2013 Honda Civic emergency facelift: This is it!

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There are normal facelifts but this one is a first in the industry, an emergency facelift taken on by the company after listening to how the world thinks about the 2012 Civic about which, they didn’t thought about good. Consumer Reports stopped recommending it, Jalopnik said it went from hero to zero and we just didn’t have any other car to compare it with.

Although there are no announcement made to what changes are brought in to performance, speed, safety, etc however, in an attempt to become the best again, the vast majority of updates for the 2013 model are at the exterior, and Honda says the Civic has been “honed to make the segment’s best-selling car even better.” Up front, there’s a new lower front fascia with a prominent chrome accent bar and a black honeycomb grille, along with new headlamps.

The whole car now features more sculpted, shapely lines that flow up into the more curvaceous hood. At the back, Honda has redesigned the bumper and diffuser, and the chrome accent up front is mimicked at taillamp level. In fact, those rear lights themselves have been redesigned and now carry over onto the trunk lid. A host of new alloy wheels will also be offered.

We are still not aware that whether this facelift will be brought to Pakistan or not, but as Pakistan is merely a follower, so whatever the better world gets, we’ll getting it soon as well so an unfortunate news for the folks that just got their ‘new’ Civics, because oddly, they’re already old.

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  1. Fahad Hanif says

    this one looks nice ,,, it has bits from the new accord, maybe Honda it self had conceived a number of ideas when they launched the 2013 Accord. I like the tail lights and a much needed enhancements of the front.

  2. Muhammad Ashmal says

    Now this is what I call a Honda Civic! way way way better than the Civic 2012.

  3. Imtinan Saleem says

    we never get facelift models in Pakistan. I think that Honda Atlas will not introduce this facelift in Pakistan.

  4. Abdullah Akram says

    yup agreed with you buster Muhammad Ashmal.. well done Honda (Y).

  5. Ammad Sheikh says


  6. NabEel Arif MaHaar says

    (Y) nice….

  7. Abdullah Akram says

    way better than that shitty '12 model

  8. Azmat Khan says

    DISAPPOINTING ………………………..(:

  9. Furqan Pervaiz Dar says

    new civic shape failed big time…may be that forced them to design the new car…

  10. Rana Muhammad Khan says

    Ppl will stRt buying it next year……its way better than any local car

  11. Abbas Khan says

    We need other car-makers to come and provide a variety of models.
    Civics are a dime a dozen. Frankly, go out on the road and every 4th car is either an alto or a Civic. lol

  12. Rehan A. Khan says
  13. Fahad Hanif says

    i wonder if this one would be launched here any time soon, the current civic has the most hideous fog lamps, specially the silver outlines. plus the pair of tail lights and the ride height.
    the redesigned version has a decent set of tail lights. plus the rear bumper would be a decent addition too.. The front is mainly copied from Honda insight

  14. Fahad Hanif says

    same here, i dont think Honda Atlas will be introducing this change any time soon, they might do it in coming years.

  15. Azmat Khan says

    its 10G…..

  16. Sam Cheema says

    honda did facelift 2001 model in 2004

  17. Shehroz Khan says

    Well we previously got facelift model of civic in around 2004 or 2005 if you remeber! The eagle eye civic!!!

  18. Muhammad Adeel Khan says

    Fabulous <3

  19. Farrukh Anwar says

    Looks ugly IMO.
    4 door saloons should be designed to look classy rather than sporty.
    Set your priorities straight Honda.

  20. Saad Bin Tariq says

    looks like a corolla+accord gone bad 😛

  21. Burhanuddin Halai says

    Its not worth it
    Its a shame that honda n toyota are mafia for pk they are not lettin others in
    Hust to sell their crap from the world in pk

  22. Kamil Ali says

    Still the previous model will be considered as GEM in Pakistan…:(

  23. Qasim Farooq says

    Yes this is much better then the previous one.

  24. Mohammad Ali Khalid says

    hate those sideview mirrors sticking out from door panels and an extremely short front.

  25. Thawer Ali says


  26. Haroon Tahir says

    some people will bring change by them selves

  27. Farhan Akram says

    Now it looks like a real Honda, previous one is just a piece of crap!

  28. Awais Ahmad Ghumman says

    yes i agree u all this one is much better in design , road grip and interior 🙂

  29. Muhammad Ali Butt says

    still not so good 🙁 only rims are cool.

  30. Ufi Shah says

    They would not bother to bring this modified version into Pakistan.

  31. Nayab Fazal says

    still cant beat the previous model..

  32. Muhammad Ali Butt says

    certainly nayab bhai….reborn 2011 still looks better….

  33. Abuzer Khan says


  34. Ali Mir says


  35. Habib Ur Rehman says

    copying as Honda Accord.

  36. Anas Azad says

    Eshaa Sadia , wat do u knw abt the honda Civic reborn, reborn is the most selling model in honda civic after 99 civic…. just go an cxheck the statistics…

  37. Faiza Fredericks says

    In Pakistan are there the electric cars and or hybrids?

  38. Tahir Masood says

    Far far better than the current one which was a very disappointing new model.
    I wonder in Pakistan they will change it soon, specially with the booking time of almost 3 months.

  39. Muhammad Aezad says

    Eshaa Sadia there is no major fault…. itx cool

  40. Zulfiqar Khan says

    No comments

  41. Honda civic reborn says

    can someone tel me taht when it in show room off pakistan.

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