2014 Toyota Corolla Altis launched in India

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The Corolla fans in Pakistan are already anxiously waiting for the 11th generation Corolla to get launched in Pakistan and we have this news from our neighborhood that the 2014 Toyota Corolla will get an official launch next week in India.

The 11th generation Corolla was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo in India where the bookings for the car were also initiated. It is reported that Toyota India has already managed to receive 1300 bookings so far, you’d might think that’s impressive but it isn’t when you consider the size of the market we think. Still though, Toyota India’s official say that they are booked for the next three months.

The 2014 Corolla will be available in petrol and diesel engine variants in India. The diesel cars are very much popular in India as compared to Pakistan, and the newly released 2014 Honda City has a diesel engine as well.

Corolla Altis was launched today in India, priced between Rs 11.99 lakh and Rs 16.89 lakh depending on the variant and specifications but is sure as hell cheaper than it would be in Pakistan.

Coming to the specifications: The petrol Altis variant will get a 1.8-litre four-cylinder motor with Dual VVT-i  engine producing 140 PS at 6400 rpm. You can have it with either, 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed stepped CVT.

The Diesel variant will be powered with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine producing 88 PS at 3,800 rpm powering the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.


India has got the same shape as Pakistan has, which is a more elegant version of the American variant of the Corolla. However, Pakistan will not be getting as much features or engine choices as Toyota India will launch the car, with five petrol and four Diesel engines. The fully loaded variant will get extra goodies like LED taillights, LED headlights, a 7.1-inch infotainment system with built-in navigation, reverse camera with parking sensors, leather seats, rear reclining seats, automatic wipers and a push button start.

Corolla being the most popular sedan all over the world is enjoying its ever-increasing sales but the competition is tough this time as the other car manufacturers like Hyundai are coming up with great cars and that too with competitive pricing.

Lets see what Indus has to offer, as the expectations are high this time like every time. Indus is looking forward to launch the 2014 Corolla in mid-July in Pakistan. Which features are you looking for in the 11th generation Corolla once it gets launched in Pakistan???

Following are the prices of the Corolla in India as provided by IndianAutosBlog:

2014 Toyota Corolla Petrol Prices:

2014 Toyota Corolla J(S) – INR 11.99 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla G – INR 13.74 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla G-CVT – INR 15.04 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla GL – INR 15.38 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla VL-CVT – INR 16.89 lakhs

2014 Toyota Corolla Diesel Prices:

2014 Toyota Corolla DJ – INR 13.07 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla DJ(S) – INR 13.64 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla DG – INR 15.04 lakhs
2014 Toyota Corolla DGJ – INR 16.68 lakhs

Here’s the brochure:

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Pics Courtesy: Indian Autos Blog

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  1. Muhammad Ahmed Qamar says

    Let Nissan and Hyundai come to Pakistan and see how indus toyota collapses.

  2. Usman Burki says

    Just FYI the indian ruppee has more strength than ours so their 11.99 lakh etc comes down to 20lakh pkr ! so the prices aren't as hell cheaper from pakistan. the new xlu is rumoured to be 20lakh or so to begin with

  3. Sabeeh Qureshi says

    Cars are more expensive in India than in Pakistan. Even the Hondas are cheaper here.

  4. Sabeeh Qureshi says

    XLI or as the new name implies XE, is starting from 19.5.

  5. Haseeb Mazhar Ali says

    Atleast the corollas in india will get climate control unlike the ones being launched here with ugly big dials for Ac control.

  6. Usman Burki says

    Nothing solid yet but that's what the rumours suggest……

  7. Singh Singh says

    prebookings mostly don't get much bookings, the orders really begins at the launch and yes the Corolla is actually overpriced in India especially the Diesel one 13 lacs for just 88 hp… even Honda Amaze or City produces more than that! the Corolla petrol isn't high priced for 140 hp at 11.99 lacs but it would be a real deal if it was priced at 10-10.5 lacs

  8. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    XLI/XE start at ca. 19.5 lakhs and Altis will likely be priced 23-24 lakhs …. Why not just buy a Civic 2013 fully loaded for almost same price (24-25)???

  9. Nasir D Iftikar says

    25-30% price hike..quite drastic?!

  10. Muhammad Abdullah says

    bro its 1800 cc petrol so it will be a high price.

  11. Usman Burki says

    yes i know its gonna be quite costly, imo easily above 20lakh for the lowest model

  12. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Lets see if Toyota gives a surprise or some sadness

  13. Sabeeh Qureshi says

    Usman Burki Already confirmed the 19.5. Friend works in collab with the people back at Indus.

  14. Ch Abdur Rahman says


  15. Taha Mukhtar says

    real price of grande cvti 2,448,500 & manual

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