opener button on the car key.


For the most part, Elantra 1.6L GL looks similar to Elantra 2.0L GLS. But things change the moment you enter the cabin and start noticing the differences here and there.


The new variant does not have a smart entry feature, so the car cannot sense the key in your hand or pocket and unlock itself. It has a jackknife key with a lock/unlock button that you have to press for keyless entry. You use the key to start the car since there’s no engine push start feature in this Elantra.


Once you enter the cabin, the first thing you’ll notice is the seat material. Elantra 2.0L GLS has leather seats, but this one comes with fabric seats. Also, the driver and passenger seats are not powered anymore. You get 6-way manual adjustment in the driver seat and 4-way manual adjustment in the front passenger seat.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is not leather wrapped, nor does it have cruise control buttons. However, the steering has both tilt and telescopic adjustment options.

Climate Control

Another difference is in the climate control system, which is now analog, not digital. Good thing there are AC vents for the rear passengers. 

Infotainment Screen & Instrument Cluster

Thankfully, Hyundai has kept the 4.2” TFT multi-information display and 7” infotainment screen (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity) as they are in the upper variant. But we are missing the wireless phone charging option in this lower variant.



Besides cruise control, another safety feature has been stripped down in this variant: traction control. 1.6L Elantra has dual airbags, ABS, EBD, hill start assist, and reverse camera.


Hyundai has launched the Elantra 1.6L GL variant at Rs. 4,299,000. For reference, the current price of Elantra 2.0L GLS is Rs. 4,799,000. That means the lower variant misses all these features but costs 5 lacs less than the fully-loaded variant.

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